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Image 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

Release Date 1991-04-27
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Crime, Mystery, Drama
Stars Holly Robinson Peete, Peter DeLuise, Steven Williams, Michael Bendetti, Michael DeLuise
Directors Stephen J. Cannell

21 Jump Street revolves around a group of young cops who would use their youthful appearance to go undercover and solve crimes involving teenagers and young adults.

1. Tunnel of Love


Hoffs and Garrett must deal with a DEA officer while working undercover at a massage parlor suspected of being a front for a drug operation.

2. Back to School


Garrett attempts to infiltrate a high school drug ring by dating the sister of the ring's suspected leader.

3. Buddy System


McCann joins up to be the partner of a mentally handicapped youth in a school buddy system, to investigate the murder of the boy's former partner.

4. Poison


Doug falls for a narcotics officer with questionable tactics and a possible drug problem herself.

5. Just Say No! High


Hoffs is suspended from the force when while working undercover in high school she is forced to take a mandatory drug test and the results come back positive.

6. Brothers


Doug has a strained reunion with his estranged younger brother Joey when Joey is assigned to the Jump St. team. Doug comes to his aid after Joey is brainwashed into joining a religious cult he was investigating.

7. This Ain't No Summer Camp


Doug and Joey enroll in a wilderness camp for troubled teams to investigate a murder that happened there and find themselves constantly in trouble with the ex-marine who runs the place.

8. The Girl Next Door


While investigating the hit and run murder of a high school football star, McCann becomes involved with a cheerleader who has AIDS.

9. Diplomas for Sale


Doug and Joey enroll in a college where good students are mysteriously being turned into criminals.

10. Number One with A Bullet


Doug is seriously wounded while on a case and while the doctors try to save his life he enters limbo where the people he meets there cause him to reconsider his choice of career.

11. Equal Protection


After discovering that some white officers are responsible for beating and harassing black teenagers, Hoffs, with Fuller's help, try to convict them.

12. The Education of Terry Carver


Hoffs, Joey and Mac help a raped girl that has no proof to convict the attacker.

13. Baby Blues


Joey feels responsible for a baby girl he is taking care in a experimental program and try to find her drug addicted mother.

14. Film at Eleven


After finding the missing daughter of a famous reporter, Mac tries to solve the mistery behind the missing.

15. In the Name of Love


Mac has to date a daughter of a reputed drug dealer in a confidential FBI case at the same time he is trying to rebuild a relantionship with an old flame.

16. Cop Love


Mac and Joey try to find the responsibles for vandalizing elderly homes. The problem is that one of the prime suspects is the son of Fuller's girlfriend.

17. Under the Influence


McCann infiltrates a group of devil worshipers whose leader has enthralled a teenage boy with her beauty.

18. Crossfire


Hoffs is charged in a civil suit for a man she has arrested for solicitation. At court, she has to confront the man and his representative, her boyfriend's vindictive ex-wife.

19. Wasted


Mac goes undercover as a football player when a high school football star dies from an unexplained heart attack.

20. Bad Day at Blackburn


Fuller, Hoffs and Mac go undercover to investigate a gang of high school extortionists operating in a high school.

21. Homegirls


After seeing a teenager being murdered, Hoffs infiltrates the girl's street gang to find out who killed her.

22. Second Chances


Hoffs and Mac investigate a car theft ring near a high school, and the prime suspect is a pupil of Hoffs.