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Image Kenan & Kel

Kenan & Kel

Release Date 2000-04-01
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Family, Comedy
Stars Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Vanessa Baden, Ken Foree, Teal Marchande
Directors Nick Cannon, Michael Tollin, Brian Robbins, Dan Schneider

Set in Chicago, the show follows the kid-friendly misadventures of two high-school friends who are always scheming and dreaming. Kenan, who works at a grocery store, constantly devises crazy plans to strike it rich, while orange-soda-loving buddy Kel is always dragged along for the ride despite his track record for messing things up.

1. Corporate Kenan


Kenan mistakenly gets a job as an executive VP of a large company and now must prepare for a big presentation.

2. The Honeymoon's Over


Kenan decides he needs a place of his own, so he dresses Kel up as his wife in order to get on a game show and win a house.

3. Girl-Watchers


Eric leaves Kenan and Kel in charge of his girlfriend, who has come to visit when mayhem breaks loose as bad things keep happening to her.

4. Car Trouble


Kenan attempts to get his driver's license against his parents' wishes. However, his science project is due on the same day.

5. Three Girls, A Guy and a Cineplex


Kenan winds up with three dates for the same night, and tries to keep them from discovering each other.

6. Natural Born Kenan


After hearing that his baby photos were ruined by a flood in the basement, Kenan thinks that he has been adopted so he sets himself on the mission to find his "true" parents.

7. The Graduates


Kenan's senior prank on Principal Horn ends up getting him removed from the graduation exercises - and his parents and family best not know, or he's in deeper than usual!

8. Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (1)


Kenan and Kel take a trip to Hollywood in search of fame, stardom and David Alan Grier!

9. Aw, Here It Goes To Hollywood (2)


Kenan and Kel meet up with Britney Spears, David Alan Grier and end up making and unexpected appearance and the Julie Brown show.

10. Oh, Brother


Chris' brother comes to Chicago for a visit, bringing with him sibling rivalries and a ghoulish adventure for the Rockmores.

11. Futurama


Kenan & Kel want the show to last forever so they make a show for the year 2099. Kel plays with the magic vacuum cleaner and makes Roger disappear.

12. The April Fools


Kenan and Kel become masters of practical joking, until it starts making them suspicious of everything and everyone.

13. Tales From The Clip


Kenan And Kel make one last appearance to the studio audience. Kel reveals that he has got everything that Kenan has ever wanted. Countless items that Kenan has demanded over the four seasons are displayed.