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Image Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best

Release Date 1960-05-23
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray, Lauren Chapin

Father Knows Best is an American radio and television comedy series

1. A Day in the Country


While on the way to visit Margaret's parents, the car breaks down leaving the family stranded on a deserted road.

2. Bud Branches Out


Bud falls in love with his college French professor.

3. The Gardener's Big Day


Frank is chosen to represent the town at the opening of a park, but when the town council meets Frank, they want another person to represent their city- someone who looks more like an average American.

4. The Imposter


Betty becomes involved with a young lawyer pretending to be the owner of a radio store.

5. Bud Plays It Safe


Bud decides to date the coach's daughter in order to make sure he gets on the football team.

6. Bicycle Trip for Two


Jim's plans for a quiet bicycle trip end up with Jim and Margaret arguing

7. First Disillusionment


Bud tells Kathy about the job he didn't get when another boy faked his credentials.

8. Margaret's Old Flame


Jim and Margaret tease one another about people they dated as their college reunion nears.

9. Kathy Becomes a Girl


The family tries to change Kathy from a tomboy into a beautiful girl.

10. Bud, the Willing Worker


Bud wants a part-time job at a service station in order to get enough money to buy a boat.

11. Turn the Other Cheek


Both Jim and Kathy are doublecrossed by their friends.

12. Good Joke on Mom


Margaret tricks the family into believing that she has been elected chairwoman of the children's clinic building program.

13. Betty's Double


Betty wins a trip to Hollywood because she looks like a famous movie star.

14. Father, the Naturalist


This is a recut version of episode 30. It is not part of the current syndication package and is considered ""lost"".

15. Bud Hides Behind a Skirt


Betty is campaigning for safe driving, while Bud is accused of reckless driving.

16. Togetherness


A reporter visits the family in order to do an article on family togetherness.

17. Second Best


Betty competes in the college fencing tournament.

18. Kathy's Big Deception


Kathy, desperate for a date at the community picnic, makes up a story about a boyfriend.

19. Cupid Knows Best


Kathy, desperate for a date at the community picnic, makes up a story about a boyfriend.

20. The Big Test


Betty arranges a match between Frank and a worker in a flower shop.

21. Jim's Big Surprise


Jim is surprised by his family's lack of interest when he is named Father of the Year.

22. Time to Retire


When Bud reaffirms and old man's belief in life, he decides to open his own insurance company and hire Bud as his assistant.

23. Bud, the Speculator


Bud invests money in a phony stock scheme and winds up losing fifty dollars

24. The $500 Letter


The Andersons get a check from an admirer and must find out which member of the family the check was meant for.

25. Adopted Daughter


While Kathy is trying to repair her birth certificate frame, she recalls the time she thought she was adopted.

26. Family Contest


Kathy destroys a picture of a family competing against hers in a photo contest

27. Love and Learn


Bud falls in love with his English Tutor

28. Blind Date


Betty dates a boy everyone regards as a loser

29. Betty's Career Problem


Betty becomes frustrated when every college contest she enters, she loses to Cliff Bowman, who may even steal her job, too

30. Bud Lives It Up


Bud spends more money than he has in order to impress a girl in Chicago.

31. Not His Type


Betty is caught in the middle of an argument between two of her friends who are planning to marry.

32. Betty's Graduation


When Kathy refuses to graduate from high school, the family tells her about Betty's reluctance to graduate from High School, too. This is a recut version of episode 63. It is not part of the syndication package and is considered ""lost"".