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Image Dear John

Dear John

Release Date 1992-07-22
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Judd Hirsch, Isabella Hofmann, Jere Burns, Jane Carr, Harry Groener
Directors Ed. Weinberger

Dear John starred Judd Hirsch as easygoing Drake Prep high school teacher John Lacey who is dumped by his wife, Wendy, via a Dear John letter. Wendy ends up with everything in the divorce settlement, including custody of the couple's son, forcing John to move into an apartment in Ozone Park, Queens. John soon joins the One-2-One Club, a self help group for divorced, widowed or lonely people. The group is led by Louise (Jane Carr), a sex-obsessed British woman. Other members of the group include Kate McCarron (Isabella Hofmann), a sweet divorcée; Kirk Morris (Jere Burns), a cocky ladies' man; Ralph Drang (Harry Groener), a shy and neurotic tollbooth collector; Bonnie Philbert (Billie Bird), a feisty senior citizen; and Tom, Mrs. Philbert's quiet boyfriend (Tom Willett).

1. Brothers


Kirk convinces John they're long-lost brothers, and moves in with him.

2. Kirk's Ex-wife


Kirk goes into hiding when the group discovers his wife left him for another woman.

3. Kate's Cop


Kate faces her fear of intimacy by dating the cop who takes the report when the group is held at gunpoint.

4. Whose Soap Opera Is It Anyway?


5. Hello, Annie


6. Lust & Death


7. The Bachelor Shower


John and Kirk's windfall at an automated bank teller comes to light at a police officer's bachelor party.

8. I Do, Baby (1)


Kirk claims there is good reason to terminate Kate's wedding plans; John has trouble at childbirth class.

9. I Do, Baby (2)


10. Once I Had a Secret Love


Louise confesses to an affair with a club member.

11. 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas


John unwittingly hires a Santa Claus with problems for a Christmas party at the day-care center.

12. Do the Wrong Thing


13. The Big Payday


14. John's Divided Heart


Scriptwriter Mary Beth sees John's problems as soap-opera fodder for her show ""The Divided Heart.""

15. Who's Who


John is suddenly willing to take risks after a near-death experience in an elevator.

16. Poor John (1)


Lack of funds clouds John's ski weekend with a new flame. (Part 1 of 1)

17. Poor John (2)


John overextends his credit to impress his new girlfriend. (Part 2 of 2)

18. The Write Stuff

John tries his hand at soap opera scripts.

19. Heartburn and Heartache


A doctor links John's stomach pain to Kirk.

20. Adult Education

Kirk finally gets his high school diploma.

21. Freddy's Back

John babysits his boss's parrot.

22. The Nightmare Continues

Louise encourages the group to tackle their relationship problems through creative visualization.