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Image Shojyo Senso

Shojyo Senso

Release Date 2011-01-15
Runtime 82 minutes
Genres Horror, Thriller, Action
Stars Anna Ishibashi, Rina Kirishima, Yuki Minami
Directors Ataru Oikawa, Ataru Oikawa, Yasuhiko Higashi, Yasunori Nishi, Yasunori Nishi

A survival action thriller written and directed by Oikawa Ataru, who has been a leading figure on the Japanese low-budget horror scene since his breakthrough work Tomie. Its blood-drenched visuals tell a story of high school girls engaging in a battle to the death as part of a game organized by an underground website. School outcasts Rioka (Ishibashi Anna) and transfer student Yoshimura (Kirishima Rina) enter the world of a game run by an shady website on the invitation of their absent classmate Miki (Minami Yuki). Its objective is simple: a group of high school girls murder each other until one of them achieves seven kills.