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Image anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Release Date 2011-06-24
Runtime 23 minutes
Genres Animation, Drama, Mystery
Stars Miyu Irino, Mutsumi Tamura, Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, Takahiro Sakurai
Directors Shigeru Nishiyama, Noriko Ozaki, Shunsuke Saitou, Shinji Nasu, Takayoshi Fukushima

When Yadomi Jinta was a child, he was a central piece in a group of close friends. In time, however, these childhood friends drifted apart, and when they became high school students, they had long ceased to think of each other as friends. One of the friends from that group, Honma Meiko, now has a wish she asks Jinta to fulfil. The problem is, she can't remember what her wish is anymore. As Meiko won't cease to bother Jinta about it, he gives in and decides to try to grant this wish he knows nothing of; for that, however, the help of his other former friends, now all very estranged from himself and from each other, may turn out to be necessary. He hasn't spoken to Anjou Naruko, Matsuyuki Atsumu, Tsurumi Chiriko, or Hisakawa Tetsudou in a long time; as he struggles to grant Meiko's wish and gathers his old friends together in the process, all the old feelings that still exist between them and have long been stashed away are bound to come up again.

1. Super Peace Busters


The recluse Jintan is stumped when his deceased childhood friend Menma suddenly appears one day and asks him to make her wish come true.

2. Menma the Hero


Seeing Poppo at the hideout, Jintan reveals Menma appeared asking him to make her wish come true. Poppo believes Jintan and gives him advice.

3. The Search for Menma Association


Jintan decides to go to school again, thinking that might be Menma’s wish, and also to keep his promise to Anaru.

4. White Ribbon Dress


Yukiatsu tells Jintan and friends he has seen Menma in the woods. Jintan is certain he's lying but goes with the others to find out the truth.

5. Tunnel


Jintan solves the mystery of the wandering Menma, and confronts the person responsible.

6. Forget It, Don't Forget


Trying to figure out Menma's wish, Jinta decides to make his long-delayed return to school. However, his return is overshadowed by rumours about Anaru having been spotted at a love hotel.

7. The Real Plea


Anaru has run away from home and is living in the hideout. Jintan tells her she cannot skip school or be away from home forever. Anaru makes a decision.

8. I Wonder


Jintan has a plan to fulfill Menma's wish, but Menma’s dad is opposed to the idea. Jintan tries to persuade her mom instead.

9. Everyone and Menma


The gang go round to Jinta's house where they witness Menma's presence first hand, though it is shown that Menma is unable to write anywhere but the secret base. Yukiatsu becomes frustrated that only Jinta can see Menma, whilst Anaru is upset that she can't compare to her.

10. Fireworks


Jinta asks Menma if she would rather stay here so that they could be together, to which Menma responds that she plans to go on to heaven and be reincarnated.

11. The Flower Blooming on That Summer


The gang's cermony to help Menma pass on didn't go as planned, and they realize they need to put their own selfishness aside to figure out what Menma really wants.