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Image Madeleine


Release Date 2003-01-10
Runtime 118 minutes
Stars Zo In-sung, Shin Min-a, Park Jung-ah, Kim Su-ro, Ham Eun-jeong
Directors Kim Eun-jeong, Robert Fernandez, Kim Yeong-cheol, Choi Jae-won, Joon-Seok Sol

The story follows the lives of two girls living together and their separate love lives as they struggle to find and maintain their new relationships. The movie mainly focuses on pretty girl Lee Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin is a hair stylist working at a salon when she meets an old classmate from junior high school. Kang Ji-Suk meets up with Hee-Jin when he arrives at her salon for a hair cut. The pair ends up deciding to try dating for a month to see how things go. All goes well in the beginning until Ji-Suks first love shows up. Sung-Hae invites Ji-Suk over to a reunion party with their old junior high school friends. Hee-Jin ends up tagging along. But she feels excluded and uncomfortable while Ji-Suk and Sung-Hae are hitting it off.