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Image Cops


Release Date 2022-06-24
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Reality

Follow real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the United States armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions, performing their daily duty to serve and protect the public.

1. Stolen Cars and Firearms


A skittish driver's decision results in a trip to the hospital. A car full of young men swear they were trying to escape an imminent threat. An innocent woman struggles with the decision to press charges on her friend.

2. Take it to the Bank


A little rain doesn't stop a determined quad driver from trying to outrun the police. A deputy has doubts about a man's professed distrust of banks. A man ignores obvious red flags when buying a moped and ends up paying the price.

3. Tears and Fears


A soft-spoken cyclist finds a way to shock deputies. A family man remorsefully agrees with the police that his COVID-19 fears led him to make a mistake. Officers investigate a car they spot swerving on the road.

4. Third Wheeling


The owner of a truck discovers what happens when you don't lock your door. Police level with a troubled man and implore him to make better choices. An officer acts as a therapist for multiple people and their relationships.

5. We'll Do It Live


Deputies work together to stay on the tail of a fleeing vehicle. An argumentative driver keeps his friends tuned in as he livestreams his own arrest. A mother's desire to scare her daughter into behaving takes a serious turn

6. Bike In The Bushes


Deputies are concerned when a fleeing man leaves a trail of illicit items. A young woman unwisely decides to hang out with a man she nicknamed ‘Sketchy’. Some well-placed security cameras help reunite a man with his stolen bike.

7. Heart of Glass


A soft-spoken cyclist shocks the deputies; family man remorsefully agrees with police that his COVID-19 fears led him to make a mistake; officers investigate a swerving car.

8. Avoiding the Truth


Man with a warrant tries to conceal his identity, female with injuries, roommate dispute.

9. Cant Tell You How to Live


A family calls the police after their roommate brandishes a gun. Both husband and wife protect each other in a case of domestic violence. A 12-year friendship is jeopardized when a woman suspects her roommate of stealing.

10. Act Your Age


A seasoned corporal gives some advice to a young man with a new motorcycle. A woman's impatience lands her in hot water when she's pulled over for tailgating. Officers give a driver multiple chances to come clean to no avail.

11. Betrayal and Baby Formula


A woman makes a desperate attempt to frame her friend right in front of deputies. A driver's assortment of containers raises some questions. A man in possession of a stolen truck insists that his friend is the one at fault.

12. Running on Empty


Fleeing suspects risk their safety by hiding in a dangerous swamp. For one driver, a broken truck turns out to be the start of a very long list of problems. Deputies sympathize with a woman who's been put through the wringer.

13. See You Later Alligator


Featuring police officers, constables and sheriff’s deputies patrolling streets for car thieves, drug pushers, sex-trade workers, violent thugs and anyone else who dares step onto the wrong side of the law. No music, no scripted dialogue, no narration; just gritty videos of cops in action during patrols and other police activities.

14. Pedal to the Metal


Officers are dumbfounded when a man tries to talk them into taking him to jail. Sparks fly when a driver tries to take his truck on the freeway with only two wheels. Deputies are on guard when they approach a belligerent man.

15. Nine Lives


A generous boyfriend prevents his girlfriend from going to jail, officers save a kitten and more.

16. What's Your Sign?


A young couple allegedly spend too much time arguing instead of paying attention to the road; an officer uses a trick to catch someone in a lie; a chatty driver racks up a slew of charges in front of his own house.

17. Over the Hill


A suspect in possession of a stolen truck leads everyone on a chase through some bumpy terrain; gas station employees call police when they spot a couple asleep at the pump; a man familiar to deputies shows them he can change.

18. Hefty Amounts


A personalized keychain casts doubt on a man's flimsy story. A cyclist throws something behind his back as soon as deputies roll up. A laid-back driver's estimation of what's in his car is off by a couple trash bags.

19. Anger Management


An alleged burglar claims his sack full of money is a gift from his grandma. The discovery of a pink bandana leads deputies to question a suspect's story. A deputy attempts to get a man to cool off after a fight with his wife.

20. Totaled Car Karma


A deputy questions a driver about why his broken-down car looks like it's been in an accident. Obstacle after obstacle prevents a woman from fixing her janky vehicle. A young man looking for a fresh start falls on hard times.

21. Say It, Don't Spray It


Two men acting strangely in a gas station draw the suspicion of an employee. Deputies arrest a man for creating an unsafe environment for his younger brother. Mom calls the cops when her daughter throws water on her.

22. Eat My Dust


The rough terrain of a high-speed pursuit proves both dangerous and useful for deputies. Police find more than a stolen air conditioner in the trunk of a messy van. A confused man loses track of what's in his pockets.

23. In Hot Water


A runaway biker makes multiple clumsy attempts to slip away from deputies. A shady figure has a curious method of trying to get a drink of water. A young woman starts making unwise choices when her family leaves town.

24. Mr. Clean Getaway


A man in possession of a stolen car explains his unique nickname to deputies. Police go to the same house twice in under 30 minutes to sort out a messy marital spat. A mom with multiple priors is caught in a bind.

25. Get to the Point


A deputy tries to level with a man who's struggled with addiction for a decade. Security guards at an aquarium warn officers about a man with a gun. A masked-up cyclist has no luck out-pedaling the officer on his tail.

26. Very Superstitious


After leading police on a slow pursuit, a sharply-dressed driver has a heated talk with another deputy. In spite of her tears, police unravel a woman’s lies one by one. A traditionally bad omen turns into good luck for a couple.

27. Take a Ride With Me


A traffic stop turns dangerous when a driver takes off with a deputy halfway inside the vehicle. Recent changes in the law and a forthright attitude help a man avoid jail time. A neighborhood man gives motorists a scare.

28. Funny Way of Learning


A biker with a history of stealing vehicles doesn’t know how to drive his motorcycle. A man in-between jobs takes up a sketchy method of earning money. Deputies strongly question the legitimacy of a man’s work van.

29. Scared Shirtless


When an erratic man starts climbing on his car, a business owner flags down officers. Unusual circumstances allow officers to cut a driver some slack for being honest. A man forgets to return a car after running errands.

30. Cowboy Take Me Away


A suspect on the run makes a dangerous decision when he finds himself cornered. An unsuspecting driver gets more than she bargained for when she gives an old friend a lift. A friendly woman has a thing for cowboys.

31. Acting Kinda Shady


A teenager who ran away from home tries running from the cops too. A man set a date to turn his life around, but deputies ask him to start earlier. A man found with hundreds of sunglasses claims he was going to give them away.