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Image Big Shot's Funeral

Big Shot's Funeral

Release Date 2001-12-21
Runtime 100 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Ge You, Rosamund Kwan, Donald Sutherland, Ying Da, Paul Mazursky
Directors Buting Yang, Wang Zhonglei, San Bao, Wang Zhongjun, Xiaoming Li

Yankie director Don Tyler faces mounting insecurity and declining health while on location in Beijing, so his assistant hires down-and-out camerman YoYo to take the reins. Scrambling, studio boss sells the sagging picture to a Japanese media company. But YoYo is determined to upstage the whole production by granting the director's wish to have a grand "comedy funeral". To raise the money for it, he auctions off advertising and sponsorships for the funeral to companies around the world. But Don getting better?