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Image Alice Season 4

Alice Season 4

Release Date 1985-03-19
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Linda Lavin, Vic Tayback, Beth Howland, Polly Holliday, Celia Weston
Directors Harvey Bullock, David Susskind, Madelyn Pugh, Bob Carroll Jr.

Alice is an American sitcom television series that ran from August 31, 1976 to March 19, 1985 on CBS. The series is based on the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. The show stars Linda Lavin in the title role, a widow who moves with her young son to start her life over again, and finds a job working at a roadside diner on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the episodes revolve around events at Mel's Diner.

1. Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?


Telly Savalas gives star-struck Vera a thrill when he stops by the diner while she's working there alone. When no one believes her story, she quits in a huff.

2. Mona Lisa Alice


Alice's sour reaction to Tommy's matchmaking efforts threatens Mel's new promotional gimmick which is free meals to customers if his waitresses don't smile.

3. Mel Loves Marie


Mel gives a big engagement ring to his girlfriend Marie, but the sparkle quickly fades when he insists that she sign a premarital agreement.

4. Vera Robs the Cradle


Just one dance lesson and Tommy falls head over heels for his instructor, Vera.

5. Flo's Chili Reception


Mel is convinced that his chief competitor is romancing Flo just to get the recipe for Mel's Texas-style chili, rated by a food critic as being ""the best in the West.""

6. Little Alice Bluenose


Vera's boyfriend objects to her sketching nude males in art class.

7. Carrie Sharples Strikes Again


The return of Mel's domineering mother does nothing for his ego because after his back goes out, the customers flock in, for his mother's cooking.

8. Mel's in the Kitchen With Dinah


Things get hotter than Mel's chili when Dinah Shore invites Mel to prepare his recipe on her show and bring along one, but only one waitress.

9. Cabin Fever


Mel, his girlfriend and the waitresses spend the weekend packed like sardines in a fishing cabin.

10. My Cousin, Art Carney


Vera asks Art Carney, a sixth cousin on her father's side, to endorse Mel's chili, so it can be marketed frozen as Chili con Carney.

11. Mel, the Magi


A yule tale (with a touch of O. Henry's ""The Gift of the Magi"") finds the girls pooling their meager resources to celebrate Christmas at the diner.

12. Good Buddy Flo


Flo takes the wheel herself when she learns that her trucker beau has a female partner.

13. Alice in TV Land


Tommy stirs up trouble by candidly discussing his elders on a TV talk show.

14. Alice Beats the Clock


Mel installs a time clock which prompts the waitresses to demand overtime for the Sunday cleanup they used to do for nothing.

15. Carrie's Wedding


Mel is delighted that his mother is planning to remarry until he meets his prospective stepfather.

16. My Funny Valentine Tux


Tommy has his heart set on taking his girl to a formal Valentine's dance and he needs a tuxedo.

17. Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot


Mel plays host to a buddy whose wife has just left him.

18. Flo's Farewell


A wealthy Houston restaurateur offers Flo a job she finds hard to refuse.

19. For Whom the Belle Toils


Mel hires Belle, a Mississippi belle who rings Mel's chimes as ""one of the best waitresses I've ever had."" However, Belle is now aiming for lusher pastures as a country-music writer.

20. One Too Many Girls


The new waitress Belle is making big points with her old boss Mel, but she's scoring zero with Alice and Vera.

21. Vera, the Vamp


Heartbroken over her boy friend's sudden lack of attention, Vera begs Belle to transform her into a sex goddess.

22. Profit Without Honor


Mel signs a profit-sharing agreement with the girls just before learning he'll get a tidy sum for letting the city condemn his property.

23. Cook's Tour


Mel is receptive to an infatuated tour guide, as long as she keeps steering tourists into his diner.

24. Here Comes Alice Cottontail


Alice allows Tommy to stay with Mel, prompting a wager between Alice and Mel, she bets that he will kick Tommy out and Mel bets that Alice will snoop on her son.