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Image The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Release Date 1989-07-22
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Drama, Mystery
Stars Alfred Hitchcock
Directors Christopher Crowe, Jon Slan

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents is an American anthology series that aired on NBC from 1985 to 1986, and on the USA Network from 1987 to 1989. The series is an updated re-imagining of the classic 1955 series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

1. Fogbound


On a foggy night a woman is at home alone with a killer on the loose in the area.

2. Pen Pal


A man that a woman has been a pen pal with for some years escapes from prison.

3. Ancient Voices


A detective must solve a murder that took place during a seance.

4. Survival of the Fittest


A writer finds something unexpected when he returns home to his estate.

5. The Big Spin


A self-centered New York city cab driver tries to pick up a model.

6. Don't Sell Yourself Short


Some Wall Street brokers devise a scheme to make their first million.

7. For Art's Sake


An established artist taking credit for his wife's work pays for his deceit.

8. Murder in Mind


A writer of mystery stories imagines there are devious things going on at her new neighbor's house.

9. Mirror, Mirror


A woman with split personalities lives in terror after someone is murdered at the door steps of her apartment building.

10. Skeleton in the Closet


A man tries to blackmail a high society woman for something she did when she was in college.

11. In the Driver's Seat


A man confined to a wheelchair after a racing car accident abuses those around him.

12. Driving Under the Influence


A man who drinks and drives hits a woman and leaves her for dead.

13. In the Name of Science


A biochemical scientist looking for a breakthrough discovery is only interested in becoming rich and famous so will take the discovery any way he can get it.

14. Romance Machine


Sometime in the future, a brilliant scientist who is not very good with woman creates a cyborg to do the romancing for him.

15. Diamonds Aren't Forever


Superspy James... drops in on a resort. His mission is to retrieve a statue before the Soviets do. Any one or more of the eccentric guests at the resort may be the Soviet agent(s).

16. My Dear Watson


Just after returning from the Orient, Watson is kidnapped and it is up to Sherlock Holmes to find him.

17. Night Creatures


A reporter is assigned to cover a concert for rock stars Adam Lust and The Vampires who are debuting a new album.

18. The Man Who Knew Too Little


A man wakes in a hotel room with amnesia and a headache.

19. Reunion


Seven Vietnam veterans gather annually to recall their leader's death.

20. South by Southeast


An actor is a victim of mistaken identity.