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Image The Inspector

The Inspector

Release Date 1969-05-14
Runtime 6 minutes
Genres Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Kids
Stars Pat Harrington, Jr., Paul Frees
Directors Hawley Pratt, Friz Freleng

Although the titular character was never given a name, it was clearly based on Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau character that appeared in the Pink Panther film series. However unlike the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, the Inspector of the cartoon series was generally a competent policeman, and the comedy of the cartoon came from the sometimes surreal situations the Inspector was exposed to, rather than to physical slapstick. However through those difficult circumstances, criminals often get the better of him and he must face the wrath of his ill tempered, bullying Commissioner who holds him in contempt.

1. The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation


The Inspector is determined to retrieve the famous DeGaulle diamond from the three-headed jewel thief, the Matz-O'Reilly Bros, who are attempting to steal it.

2. Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat


The Inspector is after the notorious smuggler Captain Clamity and his first mate Crab Louie. In their various attempts to board Clamity's ship, the pair's rowboats are broken in two by the criminals in various ways, causing the Inspector's portion of the boat to sink into the ocean along with him, while Deux-Deux's half stays afloat.

3. Napoleon Blown-Aparte


The Mad Bomber escapes from Le Prison and swears vengeance on the Commissioner for imprisoning him there. The Commissioner assigns the Inspector to protect him, but being the bumbling idiot that he is, the Inspector continually fails to prevent his boss from being blown up with an endless number of bombs at the Mad Bomber's disposal.

4. Cirrhosis of the Louvre


The insidious criminal known as the Blotch plans to steal all the paintings from the Louvre and the Inspector and Deux-Deux arrive in an attempt to foil his plot.

5. Plastered in Paris


The Inspector and Deux-Deux are assigned to chase a supposed fugitive known as "X" across the globe.

6. Cock-A-Doodle Deux Deux


The largest diamond in the world, the Plymouth Rock, has been stolen from Madame Marquise de Poule Bon at her chateau and the Inspector is assigned to solve the case. After finding that Madame de Poule Bon was a chicken plucker in her past, he investigates the chateau, only to find out that Madame's servants are all chickens and he must deduce which one could have pulled off the theft.

7. Ape Suzette


While investigating the theft of a shipment of bananas, the Inspector thinks that he is fighting a diminutive sailor, but the sailor's gorilla accomplice gets in all the punches. Thankfully, Deux Deux manages to get the sailor to talk with his self-defense skills taught to him by the Inspector earlier on.

8. The Pique Poquette of Paris


The Inspector goes after Spider Pierre, an expert multi-armed pickpocket.

9. Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!


During an investigation at the Château de Vincennes, Sergeant Deux-Deux clumsily drinks a swig of the formula of a mad scientist and, from then on, transforms at infrequent intervals into a Mr. Hyde-like creature who, in routines, torments and attacks the Inspector (who has no idea that the creature is actually Deux-Deux) upon every transformation.

10. That's No Lady — That's Notre Dame!


Trying to catch a purse snatcher, the Inspector sets up a sting operation by disguising himself as a woman and soon falls afoul of the Commissioner's jealous wife.

11. Unsafe and Seine


The Inspector and Deux-Deux go across the world on an undercover search for a secret agent.

12. Toulouse La Trick


The Inspector handcuffs himself to notorious desperado Toulouse le Moose to prevent Toulouse from escaping, but it causes problems on the way to the station.

13. Sacré Bleu Cross


When the Inspector and Deux-Deux go after the trigger-happy criminal Hassan the Assassin, Deux-Deux gives the Inspector a rabbit's foot that he claims will bring good luck to him (given that it happens to be Friday the 13th), but unfortunately for the Inspector, it does the exact opposite.

14. Le Quiet Squad


The Commissioner is overworked and needs absolute quiet, or he goes into uncontrolled fits of temper. The Inspector is assigned to look after him, but has trouble with a noisy cat that poses a threat to the Commissioner's calmness.

15. Bomb Voyage


The Commissioner is kidnapped by extraterrestrials and the Inspector goes to rescue him.

16. Le Pig-Al Patrol


The Inspector is sent after biker Pig-Al and his biker gang.

17. Le Bowser Bagger


The Inspector is partnered with Private Bowser, a very energetic police dog, in his efforts to track down a thief.

18. Le Cop on Le Rocks


The Inspector is sent to prison, having been mistaken for a bank robber who looks exactly like him. He soon realizes that his backfiring attempts to escape add even more years to his sentence.

19. Le Escape Goat


After being suspended for letting notorious criminal Louie le Finke escape, the Inspector tries to stop Louie from carrying out his threats of taking vengeance on the Commissioner, but ends up becoming part of the manhunt himself when, due to a series of misunderstandings, the Commissioner thinks the Inspector is trying to exact revenge on him for giving him the suspension.

20. Crow De Guerre


The Inspector is continually outwitted by a crow that steals jewels.

21. Canadian Can-Can


Sent to Canada on an exchange program, the Inspector is sent after Two-Faced Harry, who has a well-mannered, innocent face on one side of his head and an evil, vicious face on the other side.

22. Tour de Farce


The Inspector is assigned to drop off burly convict Mack le Truck at the Devil’s Island prison, but through his own mistake, they both end up stranded on a deserted island. Mack attempts to kill him in retaliation, which results in both of them squaring off against one another on the island in various ways.

23. The Shooting of Caribou Lou


On holiday in Canada as a Mountie, the Inspector is kidnapped by the diminutive, yet aggressive fur trapper, Caribou Lou, who holds him hostage.

24. London Derriere


Having chased international jewel thief Louie le Swipe around Europe, the Inspector tries to nab him in London. Unfortunately, he runs afoul of the no-gun laws that the UK's police must abide by. He works alongside a British police captain from Scotland Yard in order to bring Louie to justice.

25. Les Miserobots


The Inspector is fired after being replaced by an efficient police robot. He tries to destroy it so he can get his job back, but his attempts backfire.

26. Transylvania Mania


The Inspector is sent to find a scientist who is making monsters without a license. The scientist is a vampire, who needs a brain for his latest monster, and the Inspector arrives at just the right moment. He bests the scientist and his dimwitted, brawny accomplice, Urg, with the use of magic words that enlarge and shrink their targets.

27. Bear De Guerre


The Inspector goes quail hunting in a forest (despite it being against the forest's policies), but runs afoul of a short-tempered brown bear who thinks he is being hunted.

28. Cherche Le Phantom


The Inspector attempts to solve two cases at once – he searches for a gorilla that has escaped from the Paris Zoo and a phantom hiding in the Paris opera house.

29. Le Great Dane Robbery


The Inspector must get past a vicious dog named Tiny in order to retrieve a code cipher stolen from a French intelligence unit. Moreover, the Inspector is not happy that this assignment came right before his scheduled vacation on a sea cruise and, as a result, pours on the effort so as not to miss the boat.

30. La Feet's Defeat


The Commissioner assigns the Inspector and Deux-Deux to capture Muddy la Feet. They encounter many booby traps along the way, which Deux-Deux sets off.

31. Le Ball and Chain Gang


The Inspector tries to get into the house of an argumentative couple named Charlie and Edna, who think they are about to be arrested, when all the Inspector was trying to do was to notify Charlie that he is to serve jury duty.

32. French Freud


A crooked Russian actress, Melody Mercurochrome and her "maid" — her husband in drag, who is also a psychiatrist — are trying to snatch the Du Barry diamond, which the Inspector is guarding.

33. Pierre and Cottage Cheese


The Inspector is assigned to meet a Chinese special agent outside an abandoned house, who will help him capture criminal Dirty Pierre le Punk, who is allegedly hiding out in the house. The agent is a Chinese robot by the name of Charlie, who gives the Inspector ideas (that always fail) to catch Pierre. It is later revealed that the robot is actually Pierre in disguise, and when the real Chinese agent arrives to meet the Inspector, he is chased into the horizon by a furious Inspector.

34. Carte Blanched


The Inspector ends up on the run when a malignant voiceover convinces him that he has accidentally stolen a shopping cart from his local supermarket.