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Image Static Shock

Static Shock

Release Date 2004-05-22
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Phil LaMarr, Jason Marsden, Kevin Michael Richardson, Michele Morgan

The adventures of a teenage superhero who fights crime in Dakota City.

1. Future Shock


When Static is thrust into the future, he must team up with Batman to save the adult Static.

2. She-Back!


Shebang becomes a problem when she forces herself on the Static-Gear team.

3. Out of Africa


Static reteams with Anansi, who is tracking down a powerful golden spider that has fallen into Sharon's hands.

4. Fallen Hero


Thinking that his idol, Green Lantern, is now a renegade, Static is forced to fight him.

5. Army of Darkness


When mysterious metahumans start committing robberies at night, Static and Gear investigate, uncovering an underground group of Bang Babies who have an aversion to sunlight.

6. No Man's an Island


Static and his enemy Hotstreak must work together when they are chained at the wrists.

7. Hoop Squad


During a visit to Los Angeles for the All-Star basketball game, Static is amazed to discover that the NBA is also a cover for a superhero organization.

8. Now You See Him ...


Static and Gear must contend with Speedwarp, a super speedster who is attracted to Daisy.

9. Where the Rubber Meets the Road


Static realizes that Rubberband Man is a severe dyslexic when they track down a stolen device.

10. Linked


Static and Gear help an up-and-coming football star who is being blackmailed by Chainlink, a powerful metahuman.

11. Wet and Wild


When Hotstreak sabotages an experiment that would have turned Aqua Maria back to normal, her wrath threatens all of Dakota.

12. Kidnapped


Static is forced to work for the evil Omnara when she kidnaps his father.

13. Power Outage


All of the Metahumans are turning normal, including Static and Gear, when an antidote to the Bang Baby gas is sprayed throughout Dakota.