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Image Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Release Date 2004-08-27
Runtime 7 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Family
Stars Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro, Mae Whitman, Larry Drake
Directors Miles Thompson, Butch Hartman, Kara Vallow

Johnny Bravo tells the story of a biceps-bulging, karate-chopping free spirit who believes he is a gift from God to the women of the earth. Unfortunately for Johnny, everyone else sees him as a narcissistic Mama's boy with big muscles and even bigger hair. In short, he is the quintessential guy who 'just doesn't get it.' No matter what he does, or where he finds himself, he always winds up being his own worst enemy.

1. Johnny Bravo Goes to Hollywood


Johnny Bravo is offered a role in the upcoming movie ""Lunch Lady Surprise"" and will get to star with Don Knotts, Jessica Biel, a Hobbit, and Alec Baldwin. When Johnny Bravo's part gets written out of the script however, Johnny Bravo tries desperately to squeeze a few more seconds out of his fifteen minutes of fame.

2. Traffic Troubles


A jaywalking incident lands Johnny in traffic school... Musical Comedy Traffic School, no less! Unfortunately, Johnny can't sing a note, so he seeks the help of a kindly old lady in figuring out how to make the grade and impress the Token Spunky Girl.

3. My Funny Looking Friend


Inspired by the antics of a fellow macho-man at the mall, Johnny enlists the aid of a funny-looking friend to impress the ladies. After looking high and low for the perfect funny-looking friend, Johnny finds a pro who knows how to reel in the chicks... but how long will Johnny's newfound success with women last?

4. Win An El Toro Guapo


Johnny tries to enter a contest to win an ""El Toro Guapo"" pick-up truck. It seems all he has to do is outlast a host of competitors in holding on to a rather talkative bull, but could it really be that simple?

5. Witch-ay Woman


Johnny gets on the bad side of a gypsy lady with his clumsy passes, so naturally she puts a curse on him. And what could be a more fitting curse for the womanizing Johnny than turning him into a woman? Looks like Johnny Bravo's taking a walk on the feminine side as ""Jenny Bravo"" until he (she?) learns his (her?) lesson.

6. Home Alone


Mama Bravo goes out of town on vacation, and Johnny convinces her to let him stay home alone for the week. Things don't go as well as Johnny would have hoped, though, as one disaster after another strikes his home, culminating in a band of fairy tale creatures storming into his house and throwing a wild party! Can Johnny humble himself enough to ask Little Suzy from next door for help fixing the house before Mrs. Bravo gets home?

7. Mini JB


Johnny finds himself stuck looking after a baby boy, and decides to teach the kid to be more like him in order to make the situation bearable. Much to his surprise, the ladies are quite smitten with what they believe to be a father-son duo, and Johnny plans on using the kid as a babe magnet. But what happens when ""Mini JB"" has to go home to mother?

8. Back From The Future


After Johnny bugs a woman to the point that she threatens to knock him into next week (and follows through on her threats), a band of sci-fi geeks find a dazed Johnny and become convinced he's a time traveler from the 1960s. Complicating matters is the fact that the easily-confused Johnny becomes convinced of this misconception as well.

9. Non, Oui Oui Pour Johnny


Johnny takes up French class with Mama so the two of them can take the trip to Paris, France Mama's always wanted to take. But Johnny's a slow learner, and the instructor's snooty attitude isn't helping. Can Johnny make the grade and make his Mama's dream come true?

10. That's Entertainment


Movie night at the Bravo house is called off when the TV goes on the fritz. Fortunately, who should show up but Johnny's old ""friend"" Donny Osmond, who suggests that he, Mama Bravo, Johnny, and Little Suzy take turns telling stories to keep themselves entertained. As can be expected in a cartoon, that leads to a real gaggle of twisted tales.

11. Get Shovelized!


Johnny buys a shovel that has been announced on TV as a new workout device named 'The Shovelizer'. Can the city survive Johnny shovelizing around?

12. T Is For Trouble


Johnny gets a response to a letter he sent to Mr. T when he was a kid. Little Ricky Simmons the school bully was always picking on him. Mr. T trains johnny to stand up to Little Ricky Simmons. he goes to ricky simmons' house (who grew up to be the famous nutritanist Richard Simmons),who picks on him again, pretending to be johnny's friends.

13. Gray Matters


Johnny freaks out when he awakes with a gray hair

14. Double Vision


Johnny goes home with look-a-like of his mother.

15. It's A Magical Life


Johnny beleives a magician makes him invisiable

16. The Hunk At The End Of This Cartoon


Johnny fears the new hunk in town

17. The Time Of My Life


Johnny tells Suzi a story about his first crush.

18. Run Johnny Run


Johnny has to make it to his blind date in time but when he doesn't the first time he grabs the remote and restarts the cartoon.

19. Wilderness Protection Program


Wilderness Protection Program: An elk pretends that she and Johnny are married elephants because she's on the run from some people she thinks are a mob out to take over the world. A Page Right Out of History: In the distant past, an same-named ancestor of Johnny living in Bedrock is rescued by Fred Flintstone, and soon finds himself doing Fred's chores as a way of repaying Fred.

20. Page Right Out Of History


In the distant past, an same-named ancestor of Johnny living in Bedrock is rescued by Fred Flintstone, and soon finds himself doing Fred's chores as a way of repaying Fred.

21. Some Walk By Night


Johnny ends up on a reality TV show as a detective.

22. Adam West Date-O-Rama


Johnny is on a dating show and gets a blind date with the Black Widow.

23. Johnny Makeover


Johnny Bravo becomes the target of Don Knotts, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and the Blue Falcon for their reality show, Cartoon Makeover. The trio attempts to completely revamp him to make him a huge hit for the new youth generation. Unfortunately, their tactics only make things worse for poor Johnny.

24. Back On Shaq


At a basketball match, Shaquille O'Neal discovers that Johnny Bravo brings him good luck. This occurs up to Shaq's showdown match with Seth Green whose brought along his own good luck charm by the name of Huckleberry Hound.