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Release Date 1995-04-10
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall

Richie Richard (socially awkward, sexually inexperienced) and Eddie Hitler (carefree alcoholic ) are two social outcasts living on the dole. Trapped together in a squalid flat in Hammersmith, London they are perpetually skint, bored and sexually frustrated. They spend their days scheming, bickering, and being nasty and sadistic to each other.

1. Hole


Richie and Eddie are stranded on the big wheel at the fairground. It gets worse - the wheel is due to be demolished the next day!

2. Terror


It is Halloween. After loosing the "Spot the Balls" competition and visited by trick or treaters. Richie and Eddie decides to put on their own Halloween party. Where they go off trick or treating, Richie is dressed up as a devil and Eddie is dressed up as a banana, armed with a electric cattle prod, they go to get some money for beer. When Richie and Eddie invite Spudgun and Hedgehog, Richie decides to raise the Devil, so he can have sex with girls in exchange for his soul. But the Devil arrives in the form of Dave Hedgehog's daughter Doreen.

3. Break


Richie and Eddie are going on holiday in Doncaster and they begin to plan what they are going to do and what they are going to take with them.

4. Dough


Eddie has been spending a lot of time in his room and Richie finds that he has been printing fake money. Unfortunately local counterfeiter "The Skullcrusher" is not amused and demands money. Luckily the pub quiz night could be their salvation.

5. Finger


After coming home from a cricket match, Richie learns Eddie has stolen 'Cannonball' Taffy O' Jones car keys and they learn 'Cannonball' Taffy O' Jones is getting married to a woman who looks like Ted Rogers. Richie and Eddie steals the car and end up at a hotel where they pretend to a husband and wife.

6. Carnival


It is the annual Hammersmith carnival where the local residents takes part in riots and Richie and Eddie find watching the Carnival from their flat window is the best seats to watch the riots. After going looting, Eddie learns Richie has stolen a BBC camera and they decide to record a prime-time current affairs discussion program and hilarious accidents so they can make money Unaware the video tape is a dirty video of Prime Mininster Tony Blair.