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Image I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie

Release Date 1970-05-26
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Stars Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman
Directors Sidney Sheldon, Herb Wallerstein, Claudio Guzmán, Sheldon Schrager

I Dream of Jeannie is an American sitcom with a fantasy premise. The show starred Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie, and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and eventually marries. Produced by Screen Gems, the show originally aired from September 1965 to May 1970 with new episodes, and through September 1970 with season repeats, on NBC. The show ran for five seasons and produced 139 episodes. The first season consisted of 30 episodes filmed in black and white.

1. Jeannie at the Piano


Jeannie shows up at the officer's club to ask Tony what he would like for dinner. A nervous Tony then sits down at a little red piano and pretends to play. Jeannie then puts a spell on it to make it seem that Tony is a virtuoso. General Schaeffer is so impressed that he sends Tony on tour and soon he is playing Carnegie Hall. However, the little red piano is replaced by a nice grand piano and to make matters worse Jeannie gets locked in a file cabinet on the night of Tony's debut.

2. Djinn, Djinn, the Pied Piper


Djinn Djinn returns and immediately gets Tony in a sticky situation when General Schaffer invites Tony to bring the uniform hating dog to the park to help put Schaeffer's dog Jupiter through his paces. Upon seeing Jupiter, Djinn Djinn turns invisible and creates havoc and eventually get himself and Jupiter put into the pound. However, the fun really begins when Djinn Djinn leads a doggie breakout.

3. Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (1)


While trying to decide what to get Tony for his fifth anniversary as Master, Jeannie's Uncle Ruler of a small middle-eastern country arrive's. Having abdacated the throne, he intends make Jeannie, the Queen, his successor. This gives Jeannie the answer as to what to give her Master for their anniversary present: a country. However, Jeannie's Uncle Suleiman wants to meet Tony, to see if he is worthy to become King. Meanwhile at NASA, Tony is having a meeting in General Schaefers office, with Dr. Bellows present. Tony is escort to a visiting Ambassador from a country in the Middle-East known as Kasha who's country has some very important mineral that the space program desperately needs.

4. Guess Who's Going to Be a Bride? (2)


Tony can hardly believe that Jeannie has left him. Roger on the other hand, tries to get Tony to look on the bright side; with Jeannie now out of his life he's a free man now. Thinking for a few second's Tony seem's to except this. However,from his expression, and the fact that he is looking around the house, he wishes she was still there. Dr. Bellows come's over to inform Tony that he has been dropped from the space program. Because of the misunderstanding, with the ambassador, Tony, as well as Roger (after all two heads are better than one) are assigned to another space station in Alaska. They are not to happy with the arrangements, but Tonys going to try making the best of things. While at about the same time in Basenji, Jeannie's Uncle Saleiman, is making arrangement's for possible suitor's for Jeannie.

5. Jeannie's Beauty Cream


Jeannie gives Amanda Bellows some face cream. Mrs.Bellows applies it to her face, and is transformed into a beautiful younger woman. She is unaware of her transformation. But, Roger notices her, and like the gigalo Astronant that he is, tries to make a date with her. Mrs.Bellows is flattered, but Roger is serious. As usual the problem's are resolved by both Tony, and Jeannie at the end, leaving both Mrs. and Dr. Bellows confused.

6. Jeannie and the Bachelor Party


Against Tony's wishes, Roger and Dr. Bellows scheme to throw the future groom a bachelor party. The party must be kept secret from Amada Bellows and the other NASA wives.

7. The Blood of a Jeannie


When it's discovered that Jeannie has green corpuscles instead of red ones (or so she thinks), Tony tells her to find a substitute for the blood test to get their certificate of perfect health in order to go ahead with their marriage.

8. See You in C-U-B-A


Jeannie blinks Tony off of a plane in order to plan for a party, but when she puts him back in it he mistakenly lands in Havana, Cuba instead of Puerto Rico thanks to Jeannie's guidance of the plane.

9. The Mad Home Wrecker


The Bellows' give Tony and Jeannie an early wedding present; a grotesque looking piece of artwork. That's not all, they and others chip in to hire a redecorator to redecorate their home. As it turns out, the redecorator has no taste and Jeannie ends up redecorating their home in the blink of an eye.

10. Uncles a Go-Go


It is figured out that in order for Jeannie to be married, one of her uncles must approve of the husband to be. Two uncles end up showing; Vasmir and Azmir; and causing a whole heap of trouble for Tony.

11. The Wedding


Jeannie and her master's wedding day arrives and NASA wants photos of the wedding. -- only genies don't photograph!

12. My Sister, the Homewrecker


Jeannie's sister returns for a final time to foul things up again. This time, she poses as her sister and makes the others think she is having an affair with another astronaut named Biff Jellico (Played by Eden's real life husband Michael Ansara) all the while Tony and Jeannie are oblivious to it.

13. Jeannie, the Matchmaker


Jeannie; feeling sorry for Roger; decides to help him out by going to a computer dating agency and setting him up with a girl while Tony is trying to set Roger up with the General's niece.

14. Never Put a Genie on a Budget


As Dr. Bellows informs Roger and Tony of their latest assignment - to entertain Gregorian, a Russian cosmonaut - Tony gets a call from Jeannie to bail her out of jail. She was arrested in connection with the theft of $2,000 in merchandise from stores. Jeannie rationalizes her actions by saying she was trying to "charge" the items. After noting the store managers agreed to drop the charges in lieu of their paying for everything, Tony explains the meaning of credit and proceeds to put his new wife on a budget. Uh-oh, that's when major problems begin. First, when Tony brings Gregorian home for dinner, Jeannie serves a "budget meal" half a TV dinner and stale bread to each of the two. Later, Jeannie announces a hippie couple will be boarders. Gregorian - who was equally as impressed at the finely decorated Nelson home - is aghast, as an embarassed Tony tries to explain.

15. Please Don't Give My Genie No More Wine


At a casual dinner at the Bellows' Household, Jeannie mistakenly gives them wine that makes them invisible.

16. One of Our Hotels is Growing


Jeannie, Tony, Roger and the Bellows' go on vacation only to find there are no rooms available in the hotel they wish to stay in. Jeannie then proceeds to blink on a 13th floor.

17. The Solid Gold Jeannie


3 astronauts who have come back from the moon (one of them being Tony) have to stay in a decontamination chamber for 21 days. Jeannie blinks herself into the chamber to hug Tony goodbye only to find out that she cannot leave risking contamination of the outside world. She then blinks on a gold astronaut suit and shrinks herself to be one of the other astronaut's trophys in order to conceal herself.

18. Mrs. Djinn Djinn


Roger spreads the word to everyone that Jeannie is expecting but all the while its a misunderstanding and the only one that is expecting is Mrs. Djinn Djinn (the dog).

19. Jeannie and the Curious Kid


The Bellows' troublesome nephew stays at the Nelson house for a couple days and figures out the truth about Jeannie when he sees her smoke into her bottle.

20. Jeannie, the Recording Secretary


Jeannie has just recently joined a club at NASA and voted recording secretary. She then learns that there is an award competition coming up for the best husband and that the prize is a trip for two to Hawaii. She wants Tony to win so badly that she blinks him off his training and returns him at home in his sleepy state.

21. Help, Help, a Shark


Tony causes general Schaeffer to lose an important pool match and breaking his hand later on so it seems he can't play in a rematch. Tony then must play for him with the aid of Jeannie.

22. Eternally Yours, Jeannie


An old high school sweethart of Tony's sends him a letter saying she will visit him in the upcoming day. Jeannie becomes jealous and poses as her to fool Tony.

23. An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing


On Jeannie and Tony's 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeannie wants desperately to please Tony by knitting him a cashmir sweater while Tony wants to get her a string of pearls. None of which ends up being accomplished.

24. Hurricane Jeannie


A hurricane traps Tony, Jeannie, Roger and Dr. Bellows overnight in the Nelson's house. Tony dreams Dr. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her powers.

25. One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind


There is a card shark working NASA over.

26. My Master, the Chili King


In this final episode of I Dream of Jeannie, Tony's cousin comes to visit and convinces Jeannie to put Tony's face on cans of chili and market them so they can supposedly become rich. The product is called "Cousin Tony's Texas Chili."