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Image Silk Stalkings

Silk Stalkings

Release Date 1999-04-18
Runtime 48 minutes
Genres Crime, Drama, Action & Adventure
Stars Chris Potter, Janet Gunn, Charlie Brill

Silk Stalkings is a crime drama television series. The series portrays the daily lives of two detectives who solve sexually-based crimes of passion among the ultra-rich of Palm Beach, Florida.

1. Do You Believe In Magic?


A woman's split personality gives life to a murderous ventriloquist's dummy.

2. If the Shoe Fits


Tom and Cassy' s investigation into the murder of a TV news director leads them to suspect both a prominent reporter and her assistant.

3. Passion and the Palm Beach Detectives


Tom and Cassy pursue a well known romance novelist who they suspect in a string of murders.

4. All the World's A Stage


A popular actress. who Tom and Cassy are told to help study for a new film role, interferes with their investigation of an immigrant' s murder

5. Forever


When Tom is shot to keep him from testifying in a murder trial, Cassy goes undercover to catch the man who ordered it.

6. Hidden Agenda


Lipschitz's first love turns up dead after asking him for protection from an aging mobster.

7. Sins of the Mother


Tom and Cassy expose an IRS agent's apparent suicide as murder.

8. Fear and Loathing in Palm Beach


A suicide investigation exposes a noted therapist's conspiracy to murder his wife.

9. The Loneliest Number


An investigation of a wanted killer's suicide leads Cassy to uncover the dead man's relationship with her mother.

10. Dead Again...And Again


After saving a mystery woman from an attack, Tom is drawn into a plot to kill her wealthy husband.

11. Behind the Music


Tom and Cassy investigate a series of murder attempts on a pair of controversial vee-jays.

12. Honor Among Thieves


A local artist is murdered during the theft of an Old Master's priceless drawing.

13. Strange Bedfellows


Cassy's investigation into a hit and run death leads to a U. S. Senator's suicide.

14. It's the Great Pumpkin, Harry


Harry tries to avoid his wife's annual Halloween costume party, only to end up in deep trouble himself.

15. Killer Ap


The investigation into a software developer's murder leads Tom and Cassy to a ruthless brother and sister team of venture capitalists.

16. Dance Fever


The investigation into the murder of a Latin dance champion points to his girlfriend and ex-partner.

17. Cook's Tour


A chef's sudden death on the eve of a lucrative cooking contest lead Tom and Cassy to investigate.

18. Where & When


As she and Tom investigate the murder of a famous race car driver's wife, Cassy recalls memories of a past life.

19. A Clockwork Florida Orange


Tom and Cassy's investigation into the murder of convenience store owner exposes a power hungry high school student's vengeful scheme.

20. Dream Weavers


A group of determined young college graduates extort wealthy businessman through promises to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies.

21. Noir (1)


As things between Tom and his girlfriend heat up, they begin looking for a new place to live together. While out shopping, Tom spots an armed man running from a department store and gives chase. After he narrowly misses being shot, Tom returns fire and kills the suspect. Once a search fails to uncover either the gun or bullets, the case is turned over to an Internal Affairs cop whose corrupt partner Tom helped send to prison.

22. Noir (2)


Tom finds he's been set up as he struggles to clear his name in a murder investigation.