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Image Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

Release Date 1988-05-13
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Drama

A British television anthology of stories, often with sinister and wryly comedic undertones, and a twist at the end. With early episodes written and presented by Roald Dahl, the series featured a plethora of big name guest stars.

1. Skeleton in the Cupboard


Robert Smythe is a ruthless executive with a dangerous twenty year old secret... An echo from the past prompts him into a new cover up of the truth, but his wife becomes suspicious.

2. The Colonel's Lady


A colonel's comfortable life is disturbed when his wife writes a bestselling raunchy novel. Is this evidence that she's having an affair ?

3. The Surgeon


When wealthy Prince Zawi gives surgeon Robert Sandy a diamond for saving his life, the doctor finds that his new jewel is really more of a liability than an asset.

4. The Verger


When devoted verger Albert is forced to resign, he sets out to build a new life. But can he succeed in a modern world that has little time for his old-fashioned ways ?

5. The Facts of Life


When sheltered young son Nicholas travels to London to complete in a fencing competition, he gets caught up in a very strange adventure.

6. Wink Three Times


A timid provincial solicitor visits a smart London hotel on a business trip, and becomes embroiled in a curious case of mistaken identity.

7. The Dead Don't Steal


Ken Johnson runs a charter plane service with his lover and air stewardess Lilian, who indulges in a little smuggling on his behalf. Then disaster strikes for him when his wife discovers his affair...

8. The Finger of Suspicion


American safe-cracker Steve Baker is married to a beautiful Arab, and they are leading an idyllic life together in a Middle Eastern country - but then he is threatened with extradition for a crime he says he didn't commit.

9. A Time to Die


Yves's marriage has gone stale and his young mistress has announced that she is pregnant. But he then makes a decision which changes everyone's lives.

10. Mr Know-All


When pretty hotel worker Elly is charmed by a guest, archaeologist Max Kelada, it seems that he might not be the man he claims to be...