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Image Ren'ai Aru Aru

Ren'ai Aru Aru

Release Date 2015-06-24
Runtime 84 minutes
Genres Romance, Drama, Comedy
Stars Meisa Kuroki, Yasushi Fuchikami, Koji Ohkura, Jin Shirasu, Nozomi Sasaki
Directors Osamu Suzuki, Mai Takano

A movie based on 3 stories and each woman struggling with their own romance problems. Story 1: Shanai Renai Aru Aru Michiyama Kiyomi (Kuroki Meisa) has lived with the belief that romance with a person who is close to her will devastate her life ever since her bitter memories of the past. She has vowed in her heart not to have an office romance. But after she is designated as a staff of some project with Tamaki Kenichi (Fuchikami Yasushi), the distance between the two of them quickly shrinks. Story 2: Single Mother Renai Aru Aru Ever since her divorce from her husband, Akai Hitoe (Sasaki Nozomi) has raised her 5-year-old son, Atsushi (Ebizuka Yukiyasu), on her own