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Image Raven's Home

Raven's Home

Release Date 2022-06-24
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Family, Comedy
Stars Raven-Symoné, Issac Ryan Brown, Emmy Liu-Wang, Rondell Sheridan, Felix Avitia

Best friends Raven and Chelsea, now both divorced mothers, are raising their children in a house together. Their house is turned upside down when they realize one of Raven's children inherited the same psychic abilities as their mother.

1. The Wrong Victor


When Raven’s father, Victor, has a health scare, Raven and Booker return to San Francisco to help. Booker fails to babysit his cousin and must fix things before Raven finds out.

2. The Big Sammich


Raven wants to help Victor maintain a healthy lifestyle and leads by example. Meanwhile, Booker finds a way to impress his Grandpa, but it may just undo all of Raven’s hard work.

3. Escape Pal-Catraz


A trip to Alcatraz gets Booker, Ivy and Neil into trouble. After a vision of unsafe practices at the Chill Grill, Raven decides to run the restaurant to prevent a catastrophe.

4. A Streetcar Named Conspire


Booker's visit to San Francisco is ending, but Raven wants him to stay so pulls out all the stops to get him to stay. Booker is more interested in a girl than spending time with Raven. Meanwhile, Victor builds Alice the doll house of her dreams.

5. Clique Bait


Booker tries to impress a girl, but it takes a turn for the worse. After a vision, Raven tries to prove to Victor that Alice is lying to him about losing her voice, but he doesn't believe her.

6. 21 Lunch Street


When valuable items go missing, Booker, Ivy and Neil play detective to catch the culprit. In the meantime, wanting to be cool leaves Victor hanging on for dear life.

7. Retreat Yourself


After having a vision about his health, Raven takes Victor to a relaxation retreat. Meanwhile, Booker learns that it's Alice's birthday and throws an impromptu party for her.

8. New Kid on the Chopping Block


A new kid at school is stealing Booker's shine, so Booker attempts to one-up him. Meanwhile, Raven's mission aims to bring back the arts program at her old high school, Bayside High.

9. Mr. Petracelli's Revenge


In order to inherit Victor’s classic car, Booker must get straight A’s. But Raven’s former teacher, Mr. Petracelli, swears there’s no way Booker will earn an A in his class.

10. Date Expectations


Desperate to take Cami to a dance, Booker convinces Ivy to throw a party at the Chill Grill. But Cami’s plans get in the way of Ivy having a successful party.

11. The Great Chill Grill Giveaway


12. Truth or Hair


13. Munch Ado About Lunching


14. To Halve & Halve Not


15. The Fierce Awakens


16. The Grand Booker-Pest Hotel