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Image Astro Boy

Astro Boy

Release Date 1981-12-23
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Mari Shimizu, Hisashi Katsuta, Ichirō Nagai, Katsuji Mori, Masako Sugaya
Directors Masaaki Fujita, Satoshi Dezaki, Noboru Ishiguro, Hidehiko Takei, Mitsunari Makino

In 2030 AD, after being abandoned by his creator, a young boy robot is rescued by an Android Advocate, Dr Elefun, who adopts him as his own and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind and robot-kind.

1. The Birth Of Astro Boy


Dr Boynton is so driven by his work as a robot engineer thst he neglects his promise to spend time with his son Toby at an amusement park. As Toby leaves the park, he is caught in a traffic collision. Before dying, Toby has his father promise him to make the new robot in his image and treat it like a son. Overcome with grief, Boynton completes the project and brings "Toby" to life. Unknown to Dr Boynton, a shady criminal called Skunk stole the plans for "Toby" and plans to make a robot of his own with a new circuit known as the Omega Factor.

2. Astro Boy Vs. Atlas


Dr. Boynton and Toby depart on an ocean liner for America. Not knowing his own strength, Toby causes a huge mess during dinner. Angrily, Dr Boynton rejects Toby on the spot, declaring that he's just a robot and that he has no son. Meanwhile, Skunk attempts to teach Atlas his criminal ways and eventually takes Atlas on a mission to steel gold from the same boat that Dr Boynton and Toby are on...

3. The Robot Circus


Toby has been enslaved by a robot circus owner and is forced into manual labour. There he befriends a young circus worker named Kathy. Dr Boynton's associate, Professor Elefun, comes to fetch Toby but the ringmaster refuses to let him go... Toby receives his new name, "Astro".

4. Save the Classmate


Rescued from the circus by Dr. Elefun, Astro Boy starts school and struggles with the bullying from classmates for being a robot.

5. Atlas Lives Again


Astro's must stop Atlas' scheme to enslave humanity by series of technological thefts, one of which involves Astro's proposed robotic parents.

6. Robotland


Astro and Dr. Elefun visit a fairytale theme park after an escaped swan/princess crash lands in their yard and tells them of the robots' plight.

7. Frankenstein


Skunk convinces a powerful robot called Frankenstein to aid him in his crime spree. This crime wave leads to the deactivation of almost all robots in the city, including Astroboy.

8. The Red Cat


A red cat becomes the only clue to the mystery of children who are disappearing.

9. The Crystal of the Desert


While exploring a forest that has become a desert, Astro Boy discovers that Atlas is involved.

10. The White Planet


Astro aids a championship racer who hopes to win a global race.

11. A Robot President


Astro and his teacher, Daddy Walrus, are invited to the inauguration of the first robot president and are caught up in a plan to stop the ceremony.

12. Goliath's Head


After a spacecraft crashes to the earth Astro rescues a mining robot, Goliath, from the flames. Dr Elefun has Goliath's head removed as it contains a powerful neutron beam. But soon the head is stolen and Goliath starts to search for it...

13. The Light Ray Robot


Skunk causes trouble again, this time capturing a robot capable of invisibility hoping to use it in his schemes.

14. Uran, the Tomboy


Astro meets his new sister, Uran.

15. Robio and Robiette


Astro gets involved in a rivalry between robotic "families". However the two of the robots from the competing camps fall in love.

16. Astro Fights Aliens


Astro captains the Second Expedition to Mars where strange creatures have been seen.

17. Save the Carolina 3


Astro attempts to stop Skunk's outer space pirating attempt when one of his classmates is kidnapped.

18. The Rainbow Comet


On a school field trip to see the Rainbow Comet up close, Astro and classmates are kidnapped by Atlas.

19. The Death Balloon


Balloons modelled in the shape of Astro are attacking people in the city and its up to Astro to clear his name.

20. The Transformation Robot


Astroboy visits a robot inhabited island where gangsters attempt loot uranium resources by enlisting the help of and a robot who can transform into any shape.

21. The Wreck of the Titan


After luxury spaceliner Titan is struck by an asteroid, Astro and several others escape to the moon. They land in a crater with an atmosphere and Astro discovers the wreck of a Russian spacecraft from 1990.

22. The Liar Robot


A school field trip is interrupted by a robot constantly lying about a impending earthquake.

23. The Girl from Alsoar


Astro Boy meets a mysterious woman and must stop a hostile alien invasion.

24. The Greatest Robot in the World (Part 1)


A power-hungry Sultan commissions a powerful fighting robot named Bruton (Pluto in the original), and sends him to battle seven of the world's strongest robots: Mont Blanc, Molnar, Brondo, Zeron, Hercules, Photar, and Astro.

25. The Greatest Robot in the World (Part 2)


With only three of the most powerful robots in the world remaining (Hercules, Photar and Astro), can they stop Bruton before he destroys them all?

26. The Robot Vikings


A wild gang of viking robots rampage through the city, causing havoc and destruction.

27. The Time Machine


A time traveling detective arrives from the future and enlists Astro and the infamous surgeon, Black Jack, to save the life of a prince from the past.

28. The Robot Stuntman


After a tour of a movie studio where Uran meets her idol, Astro has to investigate the story of a tiny stunt robot called Sam.

29. The Great Meltdown


Livian appears to Astro to warn him of danger to the polar icecaps. Is Atlas involved?

30. Uran's Twin


Uran gets her wish of being able to be in two places at once - this way she can stil do what her parents want and go to robot wrestling.

31. Speeding Through the Storm


Whilst on a field trip to an old steam engine, a violent storm hits.

32. The Return of Queen Cleopatra


Cleopatra has reappeared and Astro must find out the mystery behind her.

33. The Runaway Subway Train


A brand new subway train that can go 180km/h runs out of control and Astro has to save those on board.

34. The Baby Elephant Pook


After a real baby elephant is found in a robot safari park, Astro has to save both it and everyone from a giant robot elephant, Zohra.

35. The Secret of Bee City


Astro and Uran visit Bee Island, but after meeting a mysterious boy they need to find out just what is going on the Bee City?

36. The Monster of Clarken


A greedy gold hunter attempts to steal gold from the Golden Coral Forest. Can Astro stop him in time for the fish of reef to survive?

37. Lilly on Peligro Island


Astro finds 43 messages-in-a-bottle and sneaks out at night to investigate what is going on at Peligro Island.

38. The Anti-Proton Gun


The most powerful gun ever made is up for grabs in space and Astro must make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

39. The Man-Made Solar Sphere


The great detective Shalock Holmespan and Astro investigate the unusual incidents around a man-made solar sphere.

40. Blackie Young


After Dr Elefun receives a large package and re-assembles the parts of a robot, Astro and Daddy Walrus travel Antarctica to investigate.

41. The Genie from Outer Space


After a large meteorite falls into a mountain valley some distance away, Dr Elefun, Astro, and a team of scientists head off to investigate the crash.

42. The Robots Nobody Wanted


Three robot workers that have been rejected from their jobs help Astro.

43. Atlas Forever


When space stations around Saturn and Jupiter are attacked, Atlas is blamed. After he defeats 100 ships, Astro becomes involved.

44. The Snow Leopard


After it snows in summer, Astro investigates the cause.

45. Uran's Quest


An Amusement Park's computer malfunctions and causes havok after Uran asks it where God lives.

46. Outer Spaceport R-45


Space pirates have been raiding the area around Spaceport R-45 and Astro is needed to investigate.

47. The Hijacked Airship


High-jackers take over an Airship whilst Astro and his class are visiting. Astro needs to save the day, but he has none of his powers.

48. The Human-Faced Rock


There is a legend about a strange rock with the face of a man that sits on top of a mountain overlooking a village - when it turns its face towards the lake, the village will be destroyed.

49. Uran Falls in Love


Uran falls in love with a Zeus the Destroyer, a robot with Astro in his sights.

50. The World of Odin


Dr Elefun and Astro join Captain Claud and his crew as they search for the sacred ground of Odin.

51. The Secret of the Mayas


Astro explores the Great Pyramid of the Mayas and encounters a mysterious sphinx.

52. Astro's First Love


As Astro attempts to recover stolen plans for a robot he is helped by Niki, a girl robot, with whom he falls in love.