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Image Freddy's Nightmares

Freddy's Nightmares

Release Date 1990-03-11
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Robert Englund
Directors Robert Englund, Gilbert Adler, Robert Shaye, Bob Bain, Scott White

The evil, sinister killer of the "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies, Freddy Krueger, hosts this show, where each week, he shows us a tale of evil and death about the lives of people who live in Springwood.

1. Dream Come True


A young boy is suffering from nightmares by Freddy. A psychiatrist is asked to help the boy. The doctor does help but at the most horrible cost. Meanwhile a cameraman is determined to prove that Freddy does exist. Freddy decides to teach him a lesson Krueger style.

2. Heartbreak Hotel


A reporter who does some tacky stories for a newspaper is sent to the Springwood Hotel to investigate an elvis sighting there at the hotel he discovers that what ever he writes becomes reality Also a man survives a car accident and develops amenisia his family is trying to help him regain his memory.

3. Welcome to Springwood


A Couple move to Springwood. Right away the wife of the couple begins to suspect that a serial killer has targeted the house that they have moved into. This has a surprising ending. The second half of the episode is about a woman who finds an old stack of love letters from the nineteeth century. She begins to obsess over their relationship, and begins to see their ghosts.

4. Photo Finish


A woman photographer is being terrorised by Freddy, and whatever photos she takes, tragedy strikes on every one. The second half of the episode is about three FBI agents investigating a family killing in Springwood on Halloween. It turns out that Freddy has used his evil to kill the family and is planning a similar fate for the FBI.

5. Memory Overload


Professor Windom is a man with a drinking problem. But he has to get over his fears, and quickly, as a former student of his is in a lot of problems and needs his help. The second half of this episode is about Barbara, who is a bitch at work. She starts getting stressed out when her computer starts talking to her and believes she's going to be in trouble with the cops for tax evasion. Unwittingly she jumps into her computer to stop the certain file from being saved.

6. Lucky Stiff


A man wins a lottery and he and his wife are in the money ... or so they think. Tragedy strikes, and after his death his lottery ticket turns up missing.

7. Silence is Golden


Rick Blake is haunted by a mime who keeps tormenting him. Meanwhile it turns out that the mime is also a burglar who learns that the last people he robbed were also killed

8. Bloodlines


An escaped convict goes on a search for the money he stole before he went to jail but his wife and his offspring aren't ready to forgive him. Meanwhile, Jack adopts a young girl but his wife believes that she is possessed by the devil.

9. Monkey Dreams


Joe is a gambler who is fleeing from some gangsters. He is really a scientist who is trying to search for alien lifeforms. Another scientist is trying to see if monkeys can talk.

10. Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?


This is a sequel to Bloodlines. Lisa Wax has to babysit for the Burtons, not knowing that the Burtons' eldest adopted daughter Patty has been locked up in the family basement most of her life for killing her adopted mother. Lisa starts having hallucinations and seeing visions of Patty as the Devil himself, trying to lure the little boy into the basement. Somehow Patty escapes and imprisons Lisa in the basement, without the parent's thinking any different. The second half of the episode is about Patty and how she somehow meets Mrs.Wax. Mrs.Wax invites her to stay in her house. The town thinks that Lisa is dead, due to a car accident. Meanwhile Lisa escapes the basement and heads to a confrontation to end all confrontations.

11. Dreams That Kill


A Talkshow host who is doing a story about if nightmares can kill, is being haunted by Freddy. He goes ahead with the story anyway despite Freddy's warnings. The second half is about a teenage boy who is involved in a car accident and is a subject of an illegal surgery by a doctor who switched brain tissue from the talkshow host to the boy. The boy is now being hunted by Freddy, who will stop at nothing to kill him.

12. It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To


Marla Murlee is a con artist posing as a psychic. She tries to contact someone from the Titanic disaster but is booed by her rival Harry Lee. Freddy hears this and decides to accept her invitation at the real ceremony. She does contact a spirit, not from the Titanic but from Elm Street. Freddy uses her body for his killing but he's not done yet. His next target is the Springwood High 2 decade reunion. The next victim is his ex-girlfriend Denise who broke their prom date as a joke. Also a student is studying Freddy to make a film about him.

13. What You Don't Know Can Kill You


This is about a psychiatrist who uses women under hypnosis to get what he wants. Eventually a fellow psychiatrist finds out what he's up to and the Doctor does his best in mind control to stop word from leaking out. The second half of the episode is about a man that is on the run from the police for accidental murder. His girlfriend suggests that he goes under laser plastic surgery to change his face. He does it, but later finds out that the new face he has is also owned by a mob boss who just turned state's evidence.

14. Easy Come, Easy Go


Greta who has already murdered twice to avoid sharing her first husband's lottery winnings, faces a new challenge when a witness to her crimes blackmails her into marriage. Single again, Greta finds out a deep, dark family secret when her sister Peggy and Peggy's husband Sonny drop in for a surprise visit.

15. Prime Cut


A Camping trip turns into a nightmare as the male campers believe that their woman tracker is a vampire, who is planning on feeding off their blood. The second half of the episode is about some survivors of a plane crash, who have to eat their dead friends to survive. Meanwhile a killer is slowly stalking them in the mountains.

16. Interior Loft


A woman decides to take up a side job in the phone sex business, for her husband. Disaster strikes when an unknown psychopath becomes obsessed with Kim and starts murdering women for her. The confrontation occurs in the loft. The second half of the episode is about Kim, who is recovering from the attack. She starts to mentally unhinge and her husband becomes gradually more worried that his wife is plotting to kill him.

17. Interior Loft-Later


An artist fakes his death after accidentally killing a subject.However he starts to suspect his wife is having an affair and that's when the twist occurs. The second half is about two women who are wary of letting a guy move into their apartment. Eventually their suspicions prove correct when he starts hitting on both of them. But one stunt backfires, big time.

18. Funhouse


This is a sequel to Welcome To Springwood, because of the character Turk. A Couple moves into a supposedly haunted house where a murder once took place. Someone is indeed in the house, but whether or not it's a ghost is another story. The second half of the episode is centered on the mover, and how he is roped back into the ""House of a Hundred Secrets"". Where the story ends with a twist.

19. A Family Affair


Paul is cheating on his wife and when the woman he's having an affair with starts forcing her way into his life, he breaks off the relationship with her. Paul trying to patch things up with his son who's two year absence was triggered by the earlier events. This turns deadly because of his choices.

20. Dust To Dust


This is a sequel to PrimeCut. Three former cannibals start up their eating habits again when an unknown man drops dead in their living room. After all three eat him, they find out that the man was an astronaut who escaped an underground lab in Springwood. The astronaut was infected with a virus, which has now infected the three cannibals. The government picks them up and puts them in their underground lab for testing. The second half of the episode is centered on ""Tracker"", the lone survivor of the virus. ""Tracker"" wants to escape and eventually lures an innocent scientist to help her.

21. Prisoner of Love


This episode is about a priest who is giving the last rites to a woman on death row. She manages to seduce him and he plans an unimaginable escape from the death house with a tragic ending. The second episode is centred on Violet Rodriguez as she tries to escape,the similar way Brenda Vincent tried, but with hopefully better results.

22. Life Sentence


This episode is centered on Andy Caulfield, a prisoner who is about to get payroll, until he is faced with a prison counsellor who also happens to be a relative of one of his victims. The second half of this episode is based on Warden Hendler, who is using prisoners as Guinea pigs to test a new drug for extracting vital information. However the experiment backfires with drastic results.