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Image Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven

Release Date 1989-08-04
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Family, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Michael Landon, Victor French
Directors Michael Landon

A probationary angel is sent back to Earth to team up with an ex-cop and help people.

1. Whose Trash Is It Anyway?


Mark and Jonathan join the campaign of a friend of Mark, whose highly honest. But his less than honest opponent is doing what he can to smear him.

2. Hello and Farewell (1)


Jonathan helps Commander Michaels deal with flashbacks of Vietnam as well as try to convince her to go to therapy. Mark deals with his fear of flying.

3. Hello and Farewell (2)


Commander Michaels continues to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder she also discovers she has son who came in to the emergency room do to a motorcycle accident. David wants to meet his biological mother but makes his adoptive parents worry about the meeting.

4. The Silent Bell


A pastor must follow a church council's decision to fire most of the staff at the school because they're not Christian.

5. The Reunion


Mark Gordon attends is there any five-year class reunion only to learn that it's not what he expected. An older actor uses the reunion as a press event get his career started again only to be told he isn't needed anymore. Also the prom queen feels out of place at the reunion because she's changed too much.

6. The Source


Jonathan tries two teach two kids the right way to report a story. But after a bus accident Diane Nichols gets the bus driver in big trouble because she was angry that he was married. The two kids see the opportunity to report the story incorrectly leading to the bus driver losing his job.

7. The Squeaky Wheel


Wayne seacrest is suddenly fired from his job as a computer programmer because the left on the bus breaks down. Jonathan and Mark asked for Wayne's assistance in getting better access to places for handicapped people. Wayne attends a ribbon cutting ceremony and uses the occasion to put people on notice about building ramps and widening bathroom stalls for handicapped people.

8. Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka


Mr. Zelinka is a beloved teacher who is forced to retire because he has reached the retirement age of 70. The school board president feels that he's teaching responsibilities are too much for him. The students of Lincoln High School plan a birthday party and retirement party as well. They feel their efforts go down hill when their teacher doesn't want to attend the party because of the retirement notice he received. The students gathered together to form a petition to stop their teacher from retiring but face a big battle when they try to present their petition before the president of the school board who has no intention of changing his mind or listening to what the students have to say.

9. Choices


A Vietnamese couple has come back to the states from Singapore to try and take their sons back. Mr. and Mrs.Trong find it somewhat difficult to be able to just take their sons back after 12 years of living in America. The Hawkins were led to believe that Mr. and Mrs.Trong died in an internment camp 12 years ago but soon learn that the Vietnamese couple did survive and have come back to have a promise fulfilled nearly 12 years ago. Jonathan Mark must see if they can let the boys stay in the United States with the Hawkins and released from a promise made 12 years ago.

10. Summer Camp


To help Mary Anders forget that she was scar and a fire Jonathan and Mark are arranged for her to work at a summer camp for the blind. Soon one of the counselors named Frank Reilly the keenest to suspect who she really is. He begins to fall in love with her later because her identity is known Mary Andrews decides to pose for a tabloid magazine that will show the burns she suffered.

11. The Inner Limits


Paul believes his brother George can do nothing because of his handicapped and because of what doctors told him and his mother. Jonathan and Mark, not to visit George and see if there is anything that can be done to find out what George has always wanted to say but never could. First Jonathan and Mark test to see if George can understand simple commands. After getting the necessary things he finally is able to tell his mother and his brother something. Two years later George writes a book "" No inner limits"".

12. It's a Dog's Life


Thinking Jonathan has turned into a dog, Mark embarks alone to unite a young runaway with his family.

13. Merry Christmas from Grandpa


On Christmas Eve, Jonathan allows three powerful people to foresee the consequences of their actions: an energy magnate, a farmer and the President.