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Image Walking the Mile: The Making of The Green Mile

Walking the Mile: The Making of The Green Mile

Release Date 2000-06-13
Runtime 11 minutes
Genres Documentary, Drama
Stars Tom Hanks, David Valdes, Spunk, Michael Jeter, James Cromwell
Directors Thomas Newman, Frank Darabont, Constantine Nasr, Constantine Nasr, Constantine Nasr

Frank Darabont explains how this new project was introduced thru a phone call from Stephen King as "another prison tale" if he was interested to make it, the answer was not, King expose his concept idea in few words, however Frank asking to Stephen send the script to him firstly, when the first tale was finished and sent to Darabont, after reading such odd story, asking for more, so King replied "You must wait as anybody else", receiving later all other tales Frank wrote a screenplay on 8 weeks, so come up "the Green Mile"