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Image The Golden Sword

The Golden Sword

Release Date 1969-10-15
Runtime 101 minutes
Genres Action, Adventure
Stars Kao Yuen, Cheng Pei-Pei, Wang Lai, Lo Wei, Kao Pao-shu
Directors Run Run Shaw, Chiang Hsing-Lung, Lo Wei, Lo Wei

Lo Wei remains internationally famous for directing Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's first major movies. Cheng Pei-pei is now internationally famous for her superlative role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. But both were superstars in Hong Kong for decades prior, so any teaming of the superlative "swordswoman supreme" and the vaunted director/writer/actor is cause for celebration. Kao Yuen joins them as a noble swordsman, and watch, too, for award-winning actor Ku Feng as the "Frontier Terror" in the evocative and effective "Martial Art World" adventure.