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Image Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Release Date 2019-03-03
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stars Roger Craig Smith, Mick Wingert, Travis Willingham, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey
Directors Tim Brock

The further adventures of the Marvel Universe's mightiest general membership superhero team. With an all-star roster consisting of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Falcon and, occasionally--when she feels like it and only when she feels like it--Black Widow, the Avengers are a team in the truest sense. The Avengers save the world from the biggest threats imaginable--threats no single super hero could withstand.

1. Shadow of Atlantis (1)


Black Panther and the Avengers must defend New York City from an invasion of monsters.

2. Shadow of Atlantis (2)


Black Panther and the Avengers battle to stop the invasion of New York.

3. Into the Deep


Black Panther and his sister Shuri undertake a dangerous mission to sneak into the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

4. The Panther and the Wolf


To uncover enemies within Wakanda, Black Panther and Shuri cross paths with someone from their past.

5. The Zemo Sanction


6. Mists of Attilan


Black Panther and Ms. Marvel head to the inhuman city of Attilan on a secret mission.

7. T'Challa Royale


Black Panther finds himself trapped on a tropical island, hunted by Kraven the Hunter.

8. The Night Has Wings


Black Panther travels to a rural village in Wakanda to investigate a series of mysterious monster attacks.

9. Mask of the Panther


Black Panther discovers a relic of ancient Wakanda that helps him continue his quest for answers.

10. The Good Son


The key to Black Panther's quest is stolen and he must recover it before it leaves Wakanda.

11. The Lost Temple


Black Panther and his allies finally discover the artifact they have been searching for.

12. Descent of the Shadow


Black Panther and the Avengers work together to protect New York City from a new threat.

13. The Last Avenger


All on his own, Black Panther must safeguard a dangerous weapon from all who might try to stop him.

14. The Vibranium Curtain (1)


Black Panther devises a plan to get the information he needs, but he isn't the only one with a plan.

15. The Vibranium Curtain (2)


Captured by his enemies, Black Panther discovers an unlikely ally.

16. T’Chanda


Black Panther uncovers secrets about his grandfather, T’Chanda.

17. Yemandi


Black Panther discovers secrets about his ancestor, Yemandi.

18. Bashenga


Black Panther discovers secrets about his ancestor, Bashenga, the founder of Wakanda.

19. King Breaker (1)


Black Panther must go behind enemy lines to save his foes from an even bigger threat.

20. King Breaker (2)


With an attack coming from multiple sides, Black Panther turns to help from an unlikely source.

21. Widowmaker


Black Panther explores a secret enemy facility with a nefarious past.

22. Atlantis Attacks


All of Black Panther's efforts to protect Wakanda are thrown into jeopardy by a new foe.

23. House of M


The past actions of Black Panther and the Avengers come back to haunt them.