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Image The Wayans Bros.

The Wayans Bros.

Release Date 1999-05-20
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Anna Maria Horsford, John Witherspoon
Directors Billy Van Zandt, Jane Milmore

The Wayans Bros. is a situation comedy that aired from January 1995 to May 1999 on The WB. The series starred real-life brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans. Both brothers were already well-known from the sketch comedy show In Living Color that aired from 1990 to 1994 on Fox. The series also starred John Witherspoon and Anna Maria Horsford.

1. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?


Amazing as it sounds, Marlon has an acting gig and Shawn is the one hard up for cash. With the newsstand still out of circulation, Shawn has do some major maneuvering to get a little money out of Marlon.

2. Six Degrees of Marlon


Marlon wants more exposure on his sitcom Everybody Loves Everybody, so manager Shawn gets Marlon a big romantic scene: with a guy.

3. Pops' Campaign


When he runs for city council, Pops resorts to slinging mud.

4. Romeo & J'Leeta


The battle between restaurateurs Pops and Rick heats up in this new episode. Nasty rumors add extra heat to their ongoing feud, but a ""Romeo and Juliet"" situation arises. Shawn starts dating Rick's daughter, something that definitely doesn't please Pops. Family arguments then raise the stakes.

5. Ho's on First


Shawn worries that Marlon is headed for a romantic fall because his new girlfriend is known for having a highly questionable reputation, and Shawn isn't sure whether to mention that after finding her alone with a handsome stranger. Marlon learns about it anyway, and though he claims not to be bothered by it, he really is.

6. Escorting Ain't Easy


An old flame may be stoking Pops' fires of passion, so Shawn and Marlon set out to convince the woman that she chose the wrong family to get involved with.

7. The Kiss


Shawn and Dee get together at a concert by Missy ""Misdemeanor"" Elliott for dancing -- and more. They may or may not have slept together, but Marlon has a tape of them in bed and it's going to air on TV, on America's Video Bloopers.

8. The High Life


Shawn has to weed out the truth about Marlon's involvement with an actor he admires who uses drugs, especially since Marlon has a big audition coming up.

9. Misery


Semi-famous Marlon makes his first impact on a genuine fan. Unfortunately, she's an obsessed fanatic who kidnaps him -- and Shawn gets himself captured as well when he attempts a rescue.

10. Marlon Joins A Cult


Marlon's family must rescue him when he falls in with a cult after signing up for a class. Marlon thinks he's signed up for an acting seminar to help with focus training, but he's really joined a cult called the Inner Light Institute.

11. A Country Christmas


Cousin Sheila invites Marlon, Shawn, Dee and Pops to spend Christmas at her farm, where they are shocked to discover she's in dire straits and may lose her property if she can't pay her mortgage.

12. Green Card


When Shawn decides to marry an immigrant so she can be granted citizenship, the woman must live with him for six months. But he soon comes to regret the decision after the woman invites other family members to move in.

13. Big Brother


Shawn follows in Marlon's footsteps as a ""big brother"" to a youngster, but it turns out that his new little charge already has a jail record.

14. Saving Private Marlon


After landing an important role in a war movie, Marlon decides to do research on a military base where the head officer offers to show him the ropes -- until Marlon discovers that the soldier has a long-standing grudge against Pops.

15. Jump!


Marlon and Shawn's teasing about Dee's role as a security guard gets her suspended without pay and the duo must try to win her job back.

16. Pops Gets Evicted


Shawn's ideas on making better use of the lobby space catch the eye of the building's owner who offers him the chance to run a new cafe. But first he'll have to evict Pops.

17. Crazy 4 U


Marlon and Shawn get in way over their heads when they start competing for the attention of Dawn, an attractive psychiatrist who's just moved into the building.

18. Hip Hop Pops


Marlon and Shawn try to shake Pops out of his depression over his 50th birthday -- and in the process create a monster.

19. Everybody Loves Shawn


Shawn finds himself in the spotlight as an instant celebrity after a guest shot on Marlon's TV show, much to his brother's chagrin.

20. Dreamgirl


A famous singer finds Shawn's indifference irresistible, and he and Marlon find themselves competing for her affections.

21. Three on a Couch


After seeing a successful old pal, Shawn becomes convinced his family is to blame for him never becoming a huge success.

22. Rope-a-Dope


Shawn and Marlon sell Pops' boxing memorabilia, but when their dad's feelings are hurt, they try to retrieve the goods from the new owner.