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Image Deconstructing 'The Village'

Deconstructing 'The Village'

Release Date 2005-01-11
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Documentary, Drama, Horror
Stars Steve Boeddeker, Adrien Brody, Frank E. Eulner, Robert Fernandez, Brendan Gleeson
Directors Laurent Bouzereau

In this making-of documentary, we see movie snippets, shots from the set, and interviews. We get notes from the crew and cast. We learn about the movie's genesis and development, the choice of time period and setting, finding a location and creating the sets, the flick's visual design and cinematography, working with the actors and bonding on the set, the costumes, problems with the weather, shooting in the woods, casting, the actors' "boot camp", editing and storyboards, audio design, the score, and the movie's creatures.