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Image Scrap Heaven

Scrap Heaven

Release Date 2005-10-08
Runtime 117 minutes
Genres Drama, Thriller
Stars Ryo Kase, Joe Odagiri, Chiaki Kuriyama, Ken Mitsuishi, Yoshiyuki Morishita
Directors Kôzô Shibasaki, Lee Sang-il, Lee Sang-il, Kôsuke Oshida, Tsuyoshi Imai

The lives of three people intersect on a late bus ride that's hijacked by a suicidal political flunky. Shingo is a miserable young desk cop bucking for homicide division. Tetsu is a restroom cleaning attendant who has a mentally ill father and a penchant for mischief. And Saki is a petulant druggist/chemist who was born without an eye and keeps her disfigurement hidden behind shades. Months after the hijacking, the trio lives re-intertwine as they playfully seek revenge for their unhappy lives, until the games become deadly serious.