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Image Alice Season 9 Tommy's Lost Weekend

Alice Season 9 Tommy's Lost Weekend

Release Date 1985-03-19
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Linda Lavin, Vic Tayback, Beth Howland, Polly Holliday, Celia Weston
Directors Harvey Bullock, David Susskind, Madelyn Pugh, Bob Carroll Jr.

Alice is an American sitcom television series that ran from August 31, 1976 to March 19, 1985 on CBS. The series is based on the 1974 film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. The show stars Linda Lavin in the title role, a widow who moves with her young son to start her life over again, and finds a job working at a roadside diner on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the episodes revolve around events at Mel's Diner.

1. Romancing Mister Stone


Jolene and Vera play Cupid for a dateless Alice by putting an ad in a magazine's personals column.

2. Space Sharples


Mel gets a little spaced out after he thwarts a bank robbery while he's dressed up as Captain Galaxy for Halloween.

3. Big, Bad Mel


Mel gets an F for buying a day school to raze for a parking lot.

4. Houseful of Hunnicutts


Jolene loves her family, but finds it too much of a good thing when her father, five brothers, grandmother and family dog park themselves in her one-bedroom apartment.

5. Tommy's Lost Weekend


Alice is worried that Tommy's partying is leading to a serious drinking problem.

6. Undercover Mel


At Elliot's suggestion and lured by a $5000 reward, Mel goes undercover to smoke out rustlers selling stolen beef.

7. Footloose Mel


Mel 86es a group of ""hoodlums,"" unaware that they're the break dancers expected to perform at the diner as part of an arts festival.

8. Vera's Anniversary Blues


Vera yearns for a romantic first wedding anniversary, but it gets off to anything but a romantic start and goes rapidly downhill from there.

9. Kiss the Grill Goodbye


Jolene's appearance on the ""Working Women"" talk show does nothing to boost business at Mel's Diner.

10. Vera, the Nightbird


Vera's secretly moonlighting as a sultry deejay called Nightbird and she's turning on all the males in Phoenix in the process.

11. Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (1)


A country singer takes a personel as well as professional interest in Alice and begs her to join his band on the road.

12. Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (2)


Whether Alice likes it or not, and she's not sure, country singer Travis Marsh gives her a chance to reach for the stars in a performance with him.

13. The Night They Raided Debbie's


Answering a room-to-rent ad, Vera and Elliot's pushy landlady pushes herself and her kitschy furniture into their home and lives.

14. One on One


Mel is a taskmaster in training Jolene for tryouts with a pro basketball team.

15. Vera's Grounded Gumshoe


After getting shot accidentally with his own gun, Elliot quits the force and looks for a career more suited to his meager talents.

16. Th-th-th-that's All, Folks


On the final day at the diner, Mel closes the blinds and gives away the cow creamers as the gang reminisces about the last nine years.