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Image Renegade


Release Date 1997-04-04
Runtime 44 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Drama, Crime
Stars Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond, Stephen J. Cannell, Sandra Robinson
Directors BJ Davis, James Whitmore Jr., Stu Segall

Framed for murder, Detective Reno Raines becomes a fugitive bounty hunter who fights crime while trying to clear his name. His troubles began after he testified about police corruption, leading Lt. Donald Dixon to set him up.

1. No Balls, Two Strikes


Lucius Carabella is released from prison and has thoughts of doing in those that testified against him. He meets 'Dutch' who has a similar goal and enrolls a bounty to help. Sandy Carruthers, diploma in hand, applies for, and gets, a job, based on her purchase and completion of the Sixkiller video.

2. Self Defense


An abused wife gives her husband cop his deserved comeuppance and now she must run away from the dead man's partner while Reno is assigned to track her down.

3. Mr. Success


An elaborate plot to incriminate Bobbie unfolds from a simple request to find a missing man.

4. Five Minutes to Midnight


Bobby must find out if Bruce Cassidy, a convicted rapist/murderer on death row is really guilty before it is too late after the guy has sent him video with a forgiveness message for Bobby.

5. God's Mistake


Reno hunts for a kidnapped rock group star, but bringing him back alive is harder than finding him.

6. Ghost Story


After Reno has a near death experience, the ghost of a man named Neil Kirby appears to Reno asking him to contact his wife and convince her of his innocence. This is not as easy as it sounds and the ghost helps Reno and Bobby catch the guilty parties.

7. Milk Carton Kid


Molly, a little girl shows Sandy a picture on a milk carton and begs her to help because it is her picture and she was kidnapped. This involves Bobby, who is attacked without knowing why, and Reno. They investigate on their own behalf.

8. High Rollers


Dan Travis, a Reno casino owner hires his old pal Bobby to catch the robbers who waylay high winning VIP gamblers on their way home. Reno joins the gang of robbers to find their contact inside the casino.

9. For Better Or Worse


Melissa Dixon, Dutch's wife offers to help Bobby and Reno nail her husband. But the chance vanishes when Dutch discovers her game and forces her to set a trap for Reno.

10. The Pipeline


Reno has run into a fugitive, believed dead, after he thwarts an armored truck robbery. Later he and Bobby learn about the Pipeline. The Pipeline is an organization that supplies criminals with a new identity, which includes removing the old one permanently. Reno accidentally discovers its existence and, with Bobby's help, attempts to destroy it. Meanwhile, Bobby is being audited by a persistent woman IRS agent.

11. Ransom


Tony O'Malley, a pal and colleague of Bobby's, returns looking for a bank robber he calls the "Undiebomber" who threatens bank personnel with a fake bomb. When the robber catches him and demands ransom from Bobby, Bobby is not certain he wants to pay.

12. Father's Day


Reno Raines experiences a surprise. Years ago he had helped the attractive Janet Prescott, when she was threatened by her man. Now the man is again free and Janet looks again for the assistance of Reno. With the fact she confesses to him that he is the father of her fourteen-year old son Steve. Reno is immediately ready to change his life and emigrate with Janet and Steve to New Zealand. But Bobby and Sandy examine Janets history...

13. Hard Rain


Dutch is blundering. Jack Hendricks wants him to have therapy with Dr. Judy Kaufman, a psychologist experienced with bereavement or take a leave. Someone else has knowledge of Mrs. Dixon's murder and further complicates life for Dutch, Reno and Bobby. It is a man specialized in security who holds a tape showing Dutch murdering his wife.

14. Top Ten With a Bullet


Bobby is blissed out because he has located a fugitive who blasted a chemistry building and inadvertently killed a scholar 25 years ago. Reno is not that keen.

15. Swm Seeks Vctm


Sandy Carruthers friend Kelly was murdered. Kelly had told it that she had given a contact announcement up. Sandy gets out that already five women are pleased the murderer to the victim. All were sporty and blonde and announcements had switched. There upon Sandy decides to likewise give a contact announcement up. Bobby does not leave its woman employee natural in the pass. As a waiter camouflaged, he watches out for Sandy and that is very soon from use.

16. Knock Out


A film producer hires Reno and Bobby to find his kickboxing heroine, who has vanished during the filming of a picture with the only clue, a card with a dragon emblem.

17. Sex, Lies and Activewear


Bobby Sixkiller and Lake Bradshaw form a business society to promote 'active wear' for the bedroom and have sold the idea to Playpen Magazine which is run by Elaine Carlisle. The photo session is broken by two burglars who take the women hostage.

18. Blood Hunt


Reno bumps into a purported bloodsucker who stalks young runaways. Bobby says these creatures exist among his people, but are called something else and insists Reno uses his vampire kit.

19. Bounty Hunter of the Year


Bobby is fidgety about his speech for receiving "Bounty of the Year" award. Several past cases are reviewed throughout the episode.

20. Born Under a Bad Sign


A jinxed prisoner helps Reno catch a exploitative sheriff who arranges fistfights for profit using prisoners.

21. The Maltese Indian


Reno, Bobby and Sandy are on a stakeout to catch a mean, cold-blooded killer and robber who has a small daughter living with her mother, his ex-girlfriend. Sandy has brought a talking parrot along.

22. The Bad Seed


Donnie breaks out of prison to exact revenge on Reno. Marshall Jack suspects Dutch is hiding information and keeps a watch on the corrupt cop. Series finale.