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Image Weird Science

Weird Science

Release Date 1998-07-25
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Stars Michael Manasseri, John Asher, Vanessa Angel, Lee Tergesen
Directors Adam Barr, Peter Ocko, John Landis, Robert K. Weiss

Gary Wallace, a teenager who dreams of beautiful women and a cheerful life, and his only friend, the shy and geek Wyatt Donnelly, always serve as a target for ridicule and bullying of violent classmates. Once using a computer and mysterious electrical radiation, they manage to bring to life the "woman of their dreams." Her name is Lisa, and she is ready to fulfill the wishes of her creators ...

1. I Dream of Gene


It's Chett to the rescue when a shiftless genie arrives, sweeping Lisa off her feet and away from her friends. Why the heroics? Seems he's a tad smitten with the magical woman.

2. Girl Talk


Lisa comes out! Her friendship with a waitress from the coffeehouse prompts the genie to admit the truth about her secret powers.

3. Boys on the Hide


The search is on for the vandals who defaced Scampi's portrait, turning Wyatt and Gary into fugitives from the law. But who is that mysterious, one-armed man?

4. Gary Had a Little Cram


Gary's race to improve his grades to get into college goes off course when his track career kicks into high gear.

5. Forbidden Janet


Lisa helps bring Wyatt's dream girl to life, but also whips up a monster intent on eating Chett and Gary.

6. Man's Best Friend


Lisa turns Chett's new dog into a human, but the morphed mutt has a problem licking his former canine tendencies.

7. Show Chett


As a way of dressing down Chet for his lecherous behavior, Lisa turns him into an exotic dancer in Vegas. But he turns the tables and proves he can strip with the best of them.

8. Bee In There


Lisa accidentally sends Gary and Wyatt back in time as their own mothers.

9. Future Bride


With Lisa's "Bride Tracker," Wyatt finds his future wife. However, his intended isn't too intent on spending any time--much less forever--with the rushing groom.

10. Stalag 16


Gary and Wyatt design a great escape plan when Chett and Scampi become trapped inside Lisa's virtual-reality game, set in a World War II prison camp.

11. I, Chettus


Chett throws off the course of history when he goes time-hopping back to ancient Greece, where he touts himself as a mystical, beer-dispensing oracle.

12. The Genie Detective


While Gary and Wyatt are at school, Lisa plays a virtual reality game, the Genie Detective. She ends up in the 1930's. Chett joins her, but isn't prepared to play the game. He also doesn't know one important rule- when you die in the virtual reality world, you die in the real world, too. Now it's up to Lisa to save Chett. Wyatt joins the game to help, too.

13. Magic Comet Ride


Lisa seeks help from the "genie master" when she becomes discouraged by her faulty powers. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Gary become obsessed with a magic box.

14. School Spirits


Lisa and the guys help the ghosts of Farber High show their school spirit when they scare Scampi out of tearing down their favorite wing.

15. Wicked Wish


Wyatt's mom tries to be the fairest of them all by using a magic mirror to get rid of all of the pretty girls in town--including Lisa!

16. Night of the Swingin' Steves


Agents Scolder and Molly are back on the case after Lisa files a complaint against those pesky aliens who keep harassing her to breed with them.

17. Genie Junior


Lisa inadvertently gives birth to a junior genie in a misconceived attempt to teach Chett a lesson about responsibility.

18. WS4


Lisa's efforts to "erase the hate" among students at Farber High result in aliens invading Earth.