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Image The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity

The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity

Release Date 1959-11-20
Runtime 178 minutes
Genres War, Drama, History
Stars Tatsuya Nakadai, Michiyo Aratama, Kokinji Katsura, Jun Tatara, Michirô Minami
Directors Keiichi Uraoka, Masaki Kobayashi, Masaki Kobayashi, Masaki Kobayashi, Shigeru Wakatsuki

Kaji is sent to the Japanese army labeled Red and is mistreated by the vets. Along his assignment, Kaji witnesses cruelties in the army and revolts against the abusive treatment against the recruit Obara. He also sees his friend Shinjô Ittôhei defecting to the Russian border, and he ends in the front to fight a lost battle against the Russian tanks division.