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Image Lux Video Theatre

Lux Video Theatre

Release Date 1957-09-12
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama

Lux Video Theatre is an American anthology series that was produced from 1950 until 1959. The series presented both comedy and drama in original teleplays, as well as abridged adaptations of films and plays.

1. The Wayward Saint


2. Road of Fear


3. The Top Rung


4. Mildred Pierce


After her cheating husband leaves her, Mildred Pierce proves she can become independent and successful, but cannot seem to win the approval of her spoiled daughter.

5. Only Yesterday


6. Now, Voyager


Boston spinster blossoms under therapy and finds impossible romance.

7. The Guilty


Two sisters are in love with the same man. Then one of them is found murdered, which leads police to suspect the other girl.

8. Flamingo Road


A carnival dancer finds herself stranded in a southern town ruled by a corrupt political boss. Complications arise when she becomes romantically involved with the local Sheriff.

9. Because of You


A female ex-con falls in love and hesitates to reveal her past.

10. You Can't Escape Forever


A newspaperman is given the "advice to the lovelorn" column to write after an argument with his boss. He resents the assignment but the job pays off when he gets the beat on the hottest story of the day.

11. Jezebel


A haughty headstrong Southern Belle in Antebellum Louisiana loses her fiancée due to her stubborn vanity and pride and vows to get him back.

12. The Glass Web


A beautiful but heartless television actress, uses seduction and tricks to blackmail the men in her life to a point, where she could get herself killed.

13. The Gay Sisters


Fiona, Evelyn and Susanna are sisters. Their mother dies on the Lusitania, their father is killed in France, they must manage their Fifth Avenue mansion by themselves. Fiona marries Charles Barclay in order to get an inheritance and he begins a campaign to obtain the mansion to level it for real estate development. She vows that this will never happen.

14. Old Acquaintance


Old friends Kit Marlowe and Millie Drake adopt contrasting lifestyles: Kit is a single, critically acclaimed author while married Millie writes popular pulp novels.

15. Christmas in Connecticut


A food writer who has lied about being the perfect housewife must try to cover her deception when her boss and a returning war hero invite themselves to her home for a traditional family Christmas.

16. Hollywood's Musical Holiday Revue


Todays theme is Hollywood's Musical Holiday Revue.

17. Michael and Mary


After being deserted by her husband, Mary falls in love with Michael. After a few years, they marry, raise a son, and Michael becomes a successful writer. However, her first husband returns with plans of blackmail.

18. It Happened on Fifth Avenue


A homeless New Yorker moves into a mansion and along the way he gathers friends to live in the house with him. Before he knows it, he is living with the actual home owners.

19. Just Across the Street


20. To Have and Have Not


During WWII, American expatriate Harry Morgan helps transport a Free French Resistance leader and his beautiful wife to Martinique while romancing a sexy lounge singer.

21. Vice Squad


When a police officer is shot arresting a car thief, Captain Barnaby uses his skills and contacts to track down the culprits and uncovers a bank heist plan in the process. Barnaby has no qualms about bending the law to achieve his ends, including trumped up charges to persuade his only witness to cooperate or detaining some call girls to coerce their madam to help him. In the meantime he deals with everyday police business, juggling seemingly trivial matters with more serious ones.

22. One Sunday Afternoon


Middle-aged dentist Biff Grimes reminisces about his unrequited love for beautiful Virginia Brush and her husband Hugo, his ex-friend, who betrayed him.

23. The Undesirable


24. Dark Victory


A young socialite is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and must decide whether she'll meet her final days with dignity.

25. One Way Street


After stealing a gangster's money and his girlfriend, a doctor heads for a small village in Mexico.

26. Possessed


After being found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, a severely catatonic woman tells a doctor the complex story of how she wound up there.

27. One Way Passage


A terminally ill woman and a debonair murderer facing execution meet and fall in love on a trans-Pacific crossing, each without knowing the other's secret.

28. Eileen


Irish rebel Barry O'Day has a price on his head from the English, so he disguises himself as a groom. But when he falls in love with a beautiful English girl, she'll have nothing to do with a man who's only a groom. Nevertheless, Barry determines to claim Eileen for his own.

29. The Great Lie


After a newlywed's husband apparently dies in a plane crash, she discovers that her rival for his affections is now pregnant with his child.

30. The Black Angel


When Kirk Bennett is convicted of a singer's murder, his wife tries to prove him innocent...aided by the victim's ex-husband.

31. Adam Had Four Sons


Emilie has been hired to care for the four sons of wealthy Adam Stoddard and his wife, Molly. After Molly dies, Adam and the boys grow to depend on Emilie even more. At the same time, Emilie falls in love with Adam. The boys grow up, but Adam insists that Emilie stay on as part of the family. Her relationships with both the boys and Adam become strained after one son marries a gold-digging viper named Hester.

32. The Taggart Light


33. The Man Who Played God


After losing his hearing, a musician uses lip-reading to help others.

34. The Hard Way


Embittered, ambitious Helen Sherman sees an opportunity to escape her drab small-town life by becoming a 'stage mother' to her musically-talented younger sister.

35. Stand-In for Murder


A night club musician, believing he is soon to die from an incurable disease, plans to carry out an unusual sacrifice in order to insure financial security for his family.

36. Death Do Us Part


37. The Armed Venus


The wealthy owner of a Park Avenue night club falls in love with a beautiful girl who turns out to have secrets. His doubt and suspicions set him on a dangerous path.

38. Paris Calling


39. Payment in Kind


40. Design for November


41. Edge of Doubt


42. The Latch Key


A bus crash results in the deaths of several passengers, whose identities are in dispute. A scorched latch key seems to be the key to the mystery, and in a series of flashbacks the passengers on the bus unfold the story.

43. Who is Picasso?


44. The Softest Music


45. Summer Return


46. High Tension


The president of a power and light company is unaware that two of his associates plot to discredit him at an upcoming board meeting.

47. Dark Hammock


48. Barren Harvest


A law clerk schemes to murder his boss. He has help from the man's housekeeper. The two commit what they think is the perfect crime. Craig Stevens is the host.

49. Judge Not


A famous lawyer takes on the case of a man charged with a serious crime, which the lawyer himself has actually committed.

50. Diagnosis - Homicide


An elderly but wealthy woman is murdered, and the only clues the police have are a a bloody envelope, a toothpick and a dead mosquito.

51. Old Witch, Old Witch


A woman finds out that she has magical powers, and terrorizes the neighborhood and turns into a witch to scare the local kids. Her son sees his mother's new powers as a chance for him to make a ton of money.

52. The Last Act


A fading actress is determined to control the lives of everyone around her, especially her family. She sets out to disinherit her grandson because she doesn't approve of the young French girl he is in love with.