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Image Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire

Release Date 2004-02-14
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Hilary Duff, Lalaine, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine
Directors Stan Rogow, Susan Estelle Jansen, Terri Minsky, Jill Danton, Melissa Gould

Lizzie McGuire is all about the ordinary and not-so-ordinary adventures of a junior high student and her two best friends as they try to deal with the ups and downs of school, popularity, boys, parents, a bratty little brother--just life in general. And if Lizzie leaves anything unsaid, you can bet that her cartoon alter ego will say it for her!

1. First Kiss


Lizzie meets Ronnie, a paper boy. She falls for him, and gets a series of firsts. First love, kiss, and heartbreak.

2. El Oro de Montezuma


Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo are obsessed with a Spanish game show, "El Oro de Montezuma." Miranda's cousin, Carlos, is scheduled to compete on the show and Lizzie and her friends decide to be on his team.

3. Mom's Best Friend


Lizzie and her mom become best friends after reading a book in social studies.

4. Rise and Fall of Kate


When Kate dislocates her shoulder during cheerleading practice, Claire usurps Kate's position as captain.

5. Working Girl


Miffed with her parents for not raising her allowance, Lizzie gets her first job as a busboy at the Digital Bean.

6. And the Winner Is


Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo have a fight and stop talking to each other. Meanwhile, Kate and Gordo, Miranda and Larry, and Lizzie and Ethan, are paired up for a treasure hunt-styled school project.

7. The Longest Yard


Lizzie must watch Matt and Lanny and she tries to be responsible and stops the boys from playing with her dad's prize possession, a football autographed by the legendary Walter Payton. But Matt and Lanny managed to deflate the football anyway. Lizzie and Matt know they're in BIG trouble if they can't get the ball fixed.

8. Just Friends


Lizzie learns what sort of things Ethan Craft is into in order to transform herself into his ideal date.

9. Those Freaky McGuires


Lizzie and Matt switch bodies for a day, a la Freaky Friday. Matt (in Lizzie's body) and Lizzie (in Matt's body) go to each other's school and end up in amusing situations.

10. In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust


Miranda accidentally bumps into a lipstick display, upsetting the contents, she hurriedly puts things right, then tells Lizzie and Gordo she wants to leave, but the security guard stops her and wants to check her purse. Inside he finds a brand of lipstick from the display. Miranda protests that she bought it at the store last week and asks Lizzie to back her up, but Lizzie doesn't help her out.

11. Over the Hill


Lizzie starts feeling inferior when she realizes a lot of the other kids around her have special talents and skills that they've developed, including Gordo with his film making and Miranda with her violin.

12. Best Dressed for Much Less


Lizzie wants to be voted "best dressed" in her school and wants to buy an expensive pair of jeans, but her Mom refuses and insists on buying her clothes at discount store.

13. You're A Good Man, Lizzie McGuire


While Lizzie and Kate are stuck working together for the Spring Fling committee, Lizzie sees Kate knock over the bust of the school's founding principal. When Principal Tweedy discovers this, he cancels the Spring Fling unless the person responsible comes forward.

14. Just Like Lizzie


Lizzie begins mentoring a seventh-grader girl named Andie, who begins to mimic her characteristics and behave like Lizzie.

15. Lizzie in the Middle


Frankie Muniz visits, which puts a strain on Lizzie's friendship with Miranda and Gordo.

16. Inner Beauty


Lizzie and Gordo worry about Miranda's diet; Matt expresses interest in the fine arts.

17. Movin' On Up


Gordo skips a grade and gets promoted to high school. After initial euphoria, Lizzie and Miranda start to miss Gordo.

18. Party Over Here


Kate's having a big birthday party and she invites everyone from her class, including Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo. But Lizzie and Miranda's parents refuse to let them go to the party as there would be no adults around. So, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo lie to their parents and go to the party anyway.

19. She Said, He Said, She Said


A major food fight is raging in the cafeteria. Principal Tweedy walks in and sees Lizzie, Kate Sanders and Larry Tudgeman right in the middle of things and calls them to his office. For punishment, the three will have to clean up the huge mess and do some community service.

20. Xtreme Xmas


Lizzie fervently hopes to win the grand prize in the Christmas parade with her idea for a "Rock & Roll Christmas" float. The rest of the McGuire family are there, and they are charmed by an eccentric old man in an elf suit who calls himself Nobby Frostybump and seems to really believe he's one of Santa's elves!

21. Lizzie's Eleven


Lizzie tries to get all eleven of her pictures in the school yearbook, but Kate has other plans.

22. Dear Lizzie


Lizzie starts a column on her school's website, but soon finds it difficult to handle when her good intentions backfire.

23. Clue-Less


Lizzie's friends and family play a murder mystery party game at her house.

24. Bye, Bye Hillridge Junior High


As Lizzie and her friends get ready for graduation, Gordo tries to figure out the perfect thing to write in her yearbook.

25. Bunkies


A water pipe bursts in a wall in Matt's room and to Lizzie's horror, she'll have to share her room with her brother for a week until the repairs are done.

26. A Gordo Story


Parker, a girl that Gordo likes, turns down his offer to go with him to the school dance because of his height.

27. Grubby Longjohn's Olde Tyme Revue


The McGuire family members are all psyched about making their annual journey to Grubby Gulch, a "Wild West" theme park. But Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo are reluctant to go for the trip.

28. The Greatest Crush Of All


Lizzie, Miranda and almost every girl in their class have a crush on their new English teacher.

29. Grand Ole Grandma


Gordo is irritated by his grandma's new lifestyle choices.

30. My Fair Larry


Miranda is throwing a big house party, and refuses to invite Larry. Lizzie feels bad about it and decides to give him a makeover and sneak him into the party.

31. The Gordo Shuffle


Gordo uses his new credit card to fund his newest movie. Lizzie warns him about his spending limit, which leads to a fight between the two.

32. My Dinner with Mr. Dig


Lizzie feels uneasy, when her dad becomes best friends with Mr. Dig.

33. Just One of the Guys


Lizzie is invited to play touch football with the guys, but she is worried when Ethan calls her a "dude," and she feels that she is losing her femininity by playing football.

34. Magic Train


Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo go to see their childhood favorites Clover and Daisy live, keeping it hush so no one from school will find out-only to be shocked when the most popular girl in school is there on a babysitting job. Lizzie and friends remember that sometimes it's great, just to be silly, willy, nilly, and extaslopadily. Meanwhile Matt comes up with a dirty scheme to make money.