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Image The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Release Date 2006-11-25
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Family
Stars Debi Derryberry, Jeffrey Garcia, Rob Paulsen
Directors John A. Davis, Steve Oedekerk, Keith Alcorn, Charlie Brissette

Jimmy Neutron is the smartest kid in town. As a genius, Jimmy thinks most things can be solved with the invention of a new gizmo. But Jimmy usually takes the easy way out, and his backfiring gadgets result in comedic adventures.

1. Lights! Camera! Danger!


Famous film director Quintin Smithee is coming to Retroville to make his next big movie, and Jimmy, Cindy, Libby, Sheen and Carl all have starring roles.

2. The N Men


After a run in with a radiation belt in outer space, Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby are all endowed with super powers.

3. The Tomorrow Boys


Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl travel 15 years into the future, only to find that some things have gone wrong. Can they right the past to save their future?

4. Fundemonium


Jimmy's dad loses his job at the now-defunct automotive plant which means that the Neutrons may have to move to a new town. As a last-ditch effort to keep the family in Retroville, Hugh applies for a job as a toy inventor.

5. Stranded


A trip gone wrong ends up turning even worse when Jimmy and Cindy get into an argument that winds up getting them stranded together.

6. Jimmy Goes to College


Jimmy is recruited by the most prestigious science college in the country to be their new superstar student. But when he gets there, Jimmy becomes the unwitting target of rival student, Seymour Nimmelfarb.

7. Who's Your Mommy?


On a trip to Planet Schmengy, a strange alien substance attaches itself to Carl's face.

8. Clash of the Cousins


The Neutron family has gathered to celebrate Great Aunt Amanda's birthday. When Jimmy's present explodes, everyone suspects him of fowl.

9. My Big Fat Spy Wedding


Jimmy's new mission from the BTSO is to follow Beautiful Gorgeous. He takes the job and he discovers that she and Jet Fusion are getting married!

10. Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen


In Retroville, Sheen is just an average hyperactive kid. But in Shangri Llama, he is known as The Chosen One, or One Who Puts Foot Behind Head.

11. The Incredible Shrinking Town


When the entire population of Retroville is accidentally hit by Jimmy's shrink ray, the Space Bandits abduct everyone with the nefarious plan of marketing and selling them throughout the galaxy as living dolls.

12. One of Us


A new TV show turns everyone in Retroville into mindless and exceedingly cheerful zombies.

13. Vanishing Act


To impress Betty Quinlan, Jimmy performs a magic show using a cheap magic kit that's full of his own technological upgrades.

14. The Trouble with Clones


The evil Jimmy clone is back, and he's reconfigured the cloning device to make an evil clone of the Earth with an alarming side effect – the real Earth is starting to disappear.

15. The Evil Beneath


The boys travel to the Bahama Quadrangle to disprove the myth of the disappearances associated with the mysterious site.

16. Carl Wheezer: Boy Genius


Carl's pen pal, Elke Elkberg from Sweden, is coming to Retroville to meet him, and Carl is in a panic.

17. Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?


Jimmy is framed for a break in at the Retroville Bank. When Carl and Sheen attempt to free him from his incarceration, the three boys end up on a chain gang together.

18. Flippy


Jimmy places a funny chip into Hugh's new Flippy puppet when he insists on using it for Career Day at school. But Jimmy soon learns that Flippy is stealing his dad's mind and has to save him before Flippy disposes of him.

19. How to Sink a Sub


When Jimmy hides a time displacement device in the teachers' transportation to the annual education convention, the entire faculty of Lindberg Elementary is sent into temporary time limbo.

20. Lady Sings the News


The kids become news anchors for a local television network.

21. King of Mars


Eustace Strych is back, and he's still determined to humiliatingly defeat Jimmy. Now the race to find an energy source on Mars is on! Who will win?

22. El Magnifico


Sheen's dad, Mr. Estevez desperately wants to impress his son, so he pretends he is a superhero.

23. Best in Show


Goddard is disqualified from the Retroville Pet Show because he is not technically a real dog.