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Image Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget

Release Date 1986-02-01
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Kids
Stars Don Adams, Maurice LaMarche, Holly Berger
Directors Andy Heyward, Patrick Loubert, Jean Chalopin

Inspector Gadget is a clumsy, dim-witted human cyborg detective with various bionic gadgets built into his body. Gadget stumbles around working the cases while his niece and dog do most of the investigating. Gadget's arch-nemesis is Dr. Claw, the leader of an evil organisation, known as "M.A.D."

1. Magic Gadget


The Great Wambini, famed magician and M.A.D. agent, gives a performance Metro City will never forget -- with the demise of Inspector Gadget as the planned finale.

2. The Great Wambini's Seance


All the pets in Metro City are being kidnapped, and M.A.D. is the likely suspect. Could the Great Wambini be the key to the case?

3. Wambini Predicts


The Great Wambini goes to Alpakistan to win the King's diamond-spitting llama by making three accurate predictions. Gadget is sent along to investigate M.A.D. involvement, and ends up playing in the National Floobyball Tournament.

4. The Capeman Cometh


Corporal Capeman joins Inspector Gadget posing as his assistant while Gadget pursues the notorious ninja.

5. Crashcourse in Crime


While Gadget trains his new assistant Capeman, Dr. Claw launches a crime spree to celebrate M.A.D.'s anniversary.

6. Gadget's Gadgets


Inspector Gadget and Capeman are both sent to a clinic run by M.A.D. They tell Gadget that they are going to test his gadgets, but in reality they plan to destroy them.

7. Gadget in Minimadness


Professor Dumkopf of M.A.D. unleashes the Linguinis, five little imp-like creatures, on Inspector Gadget's house with the mission of deep-sixing the Inspector.

8. The Incredible Shrinking Gadget


Professor Dumkopf of M.A.D. is back, this time with a shrink-ray gun he uses repeatedly on Inspector Gadget in an attempt to shrink him into nothingness.

9. Gadget Meets the Grappler


The Gadget clan faces one last threat from M.A.D.'s Dr. Dumbkopf, which involves battling his hulking, irascible humanoid assistant named the Grappler. Fortunately, sweets, candies, and ultimately Penny's kindness help in soothing the soul of this misunderstood beast and thwarting Dr. Dumbkopf for the last time.

10. Ghost Catchers


Dr. Spectrum of M.A.D. invents "Ghost Globules" -- pellets that produce glowing ghostly critters. He plans to sets them loose on Metro City, then offer to sell people a spray that will banish them. Inspector Gadget investigates a costume party while on the trail.

11. Busy Signal


Under the guise of a local telephone company, M.A.D. inventor Dr. Spectrum and his goons systemically target the mansions of Metro City's elite neighborhoods and proceed to burglarize them with the dial of a number and with a zap of a teleportation gun to send the loot straight into Claw's hands.

12. Bad Dreams are Made of This


Something ominous is inexplicably causing the citizens of Metro City to be beset by unstoppable nightmares.

13. Focus on Gadget


When a space station orbiting Earth goes silent, Gadget must investigate. Penny and Brain tag along aboard the space shuttle that takes Gadget to his destination, where Penny discovers that the station's soft-spoken HAL-like supercomputer is under the control of two M.A.D. agents, Dr. Null and Dr. Void. Their evil plot involves a giant magnifying glass that can aim and intensify the sun's rays towards Earth.

14. Mad in the Moon


Using bombs disguised as kewpie dolls, Dr. Claw and his agents, Null and Void, scheme to alter the surface of the moon so that it will resemble the M.A.D. logo.

15. N.S.F. Gadget


M.A.D. gains control of Metro City's banks, by tapping into an orbiting satellite. With the added distraction of "Crazy Gas", a substance that induces hallucinations in their victims, can even Inspector Gadget ever hope to regain control of the city's bank accounts?

16. Tyrannosaurus Gadget


A M.A.D. agent devises a plot to bring dinosaurs back into the 20th Century so Dr. Claw can crush Metro City, while at the same time killing Gadget's ancestors to ensure he never exists in the present.

17. Gadget's Roma


Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain travel back in time again -- on this occasion, to ancient Rome to prevent Dr. Claw's own time traveler, Thelma Bodkin, from deciphering an ancient mosaic and stealing the treasure it describes.

18. Gadget's Clean Sweep


M.A.D. agents travel back in time to 19th-century England to steal the crown jewels and wipe out Inspector Gadget's ancestors, chimney sweeps named Chimney and Char Gadget. Gadget is assigned to follow them back in time and stop them.

19. Gadget Meets the Clan


Dr. Claw hires a retired mob boss, the wheelchair-bound Great Great Godfather, to assassinate Inspector Gadget.

20. Gadget and Old Lace


Dr. Claw seeks the wise advice of his mentor in destroying Gadget and winds up with two Black Widows who believe assassinating Gadget would be their cup of tea.

21. Gadget and the Red Rose


Dr. Claw brings gangster Spuds Malone out of retirement to eliminate Gadget with his infamous potato-firing tommy gun "Red Rose".