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Image One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond

Release Date 1961-07-04
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Mystery, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars John Newland
Directors Collier Young

Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond is an American anthology series created by Merwin Gerard. The original series ran for three seasons on ABC from January 1959 to July 1961.

1. Tidal Wave


As a tidal wave approaches the Hawaiian Islands, the wheelchair-bound wife of a Naval engineer desperately tries to find someone to help her evacuate the doomed area. Nothing can save the poor young women – accept perhaps the strange and illusive phenomenon known as . . . telepathy.

2. Anniversary of a Murder


In the midst of an adulterous relationship, a successful business man and his mistress are driving home one night when they accidentally cause the death of young bicyclists on a lonely road. They desperately try to cover up the tragedy . . . but the dead man has other ideas . . .

3. The Death Waltz


The Merry Widow?

4. The Return


These were the swift to harry...

5. If You See Sally


Her brother dies, and she is blamed, so she departs.

6. Moment of Hate


A woman believes she has the power to cause death by wishing it, and is placed under a psychiatrist's care.

7. To Know the End

1960-11-01 to cure the suspense; a woman envisions her husband transformed.

8. The Trap


Just before he falls asleep, a man is suddenly aware that there is another life that seems to be in direct conflict with his own. He is astounded to discover that he has stumbled upon what seems to be a parallel universe--one in which he also exists. but in not quite the same way he does in this one.

9. The Voice


Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard Are sweeter. Keats

10. The Promise


But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep. Frost

11. Tonight at 12:17


An expectant mother envisions a plane crash with startling clarity.

12. Where Are They?


Stones fall on Chico, California; a man goes to Washington, D.C with effervescent tablets that turn water into fuel for automobiles.

13. Legacy of Love


A romance of past and present.

14. Rendezvous


A wife is notified that her husband, a Marine, has been lost at sea. However, she refuses to believe that he is dead and knows that he will return to her. Soon afterwards she is walking alone through a park when a would-be mugger approaches her, but he is scared off by the sudden appearance of what looks to be some sort of spirit.

15. The Executioner


A Confederate soldier lost behind Union lines is framed for spying. His dog saves him even after death.

16. The Last Round


A former heavyweight champion appears to save a boxing match during the blitz.

17. Dead Man's Tale


A reporter makes a find in the Yukon.

18. The Sacred Mushroom


Andrija Puharich's expedition in search of the sacred mushroom, with the help of a brujo, and ESP tests before and after.

19. The Gift


Neither shadow of turning.

20. Person Unknown


In Mexico, an escaped convict hides out in a monastery. Unfortunately, it is on the night when the ghost of an Aztec warrior is said to roam the halls. When a murder is discovered later that night, he must prove that he not only didn't commit the murder, but that it was in fact committed by the ghostly warrior.

21. Night of Decision


General Washington doubts, but is saved.

22. The Stranger


In a disaster, he comforts the survivors, and afterward is found to have died in prison some time before.

23. Justice


Its long arm finally resolves an eyewitness and an alibi.

24. The Face


Persistence of evil vision.

25. The Room Upstairs


A Londoner hears a child crying for help.

26. Signal Received


On HMS Hood, ""England expects every man will do his duty.""

27. The Confession


The prosecution rests badly after an innocent man gets it.

28. The Avengers


How the past determines the future.

29. The Prisoner


The survivor of a concentration camp receives a visit from a German officer who is dead.

30. Blood Flower


Flores, flores para los muertos.

31. The Sorcerer


An army officer is acquitted of a murder he insists he committed.

32. The Villa


A room with a view.

33. Midnight


While walking across a fog-covered London Bridge one night, a struggling writer falls in love with a beautiful woman he meets there. Howewver, she isn't quite what she seems to be, and he stands a good chance of succumbing--literally--to her charms.

34. The Tiger


A stringent governess finds her charge cultivating an imaginary pet.

35. Nightmare


Paul Roland keeps painting the image of a woman from his nightmares to the dismay of his fiancee. Six days before their wedding he is compelled to drive with her to Cornwall for a vacation, at the encouragement of his friend Geoffrey, with him stopping abruptly at the door of one cottage within which a woman dwells, one who has grieved the loss of her own fiance lost in the World War of '16, two days before their wedding was to have been. Apparently, Paul is his reincarnation since he was born when her fiance died as Paul instantly understands when he spies his likeness in that photograph on the mantle, the engagement picture. Now closure seems to happen for them all.

36. Eye Witness


A reportorial account of a distant disaster. Assez vu, assez connu.