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Image Hamtaro


Release Date 2006-03-31
Runtime 20 minutes
Genres Animation, Action & Adventure, Kids
Stars Haruna Ikezawa

Hamtaro is a Japanese children's manga and storybook series created and illustrated by Ritsuko Kawai. The manga is serialized in Shogakukan's all girl's magazine Ciao in 1997, focusing on a hamster named Hamtaro who has a variety of adventures with other hamsters, known as "Ham-Hams". VIZ Media published the manga adaptations and storybooks in English. An anime adaptation was then produced by TMS Entertainment and aired in TV Tokyo from July 7, 2000 to March 31, 2006.

1. Hamtaro


Hamtaro, the curious pet hamster of 5th grader Laura Haruna, sets out to meet the neighbors after they move to a new town. While Laura enjoys a snack with her parents, Hamtaro sneaks out of his cage and down the drainpipe. Once outside, he meets his hamster neighbor Oxnard, who is looking for his missing sunflower seed. Hamtaro helps him find it and they declare each other friends afterwards.

2. The Ham-Ham Clubhouse


On Laura’s first day of school, Hamtaro can't help Laura choose the perfect outfit, but he decides to help by keeping an eye on her at school. He soon gets sidetracked though when he runs into his new friends Oxnard and Boss, who introduce him to more hamster pals, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy and Dexter.

3. Calling all Ham-Hams!


Since the opening of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Hamtaro is meeting new hamsters every day. Pashmina and Penelope introduce their friends Maxwell, Panda and Sandy. Cappy also sneaks up on them under a saucepan, and they become friends. But with all the new Hamsters come Ham-personalities that clash. One day when this happens, a fed-up Boss kicks everyone out the clubhouse.

4. Come Out, Bijou!


Boss is cleaning the Clubhouse to invite Bijou over. He, Hamtaro, and Oxnard go visit Bijou to persuade her to come. She refuses, because she has never been outside of her cage, and her owner would be worried when she finds out she's gone.

5. Diamonds of Sugar


One day, while listening to Laura and Kana plan an evening barbecue, Hamtaro becomes enchanted by what the girls are eating--a sparkling candy called “Diamonds of Sugar”. Puzzled, Hamtaro goes to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse to ask his friends if they’ve heard of these "diamond things". After many theories from the hamsters, Boss insists the candies come from the sky and are best seen at night.

6. First Time at the Beach


Laura's parents take her on her first trip to the beach; but when they tell her that the water can be dangerous for hamsters, she decides not to take Hamtaro. However, Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams have other ideas! They want to see the ocean, so they make a plan to go to the beach too, after agreeing that if they stick together, they can look out for one another.

7. A Summer Festival Adventure


It's a summer festival! The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell that on the night of the festival, flowers (fireworks) will appear in the sky. Pashmina separates from the Ham-Hams to find the flowers.

8. The Sunflower Field


Hamtaro goes with Laura and her family to visit her grandmother in the country. The Ham-Hams are excited for Hamtaro, because Grandmother's house is surrounded by sunflower fields.

9. Much Ado About School!


After Laura begins a new semester, the Ham-Ham pals start to wonder if they might be missing something by not going to school. After Hamtaro, Oxnard, and Boss sneak into Laura's school for a day to check things out, the Ham-Hams set up a separate school of their own.

10. Jingle, the Wanderer


Laura's father asks her to deliver an important floppy disk to his office. While Laura packs her bag, Hamtaro gets trapped inside. On the way to Mr. Haruna's office, Hamtaro picks up two hitchhikers, Oxnard and Penelope, who have just escaped from an angry crow. When Oxnard's sunflower seed falls to the ground, Oxnard jumps out of Laura's bag to go after it, and Hamtaro and baby Penelope follow, not knowing that the yellow disk has slipped out of Laura's bag too.

11. The Wise, Elder Ham


It's Grandparents Day, and when Grandma comes for a visit she shows Laura an old clock that she and her friend, Kaitlyn, bought years ago. Laura is touched by the story and decides to surprise her grandmother by trying to find her long-lost friend for her.

12. Bijou's in Danger!


When Laura and Kana go shopping, the Ham-Hams go along, but soon find danger in the shopping district. Bijou wanders down a nearby alley, but she doesn't return!

13. Let's Dance, Sandy!


As Elder Ham's Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival approaches, Sandy confesses to Hamtaro that she has a crush on Maxwell because he reminds him of her brother. Sandy asks Hamtaro to find out if Maxwell feels the same about her.

14. The Search for Sandy's Brother


Picking up where the last episode left off, Hamtaro and Oxnard locate Sandy's twin brother, Stan, and bring him back to the Clubhouse. To celebrate, the Ham-Ham gang decides to throw a surprise reunion party for Sandy.

15. Bijou's Favorite Ribbon


In a game of Blind Man's Bluff, Cappy takes Bijou's ribbon on accident, but Hamtaro gets the blame. To make it up to her, everyone plans a trip to Acorn Mountain and collects some acorns to help her feel better.

16. Get Well, Laura


Laura's gone down with a cold, and Hamtaro feels terrible about her condition because he kept running on his wheel all night. Meanwhile, Boss develops a "stomach-ache" and Maxwell steps in to help cure him with yogurt found in Laura's fridge.

17. Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!


All of the Ham-Ham's special items have suddenly gone missing! Luckily, Hamtaro is on the case and wants to know what's going on and who really had an intent on stealing everyone's things.

18. The Slipper Chase


When Laura is asked to perform the role of Cinderella in the school play, the nervous actress accidentally leaves one glass slipper at home. When Hamtaro discovers the lost slipper, he and his Ham-Ham friends set out to secretly deliver the slipper to the theater.

19. Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park!


Despite Boss, Howdy and Stan's stubbornness, the Ham-Hams decide to build a fun park under Panda's leadership. Meanwhile, Laura's family goes to the amusement park, but the car machinery breaks down.

20. The Snoozer Mystery!


During spring-cleaning at the Clubhouse, the Ham-Hams can’t wake up Snoozer, so they haul him outside on a table and leave him with the rest of the furniture. Then a remote-control car, powered by two boys, crashes into the desk and carries him away. In the meantime, Snoozer’s drowsy personality sparks some discussion among the Ham-Hams who realize that they don’t really know who their sleepy friend is.

21. Courage, Cappy!


Admiring his courageous and heroic background, Cappy decides that he wants to become a field hamster just like Boss, and the Ham-Hams are worried about him losing his home life with his owners, Kip and Sue.

22. Pashmina's Present


Today is Travis' birthday, but Laura's having a hard time finding the perfect gift to give for him on that special day. Hamtaro, with the same idea in mind, declares a competition with Pashmina as the judge to see who can give her the best gift.

23. Maxwell's Big Scoop!


Maxwell decides to create a newspaper called "The Ham-Ham Times" after Hamtaro learns that Laura and Kana are making a newspaper for the school. The Ham-Hams set out to each find news worthy of the paper.

24. Hamtaro, Please Come Home!


While on a walk with Laura, Hamtaro falls into a box on a transport truck in an attempt to save one of Laura's ribbons and is taken away. Laura becomes very distraught. The Ham-Hams become determined to start searching for Hamtaro.

25. Merry Christmas!


It's Christmas time! Boss and Snoozer want to get a gift from Santa. The Ham-Hams decide to help and everyone gets gifts from the hamster-Santa. Meanwhile, Laura wants a dollhouse for her gift.

26. The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro!


Hamtaro and Laura dream about being a princess and a knight in a fairy tale. The prophet hamster (Elder Ham) foretells the arrival of an evil magician and a brave knight. The brave knight (Hamtaro) arrives. Can he save the kingdom?

27. The Snowball Fight!


With snow laden on the ground, the Ham-Hams decide to go out and play... but Boss and Stan get into a quarrel over who is the best at snow sports! Who will win the Ham-on-ice Challenge? Boss or Stan?

28. The Amazing Auntie Viv


There is a marathon race at Laura’s school and a friend of Elder Ham’s, the eccentric Auntie Viv, comes to town to participate. When the race begins, Auntie Viv and an equally competitive Boss charge out of the starting gate.

29. The Search for Dad's Glasses!


After Laura’s father looses his favorite pair of eyeglasses, he, Laura and Hamtaro go off to the optical shop for some new ones. After trying on several pairs, a frustrated Mr. Haruna decides to keep looking for his old one’s.

30. Brandy's Big Race


Hamtaro and the family dog Brandy go with Laura to a dog-sled race. Brandy, who only gets exercise from yawning and walking in and out of his doghouse, just goes to watch; but he begins to worry about embarrassing Laura with his laziness, so he decides to sign up for the race.

31. Boss is a Mom!


Boss, the self-appointed chief of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse is acting strange lately, and the other Ham-Hams are concerned. They decide to follow him one day and soon discover that he’s caring for an abandoned kitten.

32. Valentine's Day!


It is Valentine’s Day, and Laura decides to make chocolates for Travis. In the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, the traveling Auntie Viv appears, wanting to give a Valentine gift to Elder Ham. The girl hamsters are thrilled at her romantic gesture and encourage the boy hamsters to help Auntie Viv find Elder Ham.

33. Let's Cross the Rainbow!


At the Ham-Ham Clubhouse,the Ham Hams see a rainbow. Some of them think they can nibble on it. Bijou arrives after the rainbow disappears and she and the Ham Hams think she will "lose her colors" now. Boss tries to find a rainbow for her but is unable to.

34. Watching Over Cute Penelope


Pashmina is going out for the day without Penelope, so in an attempt to impress Pashmina, Dexter and Howdy volunteer to baby-sit so Penelope won’t be alone. Howdy and Dexter, both competing to be the best babysitter end up fighting with each other and a neglected Penelope wanders away.

35. Midnight Celebration


It’s almost Mimi's birthday and the girls celebrate with Chinese Doll displays and treats. As the Hamsters are trying to understand the holiday, they find themselves following Mimi down the street, because they see her carrying the food they love, Rice Crackers.

36. Farewell, Bijou!


When Maria's parents decide to go back to France so she can study piano, Bijou must bid her Ham-Ham friends goodbye. She finds it hard to tell them and when she finally does, the hamsters are in shock.

37. Oxnard's Big Crush


Kana’s cousin, Dylan lives on a farm called the Flower Ranch with his parents and pet hamster, Pepper. One day Kana and Laura and their families visit them and bring Hamtaro and Oxnard along. On the way, Oxnard tells Hamtaro about the huge crush he has on Pepper and hearing this, his good friend Hamtaro encourages him to tell her about his feelings that day.

38. The Precious Letter!


When Mr. Haruna plans to go on a business trip to their old town, Laura wants to go along, hoping to hook-up with her old friend Melanie. After Laura fails to reach Melanie by phone, she decides to send a letter. But Laura never gets a reply so a curious Hamtaro takes it up at the Clubhouse and says he wants to investigate. Just then Jingle appears and Boss and the seasoned globetrotter agree to solve the mystery.

39. The Flying Ham-Hams!


Hamtaro wants to learn to fly after Jingle relays the “Tale of the Flying Hamster.” Then they find a scroll about this special hamster in Panda’s house and his determination increases. In the meantime, Laura is trying to decide on a flower design for a school project and goes to the park, allowing Hamtaro time to persuade his Ham-Ham pals to join his new adventure.

40. The Blossoms Of Friendship!


Hamtaro, hearing Laura and Kana talking about going on a picnic, thinks that it would be a great idea for the ham-hams as well. He takes the idea to the ham-ham gang. Everyone thinks it's great, except for Penelope and Bijou, who don't know what a picnic is and wonder what involves.

41. The Scary Museum!


Laura visits the local museum to gain some information for an independent study assignment. As she talks with her family about it, they talk about something at the museum that they think looks like a giant sunflower seed. Hamtaro, listening in, focuses on ""giant sunflower seed."" He takes the news to the ham-ham gang, who wonder about the origin of this giant sunflower seed. They think maybe that aliens brought it to the planet Earth. One thing they do know: they have to get the museum to check this out.

42. Welcome Pepper


Kana's country cousin, Dylan is coming for a visit and he's bringing his hamster, Penelope, with him. Oxnard is still madly in love with Pepper and can't wait for her to come. Meanwhile, all of the ham-hams are planning a surprise party to welcome Pepper.

43. The Great Chicken Chase


When Laura and the other students study zoology in Mr. Yoshi’s class, everyone brings their pets. While the animals play on the counters and in the strange science sinks, Oxnard strays off to look for food. He finds some corn and starts eating it, but then realizes he’s in the cage of the mean Chicken Trio: Gonzales, Vinny and Capone.

44. I Love My Grandpa!


On Children’s Day, Laura’s Grandpa comes to visit, bringing with him his latest invention, a fully automated treadwheel. He decides to test it on Hamtaro and before long, the wheel throws Hamtaro across the room. Laura gets upset with her grandfather and leaves the house.

45. Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium!


Laura and Kana visit the Aquarium with their fathers, and the Ham-Hams follow along. Inside the Aquarium, strange sea creatures overwhelm the hamsters, but Hamtaro recognizes it as the place from the fairy tale that Laura read the night before.

46. The Sports Festival!


There is a Sports Festival at Laura and Kana’s school, and the girls are participating in the Parent-Child Triathlon with their fathers. The Ham-Ham’s decide that they want to organize a competition of their own, so they attend the festival to see what’s involved.

47. Romancing the Roosters (a.k.a. The Romantic Set-Up)


Mr. Yoshi, Laura’s teacher, cannot forget Charlotte, the beautiful woman he met in the wild classroom chicken incident, so the Ham-Ham girls (who are natural romantics) set out to find her.

48. Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger!


During the rainy season, the Ham-Ham’s want a change of atmosphere so they decide to redecorate the Clubhouse. After they finish, they try to go outside, but find that the door won’t budge, because a mole dug a hole while they were decorating. The mole-hole has brought mud & water into their tunnel, and it threatens to seep into the Clubhouse!

49. In Search of the Pendant


After Laura's parents have an argument, Dad leaves the house with Laura. As a worried Hamtaro watches them go, the Ham-poet Jingle appears. In the meantime, Laura and her dad go to the department store and buy her mom a pretty pendant for Laura’s parent’s anniversary, but when they get home, Laura discovers the pendant is missing.

50. Even the Ham-Hams Get Seasick!


Laura’s social studies class takes a field trip to the harbor to ride a sightseeing boat. Boss claims to be an expert on boats and harbors, so the hamsters follow along. When they get there, however, they soon realize that Boss has never been near a boat or a harbor in his whole hamster life.

51. Stan and Sandy Make Up


The hamster siblings, Stan and Sandy have one of their heated arguments, and Sandy’s ribbon is torn and Stan’s maracas are broken. The Ham-Hams decide that the twins need to make up, so they plan a surprise party for their birthday.

52. It's Robin-Ham!


Snoozer sleeps so peacefully that no Ham would know how busy his dreams are. In one dream, the Ham-Hams are in a castle town and Robin Ham (played by Hamtaro) is going to Chick-ah Chick-ah Castle to visit the sick father of Maid Laurien.

53. Pepper's Visit! (a.k.a. The Star Festival)


Laura's town is having a story-writing contest, and Laura writes a great story about star-crossed romance, of love separated by the Milky Way in the sky. Impressed, the Ham-Hams decide to do some story telling of their own.

54. Pop Star


A young pop star named Glitter has just enrolled in Laura's school. What's more, Glitter and her accompanying pop-star hamster, Sparkle, are scheduled to perform a live concert in town! The Ham-Hams invite Sparkle to come hang out with them at the clubhouse. But despite all the Ham-Ham's efforts to befriend Sparkle, she's a tough nut to crack. Meanwhile, the glamorous Glitter has her eyes on Travis, and Laura is sad and jealous. Will Glitter and Sparkle find a way to fit in?

55. Laura is Really Gone!


Laura gets a bad score on a "surprise" quiz and as a result she is unable to get the CD player that her parents promised her. Then she got mad and stormed out of the house and decides to run away from home.

56. Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!


It's summertime, and Laura and her family are going to the beach so that Laura can show off her new swimming skills. Of course, the Ham-Hams tag along too and Boss is all excited to show Bijou his dashing sailing prowess.

57. Ghost Mountain!


Laura and Kana go to visit Mr. Yoshi's family in the mountains. As it turns out, Mr. Yoshi's mom is a great storyteller! The girls listen to her recount the tale of two ghosts, Harry and Ernie, who used to hunt hamsters on the mountain. But in the end, one day, Harry and Ernie didn't come home, and so now their ghosts are said to still wander the mountain.

58. The Fresh Summer Breeze!


Maria's piano recital is coming up, but she pushes herself so hard that she is unable to play anymore! Laura, who notices something is wrong with Maria, comes over with cookies to help Maria relax. The Ham-Hams, also worried for Maria, devise a clever trick to lead Maria outside, thinking that she may just need to refresh a bit.

59. In A Pinch A Rival Appears


There is a new boy, Roberto, at Laura's school, who is an amazing soccer player! But he's a little hot-headed about his soccer skills and he angers Travis and the rest of the team, and Laura as well! The Ham-Hams decide to teach him a lesson.

60. The Chicken Contest


Charlotte, the girl that Mr. Yoshi has fallen head-over-heels for, invites him over to her family's chicken farm! Even Laura, Kana, and the Ham-Hams get to come along. But Mr. Yoshi is scared to death of chickens! To make matters worse, Charlotte's father announces that he plans to marry her off to a rich businessman, Alexander.

61. Treasure Hunting


While cleaning up Elder Ham's house, the Ham-Hams find a treasure map! They spend all day searching and searching for the mysterious treasure but the map leads them in circles right back to Elder Ham's house! Meanwhile, Laura's Mom has lost a precious broach but can't find it anywhere. Are both the Ham-Hams' and Laura's Mom's mysterious treasures never to be found?

62. Penelope Makes a Friend


Kylie, Penelope's owner has a cousin named Ethan who comes to visit! Young Ethan and Penelope take an immediate liking to each other, and play and play all day until they both fall asleep exhausted and happy. Penelope soon decides that she wants to give Ethan something to show him that he is her new best friend! But she is so shy and Ethan is carefree and oblivious.

63. The Scary Principal!


Laura's school principal is renowned for his love of plants and for his scary appearance. One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly! She is terrified of what her scary principal might do to her.

64. The Reconciliation!


Howdy's owner, Goldie, runs the convenience shop next to the optical shop owned by Curtis, Dexter's owner. Much like Howdy and Dexter, Goldie and Curtis are longtime friends but they tend to argue a lot. One day, Goldie and Curtis start an argument that escalates until they refuse to speak to each other anymore! Howdy and Dexter, concerned, devise an ingenious plan with the other Ham-Hams to get Goldie and Curtis to make up. But will it succeed?

65. Mimi's Dream Park!


Mimi, Panda's owner, is all excited because she is supposed to go to the amusement park with her family, Laura's, and Kana's. However, Mimi's little sister, Tina, gets sick and her parents can't go, so a disappointed Mimi doesn't get to go either. Feeling badly for Mimi, Panda enlists the other Ham-Hams in a plan to cheer her up!

66. The Sunflower Ferris Wheel


After the storm that destroyed their Fun Park, the Ham-Hams are very disappointed. Nevertheless, they bravely decide to start over and rebuild an even better Fun Park for Mimi!

67. The Zoo Date


Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are going on a date guessed it! The zoo. Mr. Yoshi has even prepared a special picnic lunch to share with Charlotte, Laura, and Kana. Of course, the Ham-Hams have found their way to the zoo, too! But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr. Yoshi so carefully prepared!

68. The Haunting


Mr. Haruna is taking Laura and Kana to see his old friend, Gabriel Black! He isn't quite what you'd expect, however. Of course, no trip is complete without the Ham-Hams.

69. A Fortune Comes True!


Kana likes to play with cards and tell people's fortunes, and lately she is getting good at it! The Ham-Hams are immensely interested and want Oxnard to tell their fortunes, too. Boss thinks it's all a bunch of hogwash but Oxnard predicts that Boss will meet up with something big, white, and round, and it isn't long before as foreseen a big, white, round rabbit sits right on top of Boss!

70. The Baby Goat


Today, the Ham-Hams, Laura, and Kana are going to visit Pepper the farm-hamster and her owner Dylan at the Flower Farm. Everybody is excited because Daisy, the goat, is about to give birth! All the Ham-Hams want to see how Daisy is doing, but once inside her stall, they find Daisy cranky and irritable.

71. The Animal Hospital


Bijou has a rare case of Hamster flu! Worried, Maria, Laura, and Kana take Bijou to the animal hospital. But Boss is even more worried about Bijou! He has heard that in hospitals, doctors pierce patients with enormous needles. He thinks that the doctors want to hurt Bijou, so he “rescues” her from the hospital and disappears!

72. The Knitting Craze


The weather is getting cold, and Laura decides that she is going to learn how to knit. Her first project: a hand-knit scarf for Travis! Meanwhile, in the clubhouse, Pashmina is teaching the Ham-Hams how to knit, too. Boss and some of the guy hamsters think that knitting is for “girls”, preferring to play outside, but Hamtaro wants to learn to knit so that he can make a warm scarf for Brandy.

73. A Breath of Autumn!


It’s Labor Day, and Laura and her Dad want to give Mrs. Haruna a special break from all her household chores. Hamtaro observes as Laura’s Mom, having a moment to relax at last, looks out the window and remembers fondly the last time she had free time to go out and enjoy the pretty autumn leaves.

74. Welcome Home Penelope!


Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch! Luckily, Jingle and his faithful wanderer companion, Herbert the pig, happen to be in town. Herbert, by chance, finds little Penelope and rescues her from the perilous hole.

75. The Abominable Snow Woman


It’s wintertime, and Laura and Kana bump into their teacher, Mr. Yoshi, while ice-skating in the mountains. Mr. Yoshi invites them back to his mother’s house. His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends. This time, Laura, Kana, and the Ham-Hams tremble as Mr. Yoshi’s mother tells them about a mysterious snow woman who haunts the mountain.

76. Hamtaro Is a Star! (a.k.a. Laura and the Seven Hamsters)


Laura and Hamtaro are curled up on the couch one night watching television when Glitter and Sparkle come on the air for a press conference! Laura and Hamtaro soon grow sleepy though and they drift off into a dream where they too become the stars of a show…

77. A Wonderful Santa Claus!


Not long before the holidays, Elder Ham summons Hamtaro to ask him to do a job for him. Actually, the job is a favor for Elder Ham’s good friend Santa Claus! Santa needs a break this year, and all that Hamtaro has to do is simply…fill in for the old man this year!!!

78. The Little Bandits!


Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they've heard before, so they and the other Ham-Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as "The Little Bandits."

79. The New Year's Kite Adventure


The weather is beautiful on New Year’s and for the occasion, many people in Laura’s town have taken to flying kites. As we might expect, the Ham-Hams want a part in the fun, too! So Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make their own kites! But when the Ham-Hams go out to fly them, Boss gets jealous that Hamtaro’s kite is flying next to Bijou’s.

80. Sunset Proposal


Mr. Yoshi is finally going to propose to Charlotte! And what could be better than a sunset proposal by the sea? However, it seems that everything is against Mr. Yoshi. Boss’ nose tells him that a storm is coming to spoil the perfect proposal setting!

81. Stucky's Tunnel


One day, the Ham-Hams are in the forest playing hide-and-seek and as always, Cappy is the last one left hiding. To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready!”. All of a sudden, out from under a bush, pops a young little hamster that the Ham-Hams have never seen before!

82. Ham-Romance


Laura has been feeling a little down lately, so Kana decides to tell her romance fortune. Her fortune says that a pet of hers will be her cupid! Who could her winged messenger be? None other than Hamtaro! At least that’s what Hamtaro leads himself to believe.

83. The Kindergarten Monsters! (a.k.a Scatter the Beans, Scare the Ogres!)


Note: This episode was skipped whilst the season was being dubbed into English. This is because this episode is about Setsubun, an exclusively Japanese festival; thus it would be hard to dub.

84. Laura's Valentine


Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. This year, Laura has made chocolates for Travis and candy to give to her dad. Each present has a special little note inside. But this morning, Laura is late for school, and on her way out the door, she accidentally snatches the candy for her dad rather than the chocolates for Travis! Hamtaro, realizing Laura’s mistake, decides to deliver the right present for Travis.

85. Roberto's Ally


Roberto, who is on Travis’ soccer team, is really good at soccer but he won’t cooperate with the rest of the team. Towards the end of practice one day, he gets into an argument with his teammates and quits, despite the fact that the regional championships are coming up soon! The Ham-Hams know that Roberto is a kind person who truly loves soccer, and that without Roberto, Travis’ soccer team won’t have a good chance in the championships, so they decide to try to patch things up.

86. Super Hamster Robo-Joe


Laura’s grandpa, who loves to invent things, shows up at the doorstep on mile-high stilts. What other wonderful creation has he brought with him? Nothing less than an ingenious little hamster robot, named “Super Hamster Robo-Joe”!

87. Maria's Birthday Party


Maria holds a birthday party and the ham-hams tag along. The ham-hams are worried that the party may be ruined when they accidentally knock down Maria's doll collection after being chased by her new puppy, Princess.

88. Nin-Ham The Ninja!


Laura gets a bad score on the math test. Afraid she won’t be able to go out with Kana, Laura lies to her Mom and says that she got a perfect score on her test. In the meantime, the Ham-Hams encounter a strange new hamster…Nin-Ham, the ninja hamster from Iga Iga Valley. In anticipation of having Nin-Ham teach them some ninja moves, the Ham-Hams prepare Nin-Ham a huge feast! Nin-Ham doesn’t want to admit that his grades were so poor that he didn’t actually pass ninja school, so he shows the Ham-Hams some pretend ninja tricks.

89. The Search for Spring!


Winter is at its end but the days still continue to be cold. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! So the family…and the Ham-Hams of course…all hop in the car for a weekend trip to hunt for springtime! But on the way, Laura’s dad take a wrong turn and the whole gang ends up in a cold, gloomy place rather than at Shimmer Lake.

90. Hamtaro and the Space Ship!


When Laura says that she wished upon a star and her wish came true: that she got Hamtaro, Hamtaro is led to believe that he comes from outer space. His fears seem to be confirmed when Oxnard is apparently beamed up by a spaceship, but is there a more rational explanation for what happened?

91. Boss Runs Away


Boss sees Bijou and gives her some flowers, but Hamtaro comes in and gives her a bouquet of flowers as well, and to Boss` surprise they are the exact same flowers Boss picked. Sabu notices Boss is feeling down, and tries to encourage him to keep trying to win Bijou.

92. Auntie Viv and Elder Ham


Laura and her family have planned to go on a picnic together under the cherry blossoms. But like almost every year, her Dad is unable to come because of work. The Ham-Hams want to see the cherry blossoms too. On the way, they run into Auntie Viv, who is just back from her world travels.

93. Hannah Is in Love!


Howdy’s childhood friend, Hannah, is over for a visit! During her stay, she develops a bit of a crush on Dexter. Confiding in Howdy, Hannah asks him to find out how Dexter feels about her. But when Howdy tries to talk to Dexter about it, Dexter thinks that Howdy is about to tell another bad joke and the two friends start arguing instead. And even worse, Howdy doesn’t have a chance to ask about Dexter’s feelings for Hannah.

94. Doctor Lion


Doctor Lion of the animal clinic on wheels is a great, kind doctor who understands the feelings and thoughts of the animals he treats. While he’s in town, the Ham-Hams take a special liking to the hard-working Doctor Lion. They decide to help him out by cleaning up the clinic for him. But woe are the Ham-Hams, when at the end of the night, due to a foul occurrence, the clinic is even dirtier than when they began! Now Doctor Lion has to do even more work!

95. Dance, Chef Ham!


One evening, Laura’s dad is suddenly inspired by a cooking show on television. While he chaotically experiments in the kitchen, Laura and her mom stand by in apprehension of what dinner might end up tasting like. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams meet a jovial hamster named Chef Ham.

96. The Flying Carp


Walking around her neighborhood, Laura sees that many houses have wind-socks in the form of flying carp that flow gracefully from their rafters. She runs home and asks her mom if she can put one up at their house, too! But her mom won’t let her. That day, however, Grandpa Woody comes over. He tells Laura that when he was younger, he dreamed of riding on the back of a flying fish, soaring through the sky. All excited, Laura embarks with Grandpa Woody on an invention escapade: to create a mechanical flying carp!

97. The Ham-Ham Express


Laura and her class are going hiking on a field trip to the mountains! The Ham-Hams would like to tag along too, but having missed the bus, they figure it would take them about 3 days of ticky-tickying to get up the mountain. However, Panda introduces his brand new hand-made solution: a Ham-Ham locomotive! All board the new train excitedly. The journey however, is full of difficulties.

98. Who Stole My Shoe?


At Laura’s school, something strange is happening. Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! So Hamtaro becomes a private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the culprit.

99. Keeping Promises


Kana is very, very mad at Laura! She thinks that Laura leaked a secret that she promised to keep! It’s all a big misunderstanding, but now the two best friends aren’t even speaking to each other. Hamtaro and Oxnard are so worried that Laura and Kana’s friendship is over forever. So worried, in fact, that Hamtaro forgets to fulfill an important promise he made to Boss to help Bijou clip the leaves outside her window.

100. The Very Best Present


Mimi’s father’s birthday is coming up very soon, but Mimi has no idea what to give him as a present. She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him.

101. How to Rescue a Wedding


The big wedding day has finally arrived! Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are finally going to get married! But why is Mr. Yoshi pacing up and down the aisle by himself? Where is Charlotte?

102. Office Adventures


Laura is preparing a very special celebration for Father’s Day! But her dad has been so busy at work these days, and he might not make it home in time to for the Father’s Day party. That’s no good! So Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams decide to make a visit to Forrest Haruna’s office and give him a hand.

103. Clubhouse Intruders


Hamtaro hears that Laura and her classmates are having an evacuation drill at school. When he tells the other Ham-Hams, they decide that it would be a great idea to practice evacuating from the Clubhouse, in case of an emergency!

104. The Tale of Princess Bijou


One sleepy rainy evening, Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales…and dream of a land full of castles and princesses. Bijou is a tough-girl princess who, tired of being cooped up in her castle all day, disappears disguised into the streets of her fiefdom. But she runs into troubles when an evil Sparkle orders her ninja team to get rid of Princess Bijou.

105. The Milky Way


Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky! So Laura and Kana are all excited because they will have plenty of stars to wish on. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love! Laura, half believing, sets her mind on standing by Travis when her class goes to see the stars so that they can make a wish on a star together!

106. Lovestruck Stucky


107. Rolling, Big Egg!


108. The House at the Sea!


109. Do Your Best, Robo-Joe!


110. Stepping Ham-Hams


111. Spooky Night at School!


112. The Tightrope of Love!


113. Sparkle's Vacation


114. Hamtaro, the Knight


115. Fly Away! Super Hamster Robo-Joe


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