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Image Totally Spies!

Totally Spies!

Release Date 2014-02-27
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Animation, Kids, Comedy, Drama, Action & Adventure
Stars Jennifer Hale, Andrea Baker, Katie Griffin, Adrian Truss, Claire Guyot
Directors David Michel, Stephane Berry, Stephane Berry, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, Jamie Simone

Totally Spies! depicts three girlfriends 'with an attitude' who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage. They confront the most intimidating - and demented - of villains, each with their own special agenda for demonic, global rude behavior.

1. The Anti-Social Network


Mandy gets a social network called Mandy Book with 1300 followers. But what does it have to do with frequent waves in the university?

2. Nine Lives


Strange things began to happen in the world. All the famous sights of the world someone has turned into a place of entertainment for the cats. Spy to find out what happened, how to get everything back to normal, and why in this mission involved Felin Dion, professor of laboratory, which employs Alex.

3. Vide-o-no!


4. Super Mega Dance Party Yo!


5. Pageant Problems


6. Grabbing the Bully by the Horns


7. The Wedding Crasher


Peril is afoot at Buckingham Palace when the famous American fashion designer Wera Vann creates a deadly robot wedding dress for the new Princess of England. The spies must defeat Wera or the wedding will be a disaster.

8. Celebrity Swipe!


9. Super Sweet Cupcake Company


Ever since the grand opening of a new cupcake company, people have been behaving strangely. Could there be a connection between the two?

10. The Dusk Of Dawn


11. Dog Show Showdown


A famous dog has disappeared. The spies are sent to the dog show to find out what happened.

12. Mandy Doll Mania!


13. Evil Ice Skater


The girls have to find out what happened to several famous figure skaters, and are eventually involved in a mission to defeat Iceolina Hahiki, a teenage Hawaiian figure skater terrorist.

14. Inferior Designer


15. WOOHP-Ahoy !


16. Trent Goes Wild


17. Little Dude


18. Totally Switched Again


19. Clowning Around!


20. Astro-Not


When strange tides hit and things start floating, the girls are lead to a nutty wannabe astronaut named Aimee "Cosmo Stratus" Cooper, who intends on making the troubles continue.

21. Baddies on a Blimp!


22. Jungle Boogie


When plants take over Rio de Janeiro and other cities, the spies must defeat the technology-hating, forest-loving Brazilian woman Shelly Junglelove.

23. Danger TV


24. Solo Spies


When obsessive spy fan Lisa kidnaps spies for her human menagerie, the girls must stop her.

25. So Totally Versailles! (1)


The Spies fashion design class wins a Trip to Versailles. This is the Part 1 of the one hour special.

26. So Totally Versailles! (2)


Sam, Clover, and Alex realize that something very strange is going on after the attacks in the Palace of Versailles. Not only were they attacked by a very weird creature whose footprints are extremely odd, but they also soon discover that several students from their trip have also gone missing. After Jerry informs the girls that the missing key they discovered earlier is linked to Versailles itself, the spies flee from a palace statue that has come to life, as they are reunited with the rest of their class in a dungeon beneath the palace itself. Eventually they learn ...