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Image Eureka


Release Date 2012-07-16
Runtime 44 minutes
Genres Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Drama
Stars Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Erica Cerra, Neil Grayston
Directors Rick Maguire, Bear McCreary

The sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Eureka is hiding a mysterious secret. The government has been relocating the world's geniuses and their families to this rustic town for years where innovation and chaos have lived hand in hand. U.S. Marshal Jack Carter stumbles upon this odd town after wrecking his car and becoming stranded there. When the denizens of the town unleash an unknown scientific creation, Carter jumps in to try to restore order and consequently learns of one of the country's best kept secrets.

1. Lost


The Astraeus crew returns to Eureka four years later and must adapt to a myriad of changes, including a more oppressive version of Deputy Andy.

2. The Real Thing


The town huddles in a last attempt to locate the vanished Astraeus before it's too late!

3. Force Quit


Beverly Barlowe resurfaces in Eureka seeking Carter's help to free the Astraeus crew, and the rescue plan lands Carter in the crew's virtual world.

4. Friendly Fire


When a smart fire experiment gets out of control, Carter and team discover that the Astraeus victims may be the cause.

5. Jack of All Trades


The crew moves forward after an ordeal and Warren's visit adds to the pressure.

6. Worst Case Scenario


Henry conducts a preparedness drill that winds up a disaster and Fargo faces a hard reality.

7. Ex Machina


Fargo is convinced that Holly is still inside of the Matrix computer, but the DOD is determined to wipe its hard drive clean -- losing Dr. Marten forever.

8. In Too Deep


Carter's romantic surprise for Allison turns deadly when they're trapped in a sinking marine lab with time and oxygen quickly running out.

9. Smarter Carter


When Allison's genius older brother comes to meet her new husband, Carter feels the pressure of not being smart enough to measure up.

10. The Honeymooners


Jack and Allison's perfect honeymoon is interrupted when sabotage is discovered in Eureka. Elsewhere, Holly faces another hurdle to remain intact.

11. Mirror, Mirror


Eureka is cut off from the world by a malfunctioning experiment that threatens to eradicate the town's populace.

12. Double Take


The people of Eureka are being kidnapped and replaced by body-doubles one by one unless Allison, Fargo and Zane can figure out how to avoid capture and save their town.

13. Just Another Day...


Wormholes randomly materialize around Eureka as the Department of Defense is set to shut the town.