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Image Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever

Release Date 1968-01-20
Runtime 102 minutes
Genres Romance, History, Drama, Music
Stars Ivy Ling Po, Lam Yuk, Lo Wei, Ding Sai, Ou-Yang Sha-Fei
Directors Run Run Shaw, Wang Fu-Ling, Chiang Hsing-Lung, Lo Wei, Fong Yuen

In 1966, like in The Love Eterne, Ling Bo took up the male lead in Forever and Ever, despite Shaw Brothers' earlier plan of having her as the female lead. Facing opposition from fans, they finally arranged for her to star as a male student named Xiaowen. Wicked rich man Liu, portrayed by Lo Wei, the director of this film, wants Xiaowen to marry his daughter (Lin Yu) who is suffering from leprosy, thinking that marriage will take away her disease. Although Xiaowen discovers Liu's plan, he is still in love with her and hopes that a miracle will cure her disease...