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Image Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Release Date 1989-06-28
Runtime 42 minutes
Genres Crime, Drama
Stars Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Saundra Santiago, Olivia Brown, Michael Talbott
Directors Michael Mann, Dick Wolf, Richard Brams, George E. Crosby, Liam O'Brien

The story of the Miami Police Department's vice squad and its efforts to end drug trafficking and prostitution, centered on the unlikely partnership of Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs - who first meet when Tubbs is undercover in a drug cartel.

1. Hostile Takeover (3)


Still thinking he is really Sonny Burnett, Crockett starts a war between the crime family he has joined and a rival clan.

2. Redemption in Blood (4)


As now drug-lord Crockett's memory returns, Tubbs feels his partner has gone bad and must be destroyed.

3. Heart of Night


Castillo grapples with emotions while protecting his ex-wife from a drug kingpin trying to kill her current husband.

4. Bad Timing


Ordered to take time off, Crockett's vacation is cut short when he is kidnapped by 3 homicidal prison escapees.

5. Borrasca


Tubbs & Castillo attempt to intervene in a drug deal in which government agents want no police interference.

6. Line of Fire


Crockett & Tubbs reluctantly comply with an FBI request to guard their key witness in a drug overlord's trial.

7. Asian Cut


Crockett & Tubbs use Trudy as a decoy to lure a sadistic serial killer who preys on call girls.

8. Hard Knocks


Switek sinks into drinking and gambling when thugs convince him to talk a friend's son, a major college quarterback, into throwing a game.

9. Fruit of the Poison Tree


Crockett & Tubbs investigate an attorney who defends drug dealers, then steals and resells their drugs.

10. To Have and to Hold (a.k.a. Second Chance)


While undercover, Tubbs falls for the widow of a slain drug kingpin. Crockett must leave to help his son deal with the pregnancy of his remarried mother.

11. Miami Squeeze


The irresponsible son of a fierce, anti-drug-minded Congresswoman jeopardizes his mother's political career when he incurs the wrath of a British drug lord by stealing his shipment of drugs.

12. Jack of All Trades


Crockett's cousin Jack, the black sheep of the family, gets him mixed up in a scheme. Jack must repay a $50,000 debt.

13. The Cell Within


A dark, chilling episode in which Tubbs is held prisoner - along with a drug dealer, a young prostitute and a prison psychologist - in the personal dungeon (complete with electric chair) of a supposedly reformed, freed killer who he once put behind bars. One of the highlights of Season 5.

14. The Lost Madonna


Crockett & Tubbs help an NYPD detective retrieve a stolen 15th century Madonna statue in the possession of a mob family.

15. Over the Line


In the midst of working an undercover assignment, Crockett and Tubbs come across a clandestine vigilante group of frustrated law enforcement officers working within the department. Aware of Sonny and Rico's own frustration with how easily the bad guys seem to circumvent the law, the vigilante organization offers them an opportunity to join in. Lieutenant Castillo encourages them to accept the offer and work undercover in ferreting out the identities of everyone involved and to make sure that no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, that is too tall an order for his detectives to accomplish successfully.

16. Victims of Circumstance


Holocaust survivors are being murdered in Miami. Crockett and Switek infiltrate a White-supremacist group that might be responsible.

17. Freefall


Crockett & Tubbs embark on what they see as a suicide mission. They are recruited by a Special Drug Taskforce to escort the corrupt dictator of Costa Morada, a fictional Revolution ravaged Latin American country. Gen. Manuel Borbon has promised to reveal the members of the most powerful South American drug cartel. Crockett & Tubbs are faced with what might be their final showdown.

18. World of Trouble


19. Miracle Man


A vigilante believes he is a superhero, Miracle Man. His efforts to rid Miami of ""drug dealing slim"" intefers with Tubbs & Switek's operations.

20. Leap of Faith


Agent Joey Harden returns to assist Crockett as part of a new division, Youth Crime Unit, that was formed by a previous partner. The YCU investigates a college professor that has created a new designer drug, Bliss.