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Image So Not Worth It

So Not Worth It

Release Date 2021-06-18
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Park Se-wan, Shin Hyeon-seung, Choi Young-jae, Minnie, Han Hyun-min
Directors Kwon Ik-jun, Baek Ji-hyun, Kim Jung-sik, Seo Eun-jung, Yeo Woon-hyeok

New friends, new loves and new experiences mix together inside a colorful college dormitory in Korea that's home to students from around the world.

1. Episode 1


Tricked by Se-wan into thinking he broke her phone, Jamie promises to pay her back. Hyun-min latches onto an opportunity to live in the dorm.

2. Episode 2


As personal items disappear around the dorm, the students wonder whether a thief lurks in their midst. Jamie gives away a rare pair of sneakers.

3. Episode 3


While out and about, Hans gets suckered into a con scheme. Meanwhile, Jamie accidentally locks himself and a few others inside a storage room.

4. Episode 4


Hyun-min is dismayed when his mother drops off his baby brother without notice. A woman shows up at the university with a demand for Se-wan.

5. Episode 5


After seeing Jamie and Carson walking together on a rainy day, Hyun-min decides to play matchmaker. Minnie and Sam bicker over a luxury hotel stay.

6. Episode 6


Hoping to make Jamie jealous, Se-wan agrees to a group blind date. Hyun-min desperately searches for a partner to enter a quiz competition with him.

7. Episode 7


While organizing an office, Se-wan comes across a puzzling photo of Jamie. Carson heads over to her boyfriend's place to celebrate his birthday.

8. Episode 8


Thanks to paparazzi, Jamie's secret becomes known to the world. Unwanted attention and distressing accusations fall on Se-wan.

9. Episode 9


Hyun-min's younger sister turns heads when she comes by the dorm. Watching Sam and Terris vie for her attention sparks Minnie's annoyance.

10. Episode 10


A visit from her mother sours Se-wan's mood. During a trip to Hyun-min's house, Sam learns a vexing fact about Minnie's dating history.

11. Episode 11


Ahead of a talent show, Se-wan surprises Jamie with her singing skills. Sam is driven to action when Minnie meets a new love interest.

12. Episode 12


Se-wan decides she wants plastic surgery, but faces strong opposition from Jamie. Hyun-min has nowhere to go after he's kicked out of the dorm.