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Image The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone

Release Date 2007-09-16
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Anthony Michael Hall, Nicole de Boer, Connor Price
Directors Stephen King, Shawn Piller

Johnny Smith discovers he has developed psychic abilities after a coma.

1. Heritage


Johnny views visions of his friends in danger at a festival. He believes he has averted the disaster, but a fire later claims two people changing Johnny's life and the world's fate.

2. Ego


Johnny investigates a psychiatrist after a vision shows her being shot, he uncovers several patients who would like her dead.

3. Re-Entry


Johnny gets a vision of disaster on a private space mission and is forced to work with Stillson to save the crew.

4. Big Top


Johnny visits an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed circus and becomes part of a ten year old murder. Johnny later realizes that J.J. may have inherited a part of his psychic powers.

5. Interred


Johnny has a vision of a man who has been buried alive. Johnny, with the help of Turner, rushes to locate the man.

6. Switch


Johnny is taking a train trip when he has a vision of someone throwing a woman from the train. Johnny goes to help and becomes romantically involved with her, but soon suspects that she's a fraud.

7. Numb


Sarah must take unexpected actions to save Johnny's life after he goes into a coma.

8. Outcome


Johnny must turn to a friend of Sarah's for help when he gets a vision of an imminent bus station bombing.

9. Transgression


Johnny becomes involved in a murder case involving a young woman and demonic possession, where everything isn't as it seems.

10. Drift


While on a trip to visit Bruce, Johnny views a racehorse being stolen in a vision. He also realizes that he may have lost the chance to reunite with Sarah and J.J. thanks to Stilson's efforts.

11. Exile


Johnny goes to the aid of his psychic friend, but soon finds he's the one who needs help. Meanwhile, Sarah moves out of Johnny's house and goes to Stillson, who reveals information that sheds light on the events leading up to Walt's death.

12. Ambush


While further investigating Walt's death, Johnny determines a link between him and his successor, Anna Turner.

13. Denouement


In the sixth season finale, visions of Walt lead Johnny to an amazing discovery about his father Herb, and secrets from the past are exposed.