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Image Jewel in the Palace

Jewel in the Palace

Release Date 2004-03-23
Runtime 80 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Lee Young-ae, Ji Jin-hee, Im Ho, Lee Se-eun, Geum Bo-ra
Directors Lee Byoung Hoon, Jung-hyeon Jo, Se-Hyeon Im, Kim Young-hyun, Lee Byoung Hoon

Starring Lee Young Ae, it tells the tale of an orphaned kitchen cook who went on to become the king's first female physician. In a time when women held little influence in society, young apprentice cook Jang Geum strives to learn the secrets of Korean cooking and medicine in order to cure the King of his various ailments. It is based on the true story of Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty. The main themes are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine.

1. Episode 01


At the time of King Sung Jong in 1482, a deputy officer delivers the order from the King to bestow poison on deposed Queen Yoon as a death penalty. Chief civil administration officer Lee, SeJoa and Royal Military Guard Seo, ChunSoo visit deposed queen Yoon’s house to execute the death sentence. Deposed Queen Yoon says “You will pay for what you have done today” as her last words and passes away. One night, Royal army officer Seo falls from a cliff while walking the mountain path. He is saved by an ascetic, who has the ability to see the future, only to find out that he will die due to his involvement in killing deposed Queen Yoon. Not knowing how to react to this horrible news, Seo is encumbered with worries. Time flows to 1496 and King YeonSanGun has been ruling the country for 2 years. Na-In (one of the junior titles for female workers in the palace) Park reports NaIn Choi’s suspicious act to a court lady in Royal Kitchen. However, Na In Park is poisoned and thrown away deep in the mountain due to the Choi family’s power and influence in Royal Kitchen. Now resigned from the office, Seo finds Park in the mountain and saves her life. Park shows her gratitude to Seo and leaves the temple where she has been resting. Seo trails after Park without her knowing…

2. Episode 02


8 years has passed and the story now takes place in March, 1504. Seo, working as a smith, and Park, as a homemaker, have settled down in a rural village where butchers, one of the bottom classes of the time, live together As Park’s best friend and colleague NaIn Han has advised, they are hiding themselves from certain incidents they got involved in by disguising themselves as low-class people. Soon, Seo and Park have a daughter named JangGeum. King YeonSanGun has been tyrannizing the country for a decade and GapJaSaHwa, a political massacre, takes place. One day, Seo takes JangGeum to the market and Seo gets arrested for his involvement in killing deposed Queen Yoon. Park and JangGeum head to HanYang, the capital city at the time, hoping to meet Seo. Court lady Choi witnesses Park and JangGeum at a market place in HanYang while shopping for groceries and feels threatened by Park’s presence. Court lady Choi and her brother, Choi, PanSool, plot to kill Park. JangGeum witnesses her mother’s death and despite her grief continues to go on, spurned by a strong will to accomplish NaIn Park’s dying wish.

3. Episode 03


Not able to bear her hunger, JangGeum enters DugGoo’s brewery to ask for some food. She is falsely charged as a thief but DugGoo’s wife feels affection for JangGeum and takes her in. JangGeum helps around the brewery with everyday errands. One day, Lord Park, WonJong makes JangGeum deliver bottles of rice wine, as part of a plot of treason against King YeonSanGun, to Prince JinSung. That night, the enthronement of King JoongJong and dethronement of King YeonSanGun take place and Prince JinSung becomes King JoongJong the following day. A Court lady in charge of training visits DugGoo’s house looking for JangGeum. JangGeum follows the lady and joins the palace with the dream of becoming the best cook there. JangGeum goes under the training of SaengGakSi (female workers under training to become maids of the palace) and become friends with YoungLo, YeonSaeng, and ChangI. However, coming from low-class background, JangGeum is treated with contempt. Mortified at being mistreated, JangGeum and YunSaeng hide in ToiSunGan (One of Royal Kitchens in the Palace), and find GeumYoung going down to the King’s private quarters. While hiding themselves in ToiSunGan, JangGeum and YeunSaeng get caught by Court lady Han and NaIn Min. Surprised, YeonSaeng falls and breaks the bowl containing King’s midnight meal. Court lady Han and NaIn Min are traumatized as King’s midnight meal has been ruined. They quickly come up with a new idea to prepare King’s midnight meal and concentrate on preparing it without paying any attention to JangGeum and YeonSaeng. JangGeum is very impressed with the work of Court lady Han and watches her preparing the King’s meal with admiration…

4. Episode 04


Court lady Han prepares a new dish for the King’s midnight meal and serves it. Because of Court lady Han’s exceptional culinary skills, the incident goes unnoticed by others, including the King. However, JangGeum and YeonSaeng get penalized for their behavior. The Court lady in charge of training eventually finds out about the incident and keeps JangGeum away from training area. But JangGeum overhears the lecture while cleaning and studies as hard as she can. After many turns and twists, JangGeum gets the chance to take the test and Chief Court lady picks Court lady Han as JangGeum’s mentor. One day, all the ingredients prepared in SoJooBang (one of the Royal Kitchens in the Palace) get spoiled while the ingredients prepared in SooRaGan (another of the Royal Kitchens in the Palace) are at their best. Chief Court lady and Court lady Han investigates the cause and finds JangGeum cleaning dishes using boiled water. They are amazed by JangGeum’s intelligence as realize what kept the food in SooRaGan in such good condition.

5. Episode 05


While JagnGeum is practicing pine nut preparation under the moon light, she gets the chance to talk to GeumYoung. Not knowing who GeumYoung is, JangGeum tells her that the rest of SaengGakSi group have been complaining about her. GeumYoung teaches JangGeum how to prepare pine nuts. On the day of testing culinary skills, JangGeum is shocked to find out who GeumYoung is. The group of SaengGakSi is tested in their pine nut preparation skills and JangGeum takes the second place after GeumYoung. This incident causes the group of SaengGakSi to misunderstand JangGeum. A doctor disguised as a lady enters the residence of the Court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen to examine the pulse for a diagnosis. On his way out, he is caught by a royal guard, which puts the Choi family in jeopardy. As the court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen is about to be removed from her position, Oh, GyumHo and Chief Court lady appoints Court lady Jung as the successor, because she will behave like their puppet. The rumor that Court Lady Jung will be appointed as the court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen is flying, and NaIn and SaengGakSi are agitated by the news. On the contrary to what Court Lady Choi has expected, newly appointed Court Lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen, Court Lady Jung, denies the existence of the absolute sense of taste and orders GeumYoung, who is seated next to her, to sit amongst SaengGakSi at the congratulatory ceremony. Also, Court Lady Jung insists that she will evaluate everyone for their capacity and will appoint her successor accordingly. GeumYoung studies culinary arts under Court Lady Choi and JangGeum does the same under Court Lady Han…

6. Episode 06


Even after she becomes an adult, because JangGeum still cannot keep her curiosity under control and has to see for herself whatever she needs to know, she sometimes gets in trouble and is penalized by washing dishes with SaengGakSi. Court lady Choi prepares a royal meal for Princess HyoHyey, who has been refusing to eat for 6 days, using the secret recipe only available to the predecessors in charge of the Royal Kitchen. However, Princess HyoHyey still refuses to eat and breaks down from hunger. GuemYoung prepares a porridge dish for Princess HyoHyey using charcoal, inspired by JangGeum’s use of charcoal to get rid of smells when cooking bean paste and soy sauce. Princess HyoHyey eats the porridge, saying it does not smell. Court Lady Jung praises GuemYoung and allows her to assist in preparing a golden pheasant dish for the King’s birthday. GeumYoung, however, loses the golden pheasant from the Ming dynasty. GeumYoung makes a plan to get outside the palace to buy a golden pheasant. JangGeum helps GeumYoung and accompanies her to Choi, PanSul’s house. The next day, Court Lady Choi finds out that the golden pheasant is nowhere to be found and calls for GeumYoung who also has disappeared from the palace. After thoroughly investigating YeonSaeng, Court Lady Jung, Choi, and Han consider a countermeasure. GeumYoung returns safely to the palace with a golden pheasant but JangGeum gets arrested by a Royal Military Guard officer who takes her to the Chief Court Lady.

7. Episode 07


Every Court Lady and SaengGakSi, including Court Lady Jung, tries their very best to spare JangGeum’s life. Fortunately, JangGeum is released from NaeGumWi (the Royal Military Guard) but she is about to get forced to leave the palace. Owing to Court Lady Jung and Han’s efforts and sacrifices, JangGeum is sent to DaJaeHun (a place where medical plants are being cultivated). Jung, WoonBaek who is in charge of DaJaeHun tells JangGeum not to do anything. JangGeum starts working whereas everyone else in DaJaeHun gets drunk on a daily basis. Fascinated with the virtue and cultivation of Medical plants, JangGeum aims to accomplish BaekBon cultivation. Finally, JangGeum succeeds in cultivating BaekBon which convinces everyone in DaJaeHun to change their ways. However, BaekBon garden gets ruined one day due to the malicious plot of Choi Pang Sool. Jung, WoonBaek is taken to Royal Military Guard after he pulled up BaekBon seedlings and sold them to a seedling shop. Due to this incident, the palace finds out that JangGeum has succeeded in BaekBon cultivation and JangGeum returns to the Royal Kitchen as a reward.

8. Episode 08


Every Court Lady and SaengGakSi, including Court Lady Jung, tries their very best to spare JangGeum’s life. Fortunately, JangGeum is released from NaeGumWi (the Royal Military Guard) but she is about to get forced to leave the palace. Owing to Court Lady Jung and Han’s efforts and sacrifices, JangGeum is sent to DaJaeHun (a place where medical plants are being cultivated). Jung, WoonBaek who is in charge of DaJaeHun tells JangGeum not to do anything. JangGeum starts working whereas everyone else in DaJaeHun gets drunk on a daily basis. Fascinated with the virtue and cultivation of Medical plants, JangGeum aims to accomplish BaekBon cultivation. Finally, JangGeum succeeds in cultivating BaekBon which convinces everyone in DaJaeHun to change their ways. However, BaekBon garden gets ruined one day due to the malicious plot of Choi Pang Sool. Jung, WoonBaek is taken to Royal Military Guard after he pulled up BaekBon seedlings and sold them to a seedling shop. Due to this incident, the palace finds out that JangGeum has succeeded in BaekBon cultivation and JangGeum returns to the Royal Kitchen as a reward.

9. Episode 09


On her way back to the palace, JangGeum stops by the Royal library to drop off a letter for Jung, WoonBaek and encounters Min, JungHo. On the day she returns to the Royal kitchen, she starts preparing for the NaIn Qualification Exam. After a hard day’s work is over, JangGeum enjoys studying under the moonlight with her colleagues, YeonSaeng and ChangI. The day of the NaIn Qualification Exam has finally come. GeumYoung is the first one to correctly answer the subject for a poem followed by YeonSaeng and ChangI. JangGeum fails to answer the question till the end of the exam. During the examination, the testing of identifying good quality ingredients commences. JangGeum is not able to choose a good quality meat but utilizes her experiences from her childhood spent in the butchers’ village to find a suitable one. The night before the cooking test of the NaIn Qualification Exam, JangGeum’s wheat flour, along with other ingredients gathered in the competition field, disappears. JangGeum searches for the wheat flour and finds HangEui, one of the SaengGakSi, making dough using JangGeum’s wheat flour. However, HangEui refuses to return the wheat flour. The noise caused by the two attracts Royals Officials Lee, ChangMin and Min, JungHo…

10. Episode 10


The jurors of the NaIn Qualification Exam including the Chief Court Lady decide to disqualify JangGeum on the basis of her inability to keep the ingredients. However, thanks to the unexpected appearance of the Queen Mother, who is satisfied with dish JangGeum has prepared for the exam, JangGeum passes. The night before commencing the NaIn training, the ceremony of taking the oath of implicit agreement between female employees of the palace takes place in the training residence. At the ceremony, a secret surrounding the birth of HangEui is revealed and strict regulations of female employees of the palace are introduced. Court Lady Han tells JangGeum stories about her best friend, NaIn Park (JangGeum’s mother), and also gives her NaIn Park’s cooking knife. However, Court Lady Han and JangGeum still do not know each other’s relationship with NaIn Park. Min, JungHo is in search of the person who saved his life (JangGeum) and goes to Gang, DugGoo’s house after finding a clue. At an outdoor Royal Kitchen set in the King’s hunting ground, Court lady Han is poisoned by the conch used in beef stock. Unable to carry out her duties, Court lady Han orders GeumYoung and JangGeum to take charge of the outdoor Royal Kitchen.

11. Episode 11


A cold noodle dish cooked with mineral water is highly praised by King JoongJong, and GeumYoung and JangGeum win recognition from Court Lady Han. Court Lady Min and JoBang are held responsible for the food poisoning and not allowed to access ToiSunGan (One of the Royal kitchens in the palace). This gives JangGeum the chance to access ToiSunGan, where her mother has hidden a recipe book she has written. JangGeum is excited with the idea of retrieving the recipe book her mother has left her. Court Lady Choi orders GeumYoung to hide a talisman, which will force the pregnant Queen to have a princess, for the welfare of Choi family. YeonSang witnesses JangGeum and GeumYoung coming in and out of ToiSunGan looking for or hiding something. JangGeum is accused of hiding the talisman and gets locked up in a storehouse. Because NaIn Park has told her that under no circumstances should she reveal her recipe book and the letter, JangGeum is unable to prove her innocence. YeonSaeng testifies that she saw GeumYoung hiding something in ToiSunGan. GeumYoung also gets locked up in the storehouse and the Choi family faces a crisis as a result.

12. Episode 12


Chief Court Lady stops Court Lady Jung while taking JangGeum and GeumYoung to Royal Military office for a trial. Chief Court Lady persuades Court Lady Jung, but doubting her intention, Court Lady Jung gives Chief Court Lady 24 hours. Choi, PanSool plots to save GeumYoung and Choi family. On the following day, Court Lady Jung regrets giving Chief Court Lady 24 hours when Chief Court Lady’s attitude has changed. Court Lady Jung decides to conceal the incident after Court Lady Han begs for JangGeum’s life. The eldest son of the King has fallen ill after having chicken porridge Gang, DukGoo, the male banquet chef, has prepared. Gang, DukGoo is taken to NaeSiBoo (King’s secretariat) for investigation but the Crown Prince’s Palace has decided that Prince is paralyzed because of food poisoning and not of illness. Court ladies of the Royal Kitchen and JangGeum investigate the cause but the situation becomes more and more unfavorable to Gang and he is subjected to a severe cross-examination.

13. Episode 13


JangGeum proves that the cause of the Prince being paralyzed is not from the food poisoning but from ginseng, maximizing the effect of nutmeg by taking ginseng and nutmeg herself. Although paralysis symptoms have faded, JangGeum suffers from losing her sense of taste and has hard time seasoning the food. On the day of celebrating Chief Court Lady’s birthday, JangGeum assists Court Lady Jung in preparing a beef casserole, as per tradition, but Chief Court Lady is dissatisfied with the food. Chief Court Lady and Choi family plot to remove Court Lady Jung from her position on the basis of her health. After noticing their plan, Court Lady Jung requests King JoongJong to have a Royal Culinary Competition to select the best Court Lady of the Royal Kitchen, a wish which is pleasantly granted by the King. Court Lady Han appoints JangGeum as her chief assistant and orders her to assist her. However, JangGeum refuses to take the position as she has lost her sense of taste. Despite knowing JangGeum may not be able to get her sense of taste back, Court Lady Han still appoints JangGeum as her chief assistant.

14. Episode 14


Court Lady Han encourages JangGeum by allowing her the chance to cook smothered prawn and Tofu Casserole. Court Lady Choi reveals to GeumYoung the secret recipe book handed down by former Chief Court Ladies in charge of the Royal Kitchen. Gang, DukGoo and his wife come across Min, JungHo and find out he is a Royal Military Guard Officer. Gang informs JangGeum of a noble man with a pendant looking for her and guides her to Min. However, JangGeum and Min do not recognize each other and miss each other on the road. One day, sauces stored in the palace turn sour. Court lady in charge of sauce storage, Chief Court lady, and Court lady in charge of the Royal kitchen are not able to find out the cause and Chief Court Lady takes the matter to the upper class for further investigation.

15. Episode 15


Court Lady Han orders JangGeum to cook bean paste soup to serve King JoongJong. The King is very satisfied with the dish. Court Lady Jung explains to King JoongJong that the reason for sauces turning sour is because of pollen, which intrigues him. The King praises Court Lady Han and JangGeum. JangGeum visits Jung, WonBaek at DaJaeHun for a pulse diagnosis. JangGeum explains her situation and begs Jung to apply acupuncture on her using bee stings but Jung refuses to do so. Court Lady Choi finds out that JangGeum has lost her sense of taste…

16. Episode 16


Court Lady Choi and GeumYoung are stunned when King JoongJong speaks very highly of the whale meat dish JangGeum has cooked. Court Lady Choi suggests that JangGeum be tested whether she should stay at the Royal kitchen despite the fact that her culinary skills are outstanding. The Queen mother carefully suggests to King JoongJong that his plan to personally appoint the Chief Court Lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen is not the best idea. Then King JoongJong suggests to the Queen mother that she appoint one on his behalf. The Royal Culinary Competition, selecting the best Court Lady of the Royal Kitchen, will begin on the day of the eldest prince’s birthday ceremony.

17. Episode 17


Court Lady Han and JangGeum lose the first competition. Court Lady Han scolds JangGeum for only concentrating on finding good ingredients and recipes rather than cooking with her utmost sincerity and sends her to the sanitarium, where a nursery Court Lady is recuperating. YoungLo, YeonSaeng, and ChangI try to take JangGuem’s place while she’s absent but fail to endure Court Lady Han’s training. JangGeum meets Min, JungHo and Gang, DukGoo, who are carrying out a secret mission, at WoonAm temple. Incidentally, JangGeum speaks of her parents’ true identity to Min…

18. Episode 18


GeumYoung witnesses JangGeum and Min talking to each other in the temple and returns to the palace feeling miserable. GeumYoung looks back into the past and wrangles with her feelings for Min. A subject for the second competition has been decided and Court Lady Han prepares for it by herself. While Court Lady Choi and GeumYoung are absent from the palace, a strange man hides in the Court Lady Choi’s residence. While the Chief Royal Military Guard officer is searching Choi’s room, Court Lady Jung finds the secret recipe book handed down by former Chief Court Ladies in charge of the Royal Kitchen and gets upset about the fact that Court Lady Choi has suspected her. A plague is prevailing within the palace and an urgent conference is held. As an emergency measure, Court Lady Choi has been appointed to release female employees who are suffering from the plague. Court Lady Choi thinks of this as the golden opportunity to release Court Lady Jung from the position and plots…

19. Episode 19


Chief Court Lady reports to the Queen mother that employees are being released from the palace due to the plague and that Court Lady Jung is among them. The competition gets cancelled and Chief Court Lady plots to appoint Court Lady Choi as Court Lady Jung’s successor. At last, the Queen mother appoints Court Lady Choi as the acting Chief Court Lady of the Royal Kitchen during Court Lady Jung’s absence. Court Lady Choi sends Court Lady Han and JangGeum to TaePyungGwan, where an ambassador is received with courtesy. Court Lady Han and JangGeum learn that the chief ambassador is suffering from diabetes and prepares his meal accordingly rather than impressing him with all kinds of oily delicacies. However, not knowing the full intention, the chief ambassador and Oh, GyumHo get offended…

20. Episode 20


Court Lady Choi and GeumYoung serve ManHanJunSuk (all kinds of oily delicacies) to the chief ambassador and Oh, GyumHo asks him to punish Court Lady Han and JangGeum. However, the chief ambassador turns down the ManHanJunSuk and requests that Court Lady Han and JangGeum prepare his meal during his stay. After finding out the medicine she’s been given is slowly poisoning her, Court Lady Jung writes a letter to request Chief Court Lady to visit her residence outside the palace. The Queen mother scolds Chief Court Lady and Court Lady Choi for deceiving her.

21. Episode 21


Court Lady Han looks back up on her days spent with NaIn Park, JangGuem’s mother, and decides the dish she will prepare for the Royal Culinary Competition. Court Lady Choi is confident about the competition and prepares for it. But Choi, PanSool plots another consipiracy. The night before the competition, Court Lady Choi and Han return to their residence after preparing all the ingredients. However, an unfortunate incident happens at Court Lady Han’s kitchen and she leaves the palace hastily. The ingredients are damaged by domestic animals and Court Lady Han leaves the palace to shop for ingredients again. Court Lady Han does not return in time and the competition begins…

22. Episode 22


Knowing Court Lady Han has not yet returned, the Queen mother tries to stop the competition but the Queen’s earnest request to continue the competition changes Queen mother’s mind. JangGeum prepares a chicken dish following her mother’s recipe and Court Lady Choi enters the competition with a steamed suckling pig dish. Escaping from the food storage, Court Lady Han returns to the palace where the competition is underway and carefully watches the competition. Due to her health, Court Lady Jung is looking to leave the palace as soon as she appoints her successor. However, Court Lady Choi and her family plot to reverse the Queen mother’s decision by uniting with other Royal Kitchens in the palace such as SoJooBang, DongGoongJeon, ByungGwaBang, etc…

23. Episode 23


Court Lady Jung falls ill and gets removed from the palace as the Royal regulations do not allow anyone but the King and his immediate family to die in the palace. Chief Court Lady explains the injustice of the Royal Culinary Competition to Queen Mother. Moreover, she reports to Queen Mother that Court Ladies from other departments are not willing to serve Court Lady Jung due to her low class background. Queen mother worries, not knowing the right thing to do. Court Lady Choi persuades Court Ladies from other department to go against Court Lady Han’s words. Court Lady Han is driven into the corner due to Court Lady Choi plotting against her…

24. Episode 24


Queen announces the rematch between Court Lady Choi and Han to the palace and decides the subject for the competition should be rice cooking. Only two of them are left in the competition field to carry out the competition. To fairly decide the winner, Queen decides to have Court Ladies to vote the winner. To further investigate the ill practices of Choi, PanSool and Oh, GyumHo, Min, JungHo transfers to SaHunBoo. He examines the account book and starts investigating SoJooBang where Choi supplies the goods.

25. Episode 25


YoungLo steals the account book JangGeum has been working on and takes it to Court Lady Choi. In that account book, the letter which Na-In Park has left JangGeum is stuck between the leaves of the book. Court Lady Choi is shocked to find NaIn Park’s recipe book and returns the account and recipe books. Court Lady accidentally sees the recipe book but does not find out that the book belongs to JangGeum due to YoungLo lying to her. SaHunBoo pressures Oh, GyumHo by investigating government offices including SaOngWon. While the investigation is proceeding, King JoongJong finds out that Choi, PanSool is exclusively supplying the majority of goods to the palace and that management of the goods is being neglected. Oh, GyumHo and other people involved seek a way to come through this crisis.

26. Episode 26


JangGeum and Court Lady Han find out that the letter unveiling the secret of the death of NaIn Park has disappeared. Court Lady Han suspects Court Lady Choi of instigating YoungLo and locks YoungLo up in the food storage to keep her from contacting Court Lady Choi. JangGeum seeks out Min for help. Min tells her about the secret investigation of Choi, PanSool and Oh, GyumHo and asks her to give him a little bit of time. On the other hand, Court Lady Choi and Choi, PanSool plot after finding out Court Lady Han and JangGeum will be accompanying King JoongJong on a trip to a hot spring.

27. Episode 27


King JoongJong falls into a faint after returning from his trip to a hot spring, where he has recovered his health with a hot-spring cure and duck dish prepared by Court Lady Han. Even the Royal Medical department is unable to find the exact cause and the palace is in an uproar. After being informed about the incident, Choi, PanSool meets the royal doctor Jeong, YoonSoo to plot against Court Lady Han and JangGeum. Oh, GyumHo and royal doctor Jeong question Court Lady Han about the ingredients used, intending to make up a pretext and end up preventing Court Lady Han from entering the Royal kitchen. Oh orders Jeong to investigate the actual place.

28. Episode 28


As chief Royal Military guard insists, everyone relating to the incident, including Court Lady Choi and JangGeum, gather to the Royal Kitchen. The opinions regarding sulfur-fed ducks, which are used to prepare the King’s meal, are conflicting. They decide to test the exact same dish serve to King to HongI. Not being able to endure the torture, the merchant who sold the duck falsely confesses his crime. Due to this, Court Lady Han and JangGeum are sentenced to death on a charge of high treason.

29. Episode 29


JangGeum tries to escape to HanYang City but fails every time. One day, JangDug, a government servant, tells JangGeum how to escape. However, JangGeum fails to escape again and is taken back to the government office. JangDug gives a piece of advice to JangGeum, telling her to learn how to give up. JangGeum wonders why JangDug, who is a government servant as she is, is being treated differently other slaves. Meanwhile, Min has arrived in JeJu Island from HanYang city and finds JangGeum. Min goes to government office to meet JangGeum…

30. Episode 30


JangGeum finds out the only way for a government slave to return to the palace and goes to JangDug to learn medicine. JangDug teaches the medicine skills to JangGeum, who strives to learn more. King JoongJong finds YeonSaeng crying for her dear friend JangGeum and sympathizes with her. At last, YeonSaeng sleeps with the King and become one of many king’s women. JangDug and JangGeum search for the doctor who sold ginseng to a patient with a high body temperature…

31. Episode 31


Unable to forgive herself for making a mistake in performing acupuncture on JangDug, JangGeum studies hard to better herself. Min, JungHo leaves JeJu Island with JangDug to escort 300 horses. During JangDug’s absence from the JeJu medical center in a government office, JangGeum takes charge. While Min is away, Japanese pirates take over JeJu Island and governing officials flee, leaving soldiers and government servants behind. Japanese pirates search for a medical doctor to treat their commander. At last, JangGeum has no choice but to feel the pulse for diagnosis and perform acupuncture on theJapanese commander…

32. Episode 32


JangGeum is taken to the royal military guard office for interrogation. Min, JungHo visits the royal military guard office to prove JangGeum’s services in defeating Japanese pirates, knowing that JeJe Island’s governor has made a false report. Min stays at the royal military guard offices as ordered by the chief officer, and JangGeum and GooMan return to JeJu Island. On their way to JeJu Island, JangGeum tries to build a mound over the grave where the Court Lady Han is buried. JangGeum encounters a strange boy who orders her to exhume and bury the body in another place, as the ground is not for graves. However, JangGeum notices the boy’s illness and treats him kindly…

33. Episode 33


Entering JeonEuiGam’s (the royal medical department in charge of educating and administration work) training area JangGeum faces difficulties straight away. Sin, IkPil, the chief medical educator, finds it objectionable that JangGeum has cured the son of HoPanDaeGam (a noble class). Min, with the effort to unveil Oh, GyumHo and his associates’ unlawful acts, requests cooperation from places he visits. Jung, WoonBaek turns him down but Min persuades him. JangGeum asks Shin, IkPil, her teacher, the reason he failed her on the exam of distinguishing medicines. Shin tells JangGeum that she is disqualified and tells her to give up on her dream of becoming the royal doctor.

34. Episode 34


While diagnosing patients’ illnesses with SinBi, JangGeum realizes that she has been solely relying on her limited knowledge of medicine rather than diagnosing the illnesses with humbleness to get the complete picture. JangGeum gets a second chance to take the exam of distinguishing medicines. Shin advises her that a medical doctor needs to be a thoughtful person rather than a smart person. After this, JangGeum thrives on the training of becoming a royal doctor. However, not taking part in official discipline, JangGuem and SinBi are on the verge of failing the class…

35. Episode 35


GeumYoung is surprised to see JangGeum at an office of eunuch department. Court Ladies from the royal kitchen and royal medical department gather at the palace as the Queen begins showing symptoms of miscarriage. JangGeum follows them to the palace as well. The Queen discharges the blood and JangGeum is in charge of taking care of her. Court Lady Choi, who has become the Chief Court Lady, enters the palace and finds JangGeum, to her surprise. JangGeum calmly greets her…

36. Episode 36


JangGeum questions the result of examination of pulse and prescription for the Queen. Eventually the Queen complains about the pain while YoulI is performing acupuncture. JangGeum speaks of her doubts and the result of the pulse examination. At last, JangGuem and YoulI feel the pulse for diagnosis in front of the royal doctors, but their opinions conflict. JoaChangSung and Min, JeonHo pressure Oh, GyumHo to reduce the amount of GongSinJeon (paddy fields and dry fields awarded to government officials) to overcome the financial problems. Driven into a corner, Oh and his associates feels threatened and plots a conspiracy…

37. Episode 37


The Queen Mother refuses all medical treatment and loses her temper with the King. The Chief Court Lady Choi takes advantage of the situation and uses Queen Mother to take care of the GongSinJeon issue. Discharged official Lee, HyunWoo takes Queen Mother’s side to plot against JoaChangSung and Shin, IkPil and to go against King JoongJong’s will. With every effort to save her teacher, JangGeum wages her life on a bet with the Queen Mother. To win the bet, GeumYoung and Court Lady Choi join Queen Mother…

38. Episode 38


The Queen Mother starts to receive medical treatments but her condition grows worse as she has waited too long for the treatment. While Shin is busy looking for a cure, JangGeum prepares pills for the Queen Mother. The Queen and Jung, YoonSoo are offended when they find out the ingredients used to prepare the pill and demand to change the royal doctor in charge. One night, King JoongJong pays a visit to YeonSaeng’s residence. Instructed by Court Lady Min, YeonSaeng displays her feminine charm in awkward manners. The King adores YeonSaeng for it…

39. Episode 39


The King requests JangGeum to prepare rice cakes for his midnight meal as he misses having it ever since he tasted it at the royal Culinary Competition. GeumYoung finds out about this and feels miserable. YeolI plots to get rid of JangGeum and JangGeum invites misunderstanding by her superiors and colleagues. As a result, JangGeum is sent to a place where an epidemic has broken out. At the place of epidemic, YeolI and Jung, YoonSoo plot to kill JangGeum…

40. Episode 40


Min, JungHo follows JangGeum to save her and finds JangGeum in despair. As they leave the town, they encounter the people who are confined to the village. JangGeum talks to the village people, who are outraged with betrayal, and sends Min out of town to get medicine. However, Min does not return by the time he promised with the village people…

41. Episode 41


JangGeum visits Court Lady Choi’s residence to provide medical treatment for food poisoning. Even though he has no alternative, Court Lady Choi feels uneasy about having JangGeum treat her. Oh, GyumHo petitions the King regarding Min’s disobedience and Min is discharged from his duties. However, an appeal from the village where the epidemic has broken out gets delivered to the King and he learns about Min and JangGeum’s active engagement in curing the disease. YoenSaeng becomes SookWon, one of the titles given to women who have slept with the king and become one of many king’s women. Court Lady Choi and YeolI plot together and YeolI looks after YeonSaeng…

42. Episode 42


While SinBi examines YeonSaeng’s pulse in front of Sin, IkPil, YeolI’s mistakes become obvious. Sin questions YeolI about an erroneous diagnosis but she won’t cooperate. JangGeum takes this as a opportunity to unveil the truth about sulfur fed duck incident. JangGeum hides in NaeSooSa, (the bureau of investigations) where the access is strictly limited, to unlawfully take out the daily report on King JoongJong’s health…

43. Episode 43


JangGeum is taken to NaeSiBoo for taking out the daily report on the King’s health but gets released with the help of the Lord SangSun. Thinking this is a golden chance to get rid of JangGeum, Court Lady Choi protests to Lord SangSun but he turns her down. Choi, PanSool and Court Lady Choi take advantage of the position SangChaek (a position in the eunuch department) and corners Lord SangSun for protecting JangGEum. At last, Lord SangSun has no choice but to report the incident of JangGeum, taking the daily report on the King’s health to the Queen…

44. Episode 44


To unveil the truth about sulfur fed duck incident, they confiscate articles from the royal kitchens and Choi’s business to thoroughly investigate. In GeumYoung’s confiscated spice box, a poisonous mushroom is discovered and Court Lady Choi but GeumYoung strongly protests. On the other hand, JangGeum gets closer to finding out the answers to the doubts about King JoongJong’s diseases.

45. Episode 45


With help of JangGeum, Court Lady Choi and GeumYoung clear themselves of a false accusation of using poisonous mushroom in the King’s meal. JangGeum and Jung, YoonSoo have conflicting diagnoses and prescriptions, and JangGeum is put in charge of providing treatment to King JoongJong at last. Court lady Choi and GeumYoung firmly believe that Jung, YoonSoo has plotted against them. With YeolI, they plot against Jung…

46. Episode 46


JangGeum’s prescription betters the King’s health and wins King and Queen’s hearts. Min has found a clue which will unveil Oh, GyumHo’s wrongdoings and concentrates on the matter. The erroneous diagnosis of Jung is discovered and as things go against their will, Oh, GyumHo and Choi, PanSool decide the fate of Jung, who knows secrets about them

47. Episode 47


YoungLo visits JangGeum with a bill received from Oh and Court Lady Choi, hoping to negotiate, as she cannot trust neither Oh nor Court Lady Choi. Court Lady Choi also visits JangGeum for atonement for her sin of killing NaIn Park. Suspecting Oh plotting against her, Court Lady Choi kidnaps YoungLo heading towards SaHunBoo. Min discovers a definitive clause that reveals Oh’s involvement in contraband trading with Japanese commander. Queen Mother finds out about Jung, YoonSoo’s will and orders to deliver it to her…

48. Episode 48


In front of SaHunBoo, everyone involved in the incident gathers and the testimony of Court Lady Choi and Oh conflicts. Witnesses are called upon and the truth is unveiled. JoaChanSung, newly appointed as a ChooGookGoan, indicts Oh, Court Lady Choi and everyone involved in the incidents. Court Lady Choi escapes but realizes she has been wrong and regrets her past in front of NaIn Park’s grave.

49. Episode 49


JangGeum leaves the palace to look after the community health center. Having tried her best to follow her mother and Court Lady Han’s will, JangGeum sincerely delivers treatment to her patients while dating Min. One day, JangGeum is called upon by the King JoongJong and is ordered to carry out an act she is not able to as a royal doctor. On the other hand, the Royal Culinary Competition is being held to select the best Court Lady of the Royal Kitchen. Court Lady Min enters as a contestant…

50. Episode 50


After hearing the news of King JoongJong appointing JangGeum to become his royal doctor in charge, Min hands in a letter of resignation and leaves the palace. Min and JangGeum leave everything behind and take on a journey. Despite Queen, YeonSang, and DoJeDo’s advice, JangGeum carries out the King’s order, which causes upheaval in the royal court…

51. Episode 51


The Queen is shocked to find out that her own son, KyungWonDaeGun is suffering from smallpox. The only thing Queen can do to help her son is to hold a sacrifice ceremony wishing her son well. KyungWonDaeGun’s health takes a turn for the worse and Queen calls for JangGeum. JangGeum sincerely delivers treatment for KyungWonDaeGun.

52. Episode 52


Despite the opposition of JoaWeeJung and WooWeeJung, Min carries out King JoongJong’s order and creates a doctrine. Although she was one of her pupils, Shin, IkPil wishes to serve JangGeum as his superior officer out of pure admiration. King JoongJong visits JangGeum at the royal doctor’s office. While taking a short walk with JangGeum, JoongJong talks about his troubles as a King and his faith as a person. Queen Mother becomes very angry at the King and tells him to make JangGeum one of the royal concubines.

53. Episode 53


King JoongJong is jealous of Min as JangGeum reveals her feelings about Min to the King. On his way to visit Min, JungHo, King JoongJong eavesdrops on JangGeum and Min’s conversation and feels jealous and angry. Through the king, the queen’s mother’s pressure intensifies regarding the demand given to Jagguem. The King has a sword fight with JungHo over a gift given from Janggeum.

54. Episode 54


The Final Episode