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Image Young Dudes

Young Dudes

Release Date 2012-03-23
Runtime 75 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Stars Wang Bo-chieh, Larisa Bakurova, Tsuyoshi Abe, Tai Chih-yuan, Wu Ting-Ting
Directors Yin-jung Chen, Yin-jung Chen, Yin-jung Chen, Dino Acconci, Julio Acconci

2012 Apocalypse is coming! Adam and Guy, two best friends lost at 30 years old, accidentally start a revolution on facebook, dressing up as Michael Jackson and calling people to join together as one in the name of Love. Unexpectedly, the mission spreads like wild fire and becomes a global phenomenon, so big that three "agents" kidnap Adam and take him to a spooky parallel universe. Secret Service? Aliens? These "agents" offer Adam the chance to escape out of Time and achieve immortality? Scam or reality, Adam is headed for an excellent adventure!