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Image Daddy and Them

Daddy and Them

Release Date 2001-10-26
Runtime 101 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, Brenda Blethyn, Andy Griffith, Diane Ladd
Directors John A. Amicarella, Sally Menke, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Weinstein

Ruby and her husband Claude are a working-class couple who live in suburban Arkansas. As crazy as they are for each other, their relationship is far from harmonious. (The lack of money doesn't help matters, either.) In fact, their whole family is fraught with unresolved conflicts. Then Claude's uncle is arrested on a felony charge, and everyone rallies round. Ruby's mother Jewel and flirtatious sister Rose (Claude's ex-girlfriend) even fly in from Tennessee; but, far from being a source of support, Jewel seems only to want to break up Ruby and Claude.