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Image One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Release Date 2005-02-22
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Nanette Fabray, Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli, Pat Harrington, Jr., Boyd Gaines
Directors Alan Rafkin, Norman Lear

The misadventures of a divorced mother, two teenage daughters, and new building superintendent in Indianapolis.

1. Shakedown


Sam and Ann are adjusting to married life and find they disagree on monumental issues such as where the spoons should be kept.

2. Take My Ex


A visit from Sam's ex-wife sparks a sudden need for attention in Ann, who resents the pampering the former Mrs. Royer recieves from Sam.

3. The Dentist


The opening of his new dental office gives Mark such a case of the jitters that he may give up his practice before the first patient walks through the door.

4. The Bedtime Story


A plan to collaborate on the writing of children's stories drives Julie and Max into a bitter feud over Max's potential as a writer.

5. Worried Heart


Ann's imagination runs away with her when Sam runs off on a business trip with an associate who happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

6. Baby Love (1)


A weekend watching little Annie for Max and Julie has Barbara longing to have her own baby and begins considering the option of adoption.

7. Baby Love (2)


Barbara, still wanting to have a child, continues to consider adoption.

8. Travel Agent


To arrange a long-overdue vacation, Barbara and Mark visit a travel agency, where Barbara finds an unexpected career opportunity.

9. Not a Creature Was Staying


Ann has the holiday blues, believing she and Sam will be alone on Christmas, but Sam plans to surprise her with a Caribbean cruise.

10. Sam's Apartment


Sam's late night disappearance has the family convinced he's been kidnapped until Ann learns he's kept his old apartment.

11. Dear Max


12. Never Hire a Relative


Francine goes behind Ann's back to talk Sam into designing an elaborate office suite that's too grandiose for Ann's taste.

13. Fifty


Schneider has a sentimental reunion with his high-school love, who pays him a visit on his 50th birthday, bringing along her own cherished memories of their past.

14. Woman of the House


Barbara loses charge of her household when Grandma Romano moves in with her own set of rules, menus, meal schedules and a collection of cuckoo clocks.

15. Parting Company


Ann and Francine's business relationship is threatened when Francine announces she's marrying an ad executive Ann doesn't trust.

16. Ave Romano


An Italian priest arrives unexpectedly at the Royers, claiming to be a distant relative of Grandma Romano.

17. Bringing in the Clowns


Mark's jokester friends are visiting and taking their jokes too far to the point where everyone gets sick of them. Barbara gets so fed up that she tries to teach them a lesson by ""getting hurt.""

18. Up in Smoke


After six years of not smoking, Sam lights up. But when he tries to quit, he finds his willpower has gone up in smoke.

19. Meaning of Life


Schneider gets a new lease on life after he's accidentally electrocuted, then revived, a hair raising experience in which he claims he died and came back to life.

20. The Nearness of You


Working side by side at the travel agency spawns a growing attraction between Max and Barbara, that becomes impossible to ignore.

21. Off We Go


Ann gets a job offer in London and ponders taking it. Despite getting nagged by her mother, she decides to accept the job. This leads her to wonder how she's going to tell the rest of her family that she's leaving.

22. Another Man's Shoes


Schneider learns that his brother passed away and that somebody needs to take care of his nephew and niece so Schneider gets a phone call to come and pick them up. The place where he arrives is a carnival like place with circus like people. This place needs repairs and some ""manly guidance"" so everyone tries to persuade Schneider to move there and with Ann gone and the kids grown up, Schneider finally accepts the move.

23. One Day at a Time Reunion