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Image Climax!


Release Date 1958-06-26
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Drama, Mystery
Stars Mary Costa, William Lundigan
Directors Martin Manulis, Elliott Lewis

Climax! is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from 1954 to 1958. The series was hosted by William Lundigan and later co-hosted by Mary Costa. It was one of the few CBS programs of that era to be broadcast in color. Many of the episodes were performed and broadcast live.

1. Trial by Fire


2. The Secret of the Red Room


3. Necessary Evil


4. Along Came a Spider


5. Jacob and the Angels


6. Mask for the Devil


7. The Largest City in Captivity


8. Tunnel of Fear


Drama about the men who struggle to move rivers and dig tunnels.

9. Keep Me in Mind


10. Two Tests on Tuesday


11. A Matter of Life and Death


12. Murder Has a Deadline


13. The Devil's Brood


14. Hurricane Diane


15. To Walk the Night


On a snowy Christmas eve, police detective Ed Brooks hopes to be able to get away early. But a call comes in that a prowler, who has murdered several women, has struck again.

16. Shadow of a Memory


17. Scream in Silence


18. Thieves of Tokyo


19. Sound of the Moon


20. Burst of Fire


A singer orders a copy made of an antique cross for an old friend of hers, a priest. While she is in the jewelry store to pick up the cross, the store is held up by a masked gunman who steals the cross and makes his escape. The thief resembles the priest's brother. Then the third brother, a policeman, is assigned to investigate the case.

21. Four Hours in White


Trapped in a crossfire of human emotions, a hospital chief surgeon fights his own conscience to decide the fate of two men. He must weigh the possible sacrifice of one life for another. Drawing on years of experience, he defies the pressures of time and personal fear to face one crucial moment of judgment.

22. The Secret Love of Johnny Spain


Four days before his movie is to be released, singing idol Johnny Spain is killed in an airplane crash. His press agent decides he must dig up some publicity to make the up-coming movie pay-off. He pressures Julie, a young starlet, to pose as Spain's secret love.

23. Albert Anastasia, His Life and Death


The story of Murder Inc. and the 1957 barber shop rub-out of mob czar Albert Anastasia. Anastasia had an appeal that belied his reputation for brutality and impetuosity. He had a sense of confidence and presence, and because he was so sure of himself he was at ease with other people.

24. The Thief With the Big Blue Eyes


25. So Deadly My Love


26. The Great World and Timothy Colt


A large Manhattan law firm hires the tireless dedicated Timothy Colt, the young lawyer. As he rises in the firm the opportunity to see the conflict between ethics and ambition are upon him. His disillusionment and the constant dishonesty shakes him to his foundations of belief against the bitter cynical conquest of his new great world.

27. On the Take


In trying to clean up the local bookmakers, the Washington, D.C. Police department becomes convinced that members of the force are accepting payoff money. Lt. Todd Thoman is assigned the task of discovering the crooked cops.

28. The Volcano Seat


This true story involving the crew of an in-air refueling operation for Air Force bombers who take a training team on a dangerous mission. RAF Flight Lieutenant MacKenzie Barton is assigned to an American Air Force base as a result of an exchange of pilots between the RAF and the U.S. Air Force. Barton receives orders to pilot an Air Force tanker--a plane which is capable of refueling jet bombers in mid-air. But in trying to gain the confidence of the American crew members, Barton encounters only resentment. The story is based on an actual experience.

29. Shooting for the Moon


Engineer Frank Colby and his staff have developed a nose cone capable of launching into outer space.

30. The Deadly Tattoo


31. The Big Success


Leo Carson a businessman who worked his way up from machinist's helper to owner of a million-dollar business. He realizes too late that the important things in life, his family have chosen destructive lifestyles and his own mistakes have caused harm to everyone else.

32. The Disappearance of Daphne


33. Time of the Hanging


In Texas, during the 1880's, cattlemen resent the intrusion of homesteaders on their grazing lands. When cattleman Mannon Tate's brother is sentenced to hang for the murder of a homesteader, Tate makes a desperate attempt to prevent the execution. Believing the sheriff is allied with the farmers, Tate takes him and his wife hostage.

34. The Push-Button Giant


35. Spider Web


José Aragon, wealthy Texas cattleman, is on a cattle-buying expedition on the Mexican border. After a gueling day looking over the stock, Aragon returns to his hotel, tired and dirty. A beautiful young woman sees Aragon enter the hotel, and, because of his unkempt appearance, believes he is one of the local peasants. She approaches him and asks him to do her a favor. Amused when she offers him five dollars for the errand, Aragon consents to cross the border and pick up a package for her.

36. House of Doubt


When she loses her job, Gwen Dacres seeks economical lodgings in a boarding house run by a mysterious old woman, Mrs. Garr. Strange noises and incidents disturb Gwen's peace of mind. Gwen is attacked and Mrs. Garr disappears and is later found dead. Gwen starts to investigate and uncovers a twenty year old mystery.

37. Cabin B-13


Shortly after Ann and Robert Brewster board a luxury liner for their honeymoon cruise, Robert disappears with the fortune he received as a wedding present from Ann. Ann reports her husband's disappearance to the captain. To her astonishment he informs her that there is no record of either herself or her husband as passengers, and that the cabin number she has given is non-existent.